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US Military Contractors Happy With Escalating Conflicts in the Middle East

My friends and I have been telling you since the US led coalition invaded Afghanistan in 2001 that the USA's perpetual war on terror was not about making the public safe and secure but instead about corporate profits and political power.

If you are not convinced yet, read this:

The manufacturer makes a nice day's wages whenever one of those has to be replaced (Image source)

Major defense contractors Raytheon, Oshkosh, and Lockheed Martin assured investors at a Credit Suisse conference in West Palm Beach this week that they stand to gain from the escalating conflicts in the Middle East.

Lockheed Martin Executive Vice President Bruce Tanner told the conference his company will see “indirect benefits” from the war in Syria, citing the Turkish military’s recent decision to shoot down a Russian warplane.

The incident, Tanner said, heightens the risk for U.S. military operations in the region, providing “an intangible lift because of the dynamics of that environment and our products in theater.” He also stressed that the Russian intervention would highlight the need for Lockheed Martin-made F-22s and the new F-35 jets.

And for “expendable” products, such as a rockets, Tanner added that there is increased demand, including from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia because of the war in Yemen.

So there you have it. War makes everybody happy. Except the taxpayers and of course the families of military personnel who lay down their lives.



The US Helped Overthrow Gadaffi And Create A Liberal Democracy. Now It Is A Failed State.

“We are helpless and not being able to do anything against this deliberate destruction to the oil installations. NOC urges all faithful and honorable people of this homeland to hurry to rescue what is left from our resources before it is too late.”
The above statement from Libya’s National Oil Corp references the seizure of state oil assets by Islamic State extremists, whose influence in the country is growing ...

New Year's Eve, Germany: 1,000+ Migrants Brawl, Rape, Sexually Assault, And Steal At Cologne Railway Station

Details of the sexual assaults and attacks on peaceful Germans by large gangs of migrants in Cologne in the early on the morning of January 1, are just now emerging. Not a word on this story was printed in mainstream European newspapers or reported in television and radio news bulletins.

Doctors And Engineers? 65 Per Cent Of Syrian Refugees Can’t Even Read Or Write

Statistics released by a senior German academic confirm previous forecasts suggesting the majority of Syrian illegal immigrants refugees arriving in Europe claiming they are asylum seekers or refugees are functionally illiterate and have no hope of obtaining gainful employment.

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Turkey Planned Shootdown Of Russian Plane Weeks Ahead - Wikileaks

The global political situation gets worse each day it seems for those of us who hold no stake in the industries that profit from war and simply want to liive quiet and moderately enjoyable lives.

Via Wikileaks, it is revealed that Turkish President (and wannabe Sultan) Recep Erdogan made plans to shoot down a Russian warplane deployed in Moscow's anti - Islamic State campaign in Syria six weeks before the shooting down of a Russian Su-24 bomber in Syrian airspace near the Turkish border, a whistleblower apparently in Turkey said on Twitter.

Erdogan is worried about the outcome of the upcoming elections and is contemplating bringing down a Russian aircraft, the anonymous Twitter user, who goes by the name of Fuat Avni, posted on October 11.

See more of the conversation on Twitter Unfortunately for us English and American leaders many of the tweets are in Turkish

Fuat Avni (probably not a real name), a whistleblower well known to Wikileaks, who has, according to the website, provided accurate insider information exposing the malfeasance of the Erdogan regime, is reported to have revealed that Erdogan personally gave the order to shoot down the Russian bomber, claiming as justification that the aircraft violated Turkish airspace.

According to information published on Twitter by Wikileaks, Erdogan had been trying to mobilize voters prior to a general election, (held on November 1), by dramatically escalating tensions with Russia. Interesting fact: Amid accusations of vote rigging and electoral fraud the Edrogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP), managed to regain parliamentary majority, which it lost five months earlier in an election it was widely expected to lose.

Following AKP's victory, Erdogan, who as a president has limited powers, has pushed for a new constitution, which would grant the president significantly more powers on a par with those enjoyed by an autocrat. However, the AKP still needs 13 more votes in the Turkish national assembly to be able to hold a referendum on this issue.

Leaked Transcripts Prove ISIS-Turkey Link
Turkey had been widely criticized for not doing enough to assist in the fight against ISIS. In fact, we have published here a lot of evidence to suggest that Ankara was cooperating with the group by ensuring funds through illegal oil trades and acting as a conduit for US supplied weapons. Turkey's links with ISIS are so undeniable and well documented now, even mainstream media have had to start reporting this news ...

NATO Warships in the seas Odysseus Sailed Spell Trouble For EU

In an apparent effort to reduce the flow of migrants making their way from Turkey to Greece across the Aegean Sea, and because of the mistrust between the nations on either side of that body of water, pressure has been put on NATO (of which both Greece and Turkey are members)by the EU to deploy ships to the Aegean Sea ...

Turkish Convoy Allegedly Carrying Weapons To ISIS Bombed In Syria
Why is NATO member Turkey breaking every aspect of international law and United Nations charter by trading with isis and why are the USA and other NATO members condoning it, while EU leaders pledge to fast track membership for the Islamist state?

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Turkey Laundering ISIS Illegal Oil Trades
France is trying to create a coalition to destroy Isil, but President Obama isn't interested
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France's FN Win Regional Elections First Round. Now The Cheating Starts.

Change is the same (Image source)

We want to avoid the usual hyperbole on this story, but victory for France’s Front National in the first round of regional elections on Sunday (6 December, 2015), in which the anti EU party led by Marine Le Pen lead the vote in six of France's thirteen regions, will shake up the political landscape not only in France but throughout Europe and possibly further afield.

With the FN vote boosted by fears of further terrorist outrages following the Islamic State attacks that left 130 people dead and many seriously wounded in Paris on Nov. 13, as well as by the socialist government's abysmal economic record and catastrophic levels of unemployment and immigration, Le Pen’s party secured 29.4 per cent of the vote nationally with over 85 per cent of the votes counted, according to official government figures.

“This is a historic, extraordinary result,” FN lawmaker Marion Marechal-Le Pen told TF1 television. “The old system died tonight.”

Twenty-five year old Marechal-Le Pen, the granddaughter of party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen and niece of party leader Marine, led the first round in southeast France with 42 percent – twice her grandfather’s score there in 2010. Run-offs will be held on Dec. 13.

With attention shifting from these regional polls to the 2017 presidential and parliamentary elections, with French politics now clearly a three-way race after Sunday’s election, ending decades of domination by the Socialists and conservatives. The election results have caused so much panic in the political establishment that traditional enemies, the socialists and conservatives are collaborating to block the anti - EU party and usurp the democratic process. In France, as in the UK and USA, voters perceive little difference between the mainstream parties, which all support globalism, politically correct policies on immigration and minorities and globalism, with the possibility of a global, totalitarian government of unelected bureaucrats being frequently raised in forums like the United Nations, the G20 meetings and other gatherings of world leaders.

While the FN is well placed to win one or more regions in the Dec. 13 run-off, especially after Marine Le Pen attracted over 41 per cent of the votes in the north, the third placed Socialist party demonstrated it's anti - democratic nature by announcing that it was pulling its candidates out of the race there and in the southeast.

The Socialist party is putting up a “barricade” to the right where it is far behind, party chief Jean-Christophe Cambadelis said. “The Left is the last shield of democratic France against the xenophobic far-right,” he said. There speaks a true effing democrat. NOT!

Opinion polls before the election had, however, shown that Le Pen could win even if the Socialists pulled out, a result which would encourage anti - tyranny voters everywhere, especially in the UK where just a few days ago we witnessed the leaders of both Conservative and Labour parties tacitly condoning electoral fraud that reduces British democracy to the levels of third world political corruption.


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