Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Reality Of Globalism - World Trade Has Increased By Less Than 1% Annually In The Last Decade

There can be little doubt that 2016 was the year the great pushback against globalisation and the push towards an authoritarian world government (NWO) really got off the ground. Fears that the world is on the edge of rejecting globalization and a global economy, with its false promise of prosperity for all and its reality of an ever widening gap between rich and poor have dominated discussions at the World Economic Foum in Davos this week.Some pundits are saying globalization is dead, one of the strongest arguments in support of that case is world trade data since the start of the current depression which started with the crash of 2008. 

 Figures published in the CPB World Trade Monitor,  the value of world exports (volume * price) has increased by less than 1% annually since making a high on 7/31/2007 compared to more than a 5% annualized growth rate from 1991 (beginning of the data series) to 2007. If we consider only volume data, the story doesn’t improve very much. World export volume has increased at less than 1.5% annually since 7/31/2007. This is about 1/3 of the annual growth rate world export volumes had increased by since 1991. Even with extraordinary levels of quantitative easing (printing money) in the economies of developed nations since the financial crisis, world trade has been unable to gain enough momentum to stage a real recovery even though the fake statistics published by corrupt governments suggest a recovery has happened.

In other words, the people of the world were doing better in the days of protectionism, national interest before corporate interests, and competent financial management, than they have ever been in the era of debt led economics and bogus statistics.

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