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The Mysterious Case Of Dubai's Disappearing Gold

Dubai, where eastern magic makes gold disappear (Image source)

On 26 December 2015, we reported the strange case of Dubai's disappearing gold, an long established gold many other nations that have taken advantage of this smuggling ring involving Turkey, Iran, and Dubai (as well as many other nations that have taken advantage of this very convenient arrangement to circumvent trade sanctions) which reveals that corruption in the global trade network reaches right to the top of the pyramid. The involvement of President Erdogan and members of his family in NATO member Turkey in illegal oil trades with ISIS has already been exposed as has Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, the son of the ruler of Abu Dhabi and one of the world's richest people. The gold handled by the ring runs to a value of billions of dollars.

The story came to light when previously unknown Dubai gold trading house, Gold.AE suddenly announced it was going out of business. This news sparked wide interest in Gold AE and it was discovered the trader had been the middle man through which Turkish physical gold was moved "legally" to Dubai, from where it travelled on to Iran (after Dubai 'investors' had pocketed millions in fees and commissions, as payment for sanctions busting trades.

Gold.AE - a subsidiary of Gold Holding, the largest gold-focused investment holding company headquartered in Dubai. announced it had suddenly and unexpectedly gone out of business, after an inquiry by minority shareholders revealed that "there had been substantial financial transfers from the company's account to the personal accounts of senior management and majority shareholders."

In a nutshell, the company which had been used as the front for a multi billion dollar sanctions busting operation over many years was insolvent having been thoroughly plundered of most of its holdings. Client accounts had of course been stripped bare.

A press release from Dubai's financial regulator stated:

In order to try and secure/recover monies that had been taken out of the accounts of the company, Mr. Gauthier in his capacity as manager has filed various cases as against the recipients of the funds from the Company (Dubai Police ( Bur Dubai Police Station), Case No: 24378). The minority shareholders are doing everything within their powers to support him in his efforts to recover these monies that were withdrawn from Gold AE in questionable circumstances.

DMCC has alleged that some of these activities undertaken by the previous management are in breach of DMCC's rules and as such they have taken the decision to terminate the license of the Company. We are working closely with DMCC to find a solution and in the meanwhile, we request that you bear with us. In the meanwhile, as a statutory consequence of the license being terminated, the trading platform of the Company has to shut down as of the date of termination of the license which is 24th November 2015.

However, since as Gold.AE admitted a Swiss bank account had been uncovered, it is very unlikely that any of the funds involved will be recovered. The Mr. Gauthier referred to is the former CEO of Godld AE, the makor shareholders of which included SBK Business Holding www.sbkholding.com; Sheik Sultan Bin Khalifa bin sultan Al-nahyan; Sheik Malek Hmood Alsabah; Abu-alhaj Holding; Aruntani Sac.

Now that the respectable gold-trading company at the centre of what was probably the world's biggest and most successful smuggling operation since the pirate Blackbeard ruled the Spanish Main has vaporised tons of physical gold and unknown amounts of client cash, even more questions arise about the stability of the global economy and the integrity of those who run it.

Some answers can be found at the Arabian Business website, which has jumped on the case and reports it is understood the previous management team were replaced in March, resulting in the appointment of Andres Gauthier as CEO (sic) and Mohammed Nico Consari as managing director.

Why the previous management team was replaced, or why it took nearly 9 months for an update to clients to be issued is not explained. When the information was release to clients however the notification made brutally clear that no money remained in the gold trading operation.

And now comes the whitewash which will ensure any link between the criminal Gold.AE and its parent, SBK Holdings-owned Gold Holdings is immediately erased. A spokesperson for the Dubai International finacial Centre (DIFC) has already said:

"We wish to make it clear that although Gold AE is a subsidiary of M/s Gold Holding, which is a DIFC-based holding company, Gold AE and M/s Gold Holding Ltd are two separate entities.

"We wish also to clarify that M/s Gold Holding Ltd is, to our knowledge, not involved in any trading operations, client-facing business affecting clients of Gold AE or the provision of any financial services. Accordingly, it is not regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority."

Why the scramble to exonerate Gold Holding Ltd? Because as we reported yesterday, it is owned by this man: Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Sultan is the advisor to the President of UAE, the eldest son of Emir Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi. Sultan may just be most important young person in Dubai, which makes him among the top 20 most important, not to mention wealthiest, in the world. It would not be good for his reputation if it emerged that not only is one of his companies involved in a huge gold smuggling scandal, but that the aforementioned company vanished in a puff of greasy, smelly, brown smoke after an unprecedented case of management fraud was exposed.


Smart Phones Will Not Make Banking Safer

Yet the war on cash goes on. The latest move is to encourage people to use their smartphone to do their online banking. My first reaction on reading this was, "They're having a laugh aren't they?" laptops and tablets are ridiculously easy to hijack, smartphones don't even need to be hacked, like tired old slappers whose sexual allure has gone south, but who still crave attention, they will offer themselves without needing to be asked.

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New Year's Eve, Germany: 1,000+ Migrants Brawl, Rape, Sexually Assault, And Steal At Cologne Railway Station

Rioting immigrant gang members let off fireworks in Cologne railway station, terrorising German rail users (Still from amateur video posted on YouTube)

Though the story had been ignored by mainstream broadcast and print media, it has emerged that rioting immigrants rampaged through a railway station in Cologne, Germany, on New Year's Eve, brawling, attacking German citizens, sexually assaulting women and looting or vandalising shops. So far just five arrests have been made by German police. An estimated 1,000 migrants flooded into the station to celebrate by letting off fireworks in crowds and sexually molesting German women unlucky enough to be caught up in the melee.

Details of the sexual assaults and attacks on peaceful Germans by large gangs of migrants in Cologne in the early on the morning of January 1, are just now emerging. Not a word on this story was printed in mainstream European newspapers or reported in television and radio news bulletins.

Dozens of German women are reported to have been molested and “raped”, while many men have been assaulted and robbed. In Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel's police state it is dangerous for German men to defend themselves or retaliate because federal authorities appear to have handed immigrants a free pass to ignore European and national law and do as they please, while being very eager to charge German's with 'hate crime' on the most trivial of grounds.

One sexual assault victim, 28 year old ‘Katja L’ spoke of an ordeal suffered by herself and three companions as they tried to reach the waiting room of Cologne railway station. Katja, two other girls and a male companion in the early hours of New Year’s Day. She told Der Express, one of the largest regional newspapers: "When we came out of the station, we were confronted by a group of"exclusively young foreign men." Keeping close together the small group carried on:

"We tried to walk through this gang of men. There was a gap through them which we headed for. First I felt a hand on my buttocks, then hands on my breasts, I was touched and groped everywhere. It was a nightmare. Although we shouted and hit at them, the men did not stop. I was desperate and think I was touched around 100 times in the 200 meters. Fortunately I wore a jacket and trousers. a skirt would probably have been torn away from me".

Katja L and other witnesses who have also come forward to complain said, as they were being molested by the migrants the men were laughing and pulling hair, and there were shouts of “ficki, ficki” (fucky fucky) hurled at them as they were called "sluts" and "whores". Katja L said she had been groped by so many men she would be unable to positively identify any of the molesters to the police.

These young men from barbaric third world cultures who, thanks to corrupt regimes pursuing the politically correct 'open doors' immigration policies demanded by corporate globalism in order to flood developed nations with cheap labour and uneducated workers who will not question abuses of their civil rights because they have come from areas where civil rights and liberties are an alien concept, have many times proved themselves incapable of living alongside civilised people. They do not appear able to rid themselves of the notion that European women who go out unaccompanied by male family members, with hair uncovered and wearing skirts are all prostitutes or the equally offensive idea that it is not against the law to rape a woman you believe to be a prostitute.

Others women in Cologne were less lucky than Katja. One woman had her tights and underwear torn off by the crowd, and a police source said there had been “rapes” at the station that night. This is as yet unconfirmed but accords with reports of the epidemic of rapes committed by Muslim migrants on European women that have been recorded from court cases in Germany and Sweden.

Up to now police have identified 80 victims of the night of savagery, 35 of whom were women subjected to sex attacks. Others, both male and female were assaulted or robbed. Police and prosecutors suspect there are more cases from the night still to be reported, and are appealing for victims to come forward.

A press conference hosted by Cologne’s chief of police Wolfgang Albers this afternoon confirmed the attacks had been perpetrated by recent immigrants, all of whom were carrying official immigration documents according to police officers who dispersed the crowd. Mr. Albers said "the crimes have been committed by a group of people who mostly come the North African and Arab countries", and that the situation had now become "intolerable". The press conference was reported by news agency Associated Press but so far has not been picked up by television and national press.


Muslim Rape Gang Victim Talks: Girls Still Targeted Because Police Refuse to Act

Muslim men who groomed and violently abused young girls in a quiet English town have been left to carry on raping girls, despite being named to the police, one of their victims has revealed in an interview. Kaitlyn (not her real name) suffered years of abuse at the hands of hundreds of men in her home town, and in locations across the UK. Yet despite handing a list of more than 80 names to the police for investigation, her attackers are still working as taxi drivers, businessmen, and even on the local council.

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Erika Steinbach, human rights spokesperson for Angela Merkel's CDU party, has been criticized after she posted a picture that appears to predict that in 14 years' time, white people will be in a minority in Germany. Steinbach faces criticism after she tweeted a picture with the caption 'Germany 2030' that depicts a crowd of dark-skinned people curiously asking a single white child where she is from.
USA Extends Drone war To Africa
So why we wonder is the USA taking its drone war against the third world into deepest, sub Sahran Africa? There cannot be any reason for it, the cited aim of neutralising Boko Haram is not valid because boko Haram are not a standing army but a guerilla force that strikes and then melts away into the civilian population.
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