Sunday, March 20, 2022

Oh what a lovely war! Taking Sides In The Ukraine Conflict

 by Roger Watson, The Salisbury Review, March 2022

Dr Strangelove or 'How I learned to love the Bomb'


I am a First Gulf War veteran and one of my sons, when very young, asked me which ‘team’ I had been on as if that was a choice for a British soldier. I was recently asked by one of my not so young grandsons which ‘team’ I supported in the war between Ukraine and Russia. Years of online gaming combined with a crumbling state educational system have led young boys to consider that war really is just a game. My son subsequently joined the British Army as a boy soldier through the wonderful Army Foundation College and served for six years so I think his delusions were soon crushed. My grandson received a lecture from me on the nature of war.

But, as I look around me in Britain while part of Europe descends into chaos, I cannot help getting the impression that people here do see this war as a kind of game, and when I catch a painful glimpse of the war reporting on our mainstream media, I see why. It is terrible, over-dramatic and one-sided. Houses in my city are displaying the Ukrainian flag as if we were approaching the final of the world cup and we all ‘supported’ Ukraine. The media are clearly pushing a pro-Ukraine view of the war which is whipping the British public into an anti-Russian frenzy. Thus, we cancel music by Tchaikovsky and a school decides to stop teaching Russian children at weekends. However, every cloud has a silver lining for Russian people living in Russia as Ikea closed its stores and ITN pulled I’m a Celebrity from Russian TV. But joking aside, we seem to have taken leave of our senses here with the view that Russia and therefore Russians represent all things bad and, concomitantly, Ukraine and therefore Ukrainians represent all things good.

As exhorted in an excellent article by Alice Salles in Mises Wire recently, I refuse to take sides in this conflict. To the serried ranks of the virtue-signalling Twitterati this seems to make me a swivel-eyed Putin-loving Russophile. This is far from the case. I have long considered Putin to be a bad ‘un. Something he has proved in an act of military madness and nuclear sabre rattling towards NATO. Nevertheless, he made his intentions clear for years in speeches and abundantly clear by massing troops at the Ukrainian border in recent months. Seemingly we paid little attention until it was probably too late. He must be taken seriously because he is dangerous. I find it harder to take seriously his opposite number in Ukraine, former comedian/actor turned President Zelensky who seems to add another signature to his death warrant daily by appearing on television and taunting the Russians. Moreover, he is being goaded on by us through the provision of the wherewithal to kill the advancing Russian troops. ... Continue reading >>>


Is the death toll of the vaccines becoming impossible to ignore?

 from D V Williamson, The Free Range Economist, Substack, 20 March 2022

What is going on?

Summary of Results —

  • Data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show that, starting in early May, 2021, people have been dying at exponentially increasing rates from conditions involving “Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified”.  The seasonal, baseline rate in a given January for such “abnormal” conditions would be nearly 700 fatalities per week, but by January 1, 2022 the actual rate had exceeded 3,000 per week and was still sharply increasing.

    An obvious hypothesis is that the COVID vaccines (the mRNA therapies) have induced these fatalities.  Specifically, in 2021, deaths in excess of baseline rates that the CDC attributes to “Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified” very nearly totaled 22,000.  The data indicate at least another 21,000 fatalities in excess of baseline fatalities through the first eight weeks of 2022.  That would put the death toll from the jab in excess of 43,000 as of February 26, 2022.

  • CDC data indicate that fatalities from unnatural causes in excess of baseline rates totaled nearly 20,000 in 2020 and exceeded 20,000 in 2021.  These fatalities started to depart from the baseline in April 2020.  It was at just that time that non-COVID fatalities among people under the age of 45 started to pick up.  Absent evidence to the contrary, it is hard not to conclude that young people and people of prime working age were committing suicide or succumbing to drug overdoses or alcohol poisoning at rates on the order of 500 a week in excess of baseline rates. ... Continue reading >>>


French Police Use Teargas As Freedom Convoy Brings Thousands Of Protestors To Paris
Inspired by Canada's freedom Convoy, a sponaneous protest by drivers of heavy trucks against the fasistic and oppressive curtailment of individual freedoms by Prime Minister Trudeau's regime, French truck drivers protesting President Macron's similarly authoritarian measures converged on Paris where they were met by riot police enforcing Macron's ban on protests against government policy ...

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