Monday, February 22, 2016

Lawsuit Challenging Ted Cruz’s Eligibility for President Officially Filed

by Arthur Foxake

Erm ................. haven't we been here before.

Ted Cruz’ eligibility to run for president has been put to a test of legality. On Friday, the Circuit Court of Cook County in Chicago heard questions in a lawsuit challenging the Texas senator’s legal qualifications to determine if his bid for the nomination can continue.

Illinois attorney Lawrence Joyce sued after his previous attempt to dispute Cruz’ placement on the ballot with the state’s Board of Elections was dismissed on February 1.

Joyce reportedly supports Ben Carson in the race for president, and he maintains he has no connections to Donald Trump, who has also threatened to take action over questions of Cruz’ eligibility.

“The child of a U.S. citizen born abroad is a U.S. citizen,” Cruz asserted in response to questions. Born in Canada to a noncitizen father and U.S. citizen mother, Cruz emphasized the issue of such eligibility dates back to the founding of the country.“Indeed the very first Congress … wrote the very first laws on citizenship,” he said. “And they explicitly defined the child of a U.S. citizen born abroad as a U.S. citizen.”

According to the Washington Times, Joyce’s concerns with Cruz hinge on the potential that he could garner the nomination, only to be challenged in court by the Democratic Party — when it would be too late.

“At that point, all of his fundraising would dry up. And his support in the polls would drop dramatically,” Joyce said. “He may be forced at that point to resign the nomination.”

Anyone who wants to know what the only definition of a 'natural born citizen' (which is different to a plain old citizen) should study The Law Of Nations by Compte Emmlich de Vattel. It's ideal bedtime reading :-)


Mighty Trump Blows Off Rebublic Challengers
No surprises in the US Presidential primaries last night, but another chance to maintain my run of flatulence related headlines as Donald Trump continues to dominate the Republican contest.

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The Truth Of What Is Going On In Syria

The public in those nations involved directly or peripherally in the Syrian war are not being told the truth of what is going on in that country, and have not been told the truth since hostilities began in 1011. We have tried to report this many times on our main news site The Daily Stirrer, which gets a respectable but unspectacular 10 - 15 thousand views per day (this blog is insignificant, after neglecting it for years we are trying to build it as a replacement for a platform that was very good for us but closed in December 2015 due to economic conditions).

Other blogger and new media news sites are doing great work in trying to get the truth out to the punters, but mainstream media, controlled by corporate investors whose interests are best served by collaborating with governments, have nothing to gain by telling the truth.

There is no great, universal truth on Syria of course, but many points of view representing different parties. Here's an interesting take on why the major print and broadcast news organisations are not reporting the facts of Syria's catastrophe.

The Deeper Truths Journalists Are Blind To
By Jonathan Cook, Information Clearing House, February 21, 2016

" - As I have found out myself, there is nothing media outlets like less than criticising other media publications or the “profession” of journalism. It’s not really surprising. The credibility of a corporate media depends precisely on their not breaking ranks and not highlighting the structural constraints a “free press” operates under.

So one has to commend the Boston Globe for publishing this piece by Stephen Kinzer, a former foreign correspondent, warning that the media is not telling us the truth about what is going on in Syria.

But those constraints are also why Kinzer glosses over deeper problems with the coverage of Syria.

This [most western reporting of Syria] is convoluted nonsense, but Americans cannot be blamed for believing it. We have almost no real information about the combatants, their goals, or their tactics. Much blame for this lies with our media.

Under intense financial pressure, most American newspapers, magazines, and broadcast networks have drastically reduced their corps of foreign correspondents. Much important news about the world now comes from reporters based in Washington. In that environment, access and credibility depend on acceptance of official paradigms. Reporters who cover Syria check with the Pentagon, the State Department, the White House, and think tank ‘experts.’ After a spin on that soiled carousel, they feel they have covered all sides of the story. This form of stenography produces the pabulum that passes for news about Syria.

This is more of the “cock-up, not conspiracy” justification for skewed reporting. If only there was more money, more space, more time, more reporters, the media would not simply spew the government’s official line. Guardian journalist Nick Davies wrote a whole book, Flat Earth News, making much the same claim – what he called “churnalism”. I reviewed it at length here. Journalists like this kind of argument because it shifts responsibility for their failure to report honestly on to faceless penny-pinchers in the accounting department.

And yet, there are journalists reporting from the ground in Syria – for example, Martin Chulov of the Guardian – who have been just as unreliable as those based in Washington. In fact, many of the points Kinzer raises about the reality in Syria echo recent articles by Seymour Hersh, who is writing from the US, not Damascus. But he, of course, has been shunted to the outer margins of media discourse, publishing in the London Review of Books.

Read all at Information Clearing House

In our small way we have tried to keep people up to date, hoping people will see our articles and reports and share them with their own networks. Here are a few examples.

USA Has Told Assad He Needs To Commene Handover Of Power In Syria by August Or Face Consequences

How Hillary Clinton Planned The Syrian Holocaust
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Germans Cheer As Refugee Center Burns

Screenshot from RT of Refugee Centre fire (amateur video)

Over the past few months, Europeans have become increasingly angered by the wave of mainly Muslim 'refugees' streaming into the European Union from the Mid-East and north Africa, and at the apparent inability of European leaders and bureaucrats to deal with it is any practical way.

After a remarkable degree of restraint and tolerance was demonstrated by residents of EU cities where the refugees are being dumped in hostels, fed, clothed and given spending money, all funded by European taxes,  the attacks that left 130 people dead in Paris in November and the string of sexual assaults that swept Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve have been the straw that has broken the camels back. A political stitch up in France saw the anti immigration party Front Nationale kept out of power in regional assemblies despite winning the popular vote, which resulted in FN becoming even more popular in public opinion polls. The German populace had, until this year, remained supportive of Angela Merkel’s “yes we can” approach to settling the 1.1 million asylum seekers that the country took in last year.

In spite of this,  large sections of the German population do not support the migrant cause. The general consensus is no longer to offer teddy bears, water bottles, sandwiches and hugs (possibly due to the graceless way the immigrants threw away the gifts and demanded money and sex.).

Discontent with the Iron Chancellor’s approach is growing and the atmosphere in the streets is very unpleasant. Renewed support for anti - immigration group PEGIDA is emblematic of the direction in which the country is headed and the surging support for AfD, a new political party opposed to mass immigration and further integration of Germany into a federal European Superstate is an indicator of how much trouble Merkel's fragile ruling coalition is in. Last weekend we got the latest evidence that Germany’s patience with the migrants' anti - social behaviour is wearing increasingly thin.

Residents of Bautzen (in Saxony) cheered on Saturday night as a planned migrant center burned in what very well may have been a premeditated arson attack. “Some people reacted to the blaze with derogatory comments and undisguised joy,” Deutsche Welle reports, adding that “the incident in Bautzen comes shortly after a mob shouting anti-migrant slogans blocked a bus full of refugees in Clausnitz, also in Saxony.” Here's the video of the Clausnitz incident:

Saxony's chief minister, Stanislaw Tillich, called both incidents "disgusting and hateful." (We wonder if he thinks the same of the rapes, male rapes, assaults and beatings inflicted on Germans by the migrants, crimes which Hausfrau Volksfuhrer Merkel's office has ordered police to ignore?)

Yes, "disgusting and hateful," which is precisely what the German people are saying about the string of sexual assaults, the urination and defecation in public areas, hassling little girls for sex and pulling womens' clothes off as they walk alone, as well as the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Needless to say, when German citizens are actively attempting to keep firefighters from putting out a blaze, it says something profound about public opinion. Then again, we suppose this isn't anything new. As Deutsche Welle goes on to report, "there were more than 1,000 arson attacks on planned and completed refugee shelters across Germany in 2015."

Perhaps support for Merkel's open-door approach was never that strong in the first place. Germans knew that under the EU bureaucratic dictatorship, as European Parliament President Martin Schulz has said, "Public opinion is irrelevant."


US Provides Additional $20million in Response to Refugee Crisis in Europe

“The United States announces $20 million to support efforts by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent (IFRC) to provide increased protection, shelter, and lifesaving assistance throughout Europe, including in Greece, Western Turkey, and the Balkans,” the release said.

Forced To Defend Her Insane Immigration Policy, Merkel Blames Anti Immigrant Party For Crisis
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has blamed opponents of her open doors immigration policy for the rise in crime, particularly rape and sex crimes committed by Muslim immigrants . Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel said in an interview on the immigration crisis that the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, stirs up prejudice and polarises society.

German Politician Predicts White Germans Will Be A Minority. Faces Calls to Quit.
Erika Steinbach, human rights spokesperson for Angela Merkel's CDU party, has been criticized after she posted a picture that appears to predict that in 14 years' time, white people will be in a minority in Germany. Steinbach faces criticism after she tweeted a picture with the caption 'Germany 2030' that depicts a crowd of dark-skinned people curiously asking a single white child where she is from.
Migrants Mass At Greek Border Waiting To Cross Into Europe
An estimated 6,500 undocumented travellers were assembled at the Idomeni camp on Greece’s northern border with Macedonia on Saturday according to news feeds, after four Balkan countries announced a daily cap on migrant arrivals. The log jam began after Macedonia began refusing entry to Afghans and imposed stricter document controls on Syrians and Iraqis, slowing the passage of migrants and refugees to a trickle.

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Schengen agreement scrapped: E U falling apart?

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