Sunday, February 23, 2014

CIA - FUKUS axis Meddling in Ukraine Proved

Not quite a Told You So for the Boggart team  to brag about (you know how I hate saying "I told you so", but my friends at The Daily Stirrer did warn of what was coming in Ukraine and told you that the escalating conflict was being exacerbated by the meddling of foreign powers (namely the usual suspects, the FUKUS axis) in the domestic affairs of a nation so closely linked to Russia. Barack Hussein Obama might like to boast he is good at killing people but Vladimir Putin does not need to brag, he just quietly gets on with it.

While the lefties of the world are hugging themselves at the downfall of another democratically elected government, the situation in Ukraine is very dodgy. Once again the FUKUS axis have cobbled together a rabble of opposing factions from extremes of right and left who have little in common other than a hatred of Russia. If this coalition represented the majority in Ukraine the coalition just might work, but as roughly half the nation is pro Russia, what we have now is a recipe for the kind of bloodbath France, the UK and USA created in Syria by assuming anyone who opposed the dictator assad was a friend of liberal democracy and the left.

The human organ noshing antics of some Syrian rebels exploded that myth.

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