Monday, March 12, 2018

Germany's AfD Criticizes EU’s 'Export Hurdles', Supports Trump's Metal Tariffs

While US President Donald Trump’s recent announcement that his administration will impose trade protection measures – specifically tariffs on steel and aluminum imports – provoked howls of protest from globalists and nations or single markets which impose much higher traiffs on US goods, particularly China and the European Union, Germany’s Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party has taken a more understanding and supportive stance.

Kay Gottschalk, a member of the German Bundestag, who also serves as the AfD party’s deputy trade and industry spokesman, defended Trump’s import tariffs, while describing his strategy as "clever." She said, "Trump bluffs a lot, it's a strategy he uses to make deals."

"The EU Commission is shouting loudly because Trump charges punitive tariffs. It raises itself as the grail-keeper of free world trade, defending indirectly the abominable consequences of globalization: pollution, wage dumping and tax avoidance of large corporations. Trump's clever strategy is obvious. He destroys existing contracts so that he can replace them with new and better ones," Mr. Gottschalk was quoted as saying by an official AfD press release."

Gottschalk went on to suggest that Trump levied the tariffs in response to the EU’s own trade protectionist policies – such as the tariffs imposed on all foreign exports into the economic union and may consider exempting the EU if they also exempt US exports from tariffs.

"The truth is that the EU has created insurmountable hurdles for the export of foreign nations, such as Africa, South America and the United States. Before you judge Trump, you should have the courage to question your own decisions as critically as those of others," Mr. Gottschalk concluded.

Just hours after the AfD published the press release containing comment from Ms. Gottschalk, his theory was proven correct, with President Trump tweeting that he would drop the tariffs if the EU and other trade partners also "drop their horrific barriers and tariffs on US products."

So far, Trump has only exempted Canada and Mexico from the metal tariffs, which are currently levied at a 10 percent rate for steel imports and a 25 percent rate for aluminum imports. He also suggested that an exemption will soon be issued to Australia.

Baltic Dry Index Hits All Time Low - Don't Panic

Most of the financial newspapers, tip sheets and web sites featured this story today (10 Nov, 2015). What is The Baltic Dry Index and why should it concern us ordinary punters?" you might well ask. Most of the financial data reported in mainstream news is bollocks. GDP only measures the amount of money churning around an economy, while the CPI (Consumer Prices Index is constantly manipulated by swapping in and out the goods or services it looks at.

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Big Business Joins Climate Change Scaremongers

The Paris summit on climate change approasches, which means the tree hugging fascist tendency are turning up the volume to eleven again. Trouble is they cannot produce a shed of evidence to back up their wild claims of imminent catastrophe because global warming only exists in their mathematical models, in the real world it is not happening/

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The World Needs Globalization, It Needs Trade says Chinese billionaire

Came across this rather intriguing report online today: ‘If trade stops, war starts’ Alibaba founder who visited Donald Trump warns .. ‘The world needs globalisation, it needs trade’ … Jack Ma met US President Donald Trump last month and announced his company would help create one million jobs in the US. -The Independent The question …

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TTIP, good for bureaucrats and corporate lawyers, bad for you and me (Image source) There’s no doubt the so called Free Trade deal between the European Union and the United States (now the only hope Obama has left for preventing his political legacy being one of failure and disaster) will be one of the big …

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The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership has encountered stiff opposition in Europe. Picture credit: Jakob Huber, flickr There are many reasons to oppose the planned “>Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), not least because references to ‘free’ in the text of leaked drafts does not refer to freedom in any conventional sense but to giving …

US Free Trade Treaty Really Unites Left and Right

The utterly discredited administration of the USA’s rent-boy President is still hoping to slavage something from the wreckage of the first black President’s two terms in office by making securing some sort of a political legacy for him. If they succeed he will go down in history as the man who destroyed three thousand years …

China – UK dump the US dollar for bilateral trades

Another “told you so” post from Boggart Blog. It’s gets sooooooo booooooooring being right all the time but being endowed with the handicaps of independent minds and an abundance of common sense its a burden we Boggart Bloggers must bear. Picture source From Zero Hedge Following the initial de-dollarization meeting, there has been a slew …

Is Europe Waking Up To The Threat Of Globalism Posed by Secret Trade Treaties

Sevran Wikipedia describes Sevran as a commune in the northeastern suburbs of Paris, about 16 km (10 miles) from the city centre. A nondescript sort of place you might think and pictures like the one above bear out that impression. But in the near future Sevran could play an important role in the shaping of …

New Book Exposes GMO Corporate Fraud

A big event in the battle to keep the food we eat natural, healthy and affordable for the poorest families this month was the publication in London of a new book by American public interest attorney Steven Druker. The text reveals how the U.S. government and leading scientific institutions have systematically suppressed misrepresented the facts about GMOs and the scientific research that casts doubt on their safety.

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