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Biggest US Foreign Policy Failure Since Vietnam: Iran Masses Ground Troops For Invasion Of Syria

Iranian revolutionary Guards hunt down ISIS guerillas in Syria

Anyone 'with ears to hear and eyes to see' could have predicted the final outcome of the CIA backed plan to oust Syria's President Bashir Al Assad would not be a good one for either Obama or Washington. US military interventions usually end up achieving the opposite of what the planned outcome was. A recent example is Libya, where the US, backed by French and UK Air Force personnel launched a bombing campaign in Libya, with the stated aim of overthrowing the tyrant Gadaffi and installing a western style, democratic government.

Unfortunately the clever boys and girls in Washington with their political science PhDees had read lots of books on geopolitical theory, but understood nothing about Libya and its people. Thus, what was the most prosperous and civilized nation state on the African continent in 2011, since the fall of Gadaffi has descended into a lawless, failed state. Libya now has no effective government but instead a three way civil war.

Last week, as Russian Air Force jets were pounding Syrian extremist targets, we reported Iran was rumoured to be preparing a ground invasion to drive ISIS, Al Qaeda and what the increasingly clownish Barack Obama called 'moderate Syrian rebels', The Daily Stirrer tried to cut through all of the Western and Russian media propaganda on the way to describing what Moscow’s involvement in Syria actually means in geopolitical terms.

Putin's decision to step up direct support for the Assad government, which the Russians have always said they will not allow to be overthrown, was a masterful stratagem by Moscow and Tehran to tip the advantage in the Middle East geo-political chess game away from Riyadh and Washington.

Shoring up Assad in Syria strengthens Hezbollah and presents Tehran with an opportunity to assert itself in the name of combatting terror. The West has maintained since 1979 that Iran is the world’s main sponsor of terror, and the Pentagon has repeatedly accused the Iranians of orchestrating attacks on US soldiers in Iraq after cooperation between Washington and Tehran broke down in the wake of Bush’s “axis of evil” comment.

Indeed, Iran was accused of masterminding a plot to kill the Saudi ambassador at a Washington DC restaurant in 2011.

It is now the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar who stand accused of sponsoring Sunni extremists against the secular regimes in Iraq and Syria and Iran's Revolutionary Guard, that is being cast as the White Hat brigade, while the USA and its allies are increasingly exposed as hegemonists intent on world domination.

The USA, along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, funded, train, and armed fundamentalist Sunni Muslims, intending overthrow the Assad regime. Unfortunately most of those Sunni partisans turned out to be crazy fanatics who hate non Muslims as much as they hate the Shia for being the wrong sort of Muslims. Armed with US weapons, funded by Saudi and Qatari money and convinced Allah was on their side after early successes, they declared a Medieval caliphate. This put putt the CIA, The Pentagon and the Obama administration in the ridiculous position of having to reclassify Al-Qaeda groups as "moderate" opponents of Assad. OK they may have crucified Christians, taken Yazidi Muslim women as sex slaves and beheaded western journalists and aid workers but they went about it all in a moderate and reasonable way.

The situation spun out of control and to hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths resulted from ISIS puges of 'the impure' before Washington finally decided to try and find a way to contain the monster the CIA had created in ISIS

Iran's intervention in support of Assad would be a non starter without Moscow’s stamp of superpower approval. While The Kremlin has a well equipped front line air base in Syria, Obama dare not attack any force supporting Assad, but if Russia withdrew the USA would go back to nibbling at the edges of the ISIS invasion while doing all in their power short of actually bombing Damascus, to bring down the Syrian government.

It should have been easy for the US State Department, the UK Foreign Office and France Diplomatie to see this coming yet apparently none did. Or maybe the politicians listened to their corporate paymasters who want global war because its good for business rather than the diplomats. In June 2015, the commander of Iran’s Quds Force, Qasem Soleimaini, visited a town north of Latakia on the front lines of Syria’s protracted civil war. Following that visit, he promised that Tehran and Damascus were set to unveil a new strategy that would 'surprise the world.'

In the event it should have surprised nobody but caught the Obama administration on the wrong foot yet again.


All Bombs Kill But Obama Only Denounces Russia's And Syria's Bombs

The U.S. government has dropped hundreds of thousands of tons of bombs on Iraq alone in the last dozen years – and even hailed the start of the bombing campaign in 2003 as “shock and awe” – but now has coyly and repeatedly decried the Syrian government’s supposed use of crude “barrel bombs.”

Playing Poker With Obama: Putin’s Calculated Risk In Syria

I've said before that the reason Vladimir Putin outmanoeuvres the US State Department in every diplomatic skirmish is that while American's play poker, which is all about bluff, Putin plays chess which is all about strategy. Russian President Vladimir Putin had decided to risk the possibility of military clashes with the United States and its European Allies, Saudi Arabia, other major Muslim nations and Israel by intervening in Syria ...

Russian troops already engaged in battle against ISIS around Homs

Military and intelligence sources report that on Wednesday, September 16, Russian R-166-0.5 (ultra) high-frequency signals (HF/VHF) vehicles were spotted on Highway 4, which links Homs and Aleppo. These vehicles, called “mobile war rooms” by the IDF and Western armies, were accompanied by BTR-82 troop carriers transporting Russian marines ...

Syrian Girl's Video exposes western Politicians and Media Lies About Refugees

This girl makes more sense than Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Merkel and all other western criminals and corporate hirelings put together, Maybe one day they will realize that their subservience to zionism only leads ruin of their individual characters!

All Bombs Kill But Obama Only Denounces Russia's And Syria's Bombs

The U.S. government has dropped hundreds of thousands of tons of bombs on Iraq alone in the last dozen years – and even hailed the start of the bombing campaign in 2003 as “shock and awe” – but now has coyly and repeatedly decried the Syrian government’s supposed use of crude “barrel bombs.”

Russia's action against ISIS in Syria outwits Obama Again

Europe’s intensifying migrant crisis and Russia’s increased military support for President Assad’s regime in Syria, including the establishment of a Russian military Syrian headquarters at Latakia have focused the attention of world media and those of us who like to be aware what is going on to dangerous situation now emerging from Syria’s protracted civil war.

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