Monday, January 25, 2016

Could The Unthinkable Happen - Bernie Sanders Looks like Winning Democrat Nomination

Sanders versus Trump (Image source)

This blog has reported before that what the USA is seeing in the Democratic Party and Republican Party nominatiin contests is a rejection of mainstream politics. Donald Trump is a ludicrous choice to be heading for the Republican nomination, he is a loudmouthed, self serving opportunist, a successful businessman maybe, but a national leader? Never in a month of Sundays. Yet people are flocking to support his campaign because he is politically incorrect, talks about issues that no other candidate will go near, and he is not a Washington insider.

Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont who is polling unexpectedly well against the anointed one Hillary Clinton, says the economic system is rigged against working-class Americans. He's right. but that's only one reason Democrats are supporting him. Like Trump, though they have little else in common, Sanders is an outsider, he represents the rejection of mainstram politics.

The two party electoral system has for years been a subsidiary of the monopolists and money ment who rule the government. Which is nobody seriously though Bernie Sanders stood a chance. The political system was rigged against him. It still is of course and should he still be snapping at ungy - kickers heels in June you can bet some unexpected event will derail his campaign.

Despite the formidable institutional obstacles stacked against him however, Sanders is doing well. He leads in polling ahead of the Iowa caucus and is considered home and hosed in New Hampshire and is closing the gap nationally.

Surprised pundits are commenting on his grass roots support, organization and fundraising prowess. There is now a credible path to the Democratic nomination and, if he runs against GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, to the White House.

Center-right Clinton, hated more by voters every week, wants to know: how did this happen?

It is a story to encourage us all. Everyone in a position to derail Sanders' campaign did everything they could to sabotage him, especially mainstream media. But Americans, it appears, hate and mistrust their mainstream news and commentary organisations as much as, if not more than they hate their politicians.

Knowing that publicity is the oxygen of politics, the media have done their best to pretend that Sanders campaign does not exist. But as with their efforts to discredit Trump by branding him a racist, the policy has backfired. By one measure, corporate media gave Trump 23 times more coverage than Sanders! On the few occasions they gave Bernie a few column inches or a couple on minutes airtime, it was to insult or ridicule him and his socialist principles.

Marginalization always used to work. Remember John Edwards? His 2008 primary campaign was doomed because TV networks refused to cover him. But the media's cold shoulder isn't hurting Bernie Sanders any more that their hate campaign is hurting Donald Trump. That tells us more about the industry's relationship with its paying customers than it does about either candidate.


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Offering further proof that it’s “Sanders’ moment,” Bernie Sanders makes enormous gains and poses a real threat to Hillary Clinton’s once-wide lead among Democrats, according to two polls released Friday.Fox News‘ latest national poll finds that more Democratic primary voters now back Sanders at 47 percent, up from 37 percent in January. Clinton’s support, on the other hand, is at 44 percent
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A new opinion poll from Quinnnipac University shows Hillary Clinton's lead in the contest to become the Democratic Party Presidential nomineee has almost completely evaporated. From a lead of around thirty points in early December, the numbers are now 44% Clinton, 42% Sanders, which is such a narrow gap the only two contenders left in the race are in a statistical tie.
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I don't know why the politically correct left are getting so worked up about The Trump, American politics is even more tightly controlled by big money than the European system, and the really big money (Golman Sachs, J P Morgan, Soros and company) are not going to let him win. It would upset thrir buddies in Saudi Arabia too much.

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