Friday, October 02, 2015

All Bombs Kill But Obama Only Denounces Russia's And Syria's Bombs

In addressing the United Nations earlier this week, President Obama attacked Russia, China and Iran for "imposing their will on weaker nations by military means" but failed to acknowledge the numerous military interventions of his own country since World War 2. He also singled out for condemnation Syria’s President Assad and his alleged use of “barrel bombs,” but again Obama was silent on his own use of far more powerful ordnance or the civilian tolls from Saudi/Israeli attacks with highly lethal U.S. bombs

Obama denounced anyone who doesn’t favor “regime change” in Syria as advocating “support [for] tyrants like Bashar al-Assad, who drops barrel bombs to massacre innocent children, forgetting - understadably perhaps considering all the bombing missions, drone strikes and actions by ground troops against non - combatant citizens of third world nations he has to authorize every day - that FUKUS axis (France, UK and US) bombs have been devastating the Middle East almost every day for over a decade, killing certainly tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of innocent people, including many thousands of children.

It is amazing that now Vladimir Putin has once again out - thought and totally outmanoeuvred Washington to take control of the war against ISIS in Syria at least, and Russia has made more impact towards defeating the Islamic extremists in a month than the USA and its allies had in over a year, mainstream media in the west have suddenly become aware that bombs kill a lot of civilians. But only Russian bombs, Chinese and Iranian bombs it seems. British bombs are cheerful, happy and sing The Lambeth Walk to get people dancing merrily as they wait for the next dose of death to fall. American bombs are sincere and filled with brotherly love even if their religiosity is a tad irritating, and their shrapnel and blast are brilliantly engineered only to go in the direction of bad guys. French bombs have that certain 'je ne sais quoi' and tend to dismiss suggestions that they are lethal with a nonchalant gallic shrug.

The bombing of Libyan city Sirte, a part of the campaign to depose the regime of Muammar Gadaffi in 2011, was hundreds of times times more devastating than the sum total of Russian bombings so far in Syria. Inexplicably there were no outraged on the spot reports from breathless BBC reporters on the thousands of civilian casualties the regime changing bombs caused not only in Sirte but the many towns devastated by the FUKUS axis campaign in Libya.

makes no difference whatsoever to the legal position whether this week's bombing by Russian aircraft was against ISIL or against a different bunch of crazed Islamist rebels, one still supported by the CIA and Saudi Arabia (who are not the moderate Syrian opposition as the habitually dishonest Obama tries to suggest, but a different flavour of extremists). Russia's military presence in Syria and Russian airstrikes against anti - government rebels are at the request of the legitimate Government of Syria and thus legal. That does not mean we should support it. Just because a thing is legal does not mean it is morally right. Bombs kill innocent people. In Syria and probably Iraq too, innocent people may have to die by bombs to save a far greater number of innocent people dying by the hand of extremists.

I have enough confidence the good sense of most human beings to believe that a majority will see through the propaganda of the murderer and war criminal Obama and his hapless henchmen Cameroink and Hollande and FUKUS axis bombs are just as lethal as Russian bombs, Assad's alleged barrel bombs or ISILs Improvised Explosive Devices.


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