Thursday, January 04, 2007

They Haven't Thought It Through #nnn (sorry I lost count)

When my son was at college, his group did an exercise to find out what words people in Britain, France and The Netherlands associated with various nationalities. Germans were efficient, The British were snobbish, french people were said to be self important, The Dutch boring ... and the word most associated with Americans was 'paranoid'. I'm not saying that is true, but ......

The Original Paramilitary group The Minutemen was formed in America during the War of Independence when the colonists would rally to the call "The British Are Coming."

Since gaining independence from the British Colonial Yoke, America has fallen into a kind of national paranoia. In the early nineteenth century "The Canadians Are Coming" was the cry (and for once it was true as the Canadian army marched to Washington, said "nyah nyah na nyah nyah" and then went home. A few years later it was The Spanish Are Coming, though they got stuck in Texas because half the army deserted to work as film extras on The Alamo. The Spanish (who at the time were really The French) were superseded by the Mexicans who again got stuck in Texas.

Almost as soon as the Mexicans had come and gone The Indians Are Coming became the rallying call for U.S. paranoia although the Native American tribes were not actually posing any threat other than to people who were trying to run them off their traditional lands. That was followed by "The French Are Coming" as Napoleon 111's puppet Emperor of Mexico, Maximilian succeeded in posing no threat whatsoever.

After that they went back to The Indians Are Coming couples with The Blacks Are Coming as the freed slaves demanded work, land and basic human rights (i.e. the right not to be hanged for being black)

The Minutemen became redundant in WW1 as the threat posed by Germany was to America's rapidly growing economic empire became apparent. The 1940s however the need to defend the homeland against things that did not threaten God, Apple Pie and The American Way arose again. The Japanese were coming.

In the 1950s The Russians Were Coming, in the sixties The Chinks Were Coming, in the seventies The East Coast Liberal Faggots were coming. The eighties saw the return of the Russians. The threat in the 1990s was The Ayatollahs and in the 21st century they are going for broke. Not only are the Bearded Ragheads and The Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys posing a threat to the American way of life, but THE MEXICANS ARE COMING! again.

The latest revival of the minutemen, a group in Arizona, are planning to defend the homeland by building an anti - Mexican fence. Leader Al Garza says the 3m high security fence is not purely symbolic though it does symbolise something (he's not sure what.) Garza insists the fence will have a role in stemming the tide of illegal immigrants.
The Minutemen's fence, when completed will be one mile long. The U.S. border with Mexico is 1995 miles long in total.
Does something tell you in their paranoid state they haven't thought it through?

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