Tuesday, March 13, 2018

May 'under incredible pressure’ from colleagues to blame Russia in ex-spy poisoning

In a scathing tirade, British Prime Minister Theresa May came as close as possible to blaming Russia for the murder of former double agent Sergei Skripal and the poisoning of the spy's daughter Yulia as possible without actually declaring war. The astounding attack is believed to have been a result of intense pressure put on her by members of her government and the political opposition eager to find a scapegoat and mainstream media hungry for sensation. For May, it appeared to be a face-saving exercise following accusations of weakness as a result of her previously reasonable statements.

On Monday, May directly blamed Moscow for poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter with “a military-grade nerve agent of a type developed by Russia.” While the Prime Minister didn't mince words in her accusations, she still left a loophole for a potential backtrack, using words like "it appears" and "highly likely" that the Russian state was responsible for the attacks.

Let's recap what we know. No doubt The Daily Stirrer will be accused of being a bunch of conspiracy theorists but in fact it is the narrative broadcast by government propaganda tat is a conspiracy theory. First we know for certain Sripal was a double agent, MI5 have conformed this. Second, he was allegely involved in industrial and commercial espionage. Third, he was recently known to be working for Fusion GPS, the private security firm run by Christopher Steele, the former British agent involved in compiling the now discredited Trump dossier for Hillary Clinton's campaign team during the 2016 US election.

Such people make their fortune out of betraying everybody and so tend to have a lot of enemies. When we say we do not know at this stage who murdered Skripal, this is not saying that the Russian government was not involved. It is only stating there is no hard evidence at this stage on which to base an accusation. We could easily say it was MI5 who needed to silence skripal. It could be some Russian businessman the former spy stitched up. It could be people working for either Trump of Clinton. BUT THERE IS NO EVIDENCE POINTING TO ANY OF THEM.

This public attribution of blame is May’s way of trying to strengthen her political profile and of appeasing hawks within her own party, rather than being a reflection of the government’s genuine belief, Sky News broadcaster and Sun journalist Jon Gaunt said.

“She is under incredible pressure at the moment not only from the Labour Party, but from members of her own Cabinet. Her position is very weak and the pressure has been growing for her to make some kind of statement to condemn Russia,” He is probably right, it would be typical of May's ineptitude in handling crises to pick a fight with Russia when the situation in the middle east is more volatile thn ever.

“Unfortunately, Theresa May was really forced to say something, she would have preferred to say nothing,” Martin McCauley, author and Russia analyst, argued, adding that statements starting with “highly likely” are destined for a failure in the court of law.

May is “responding to the media in Britain which is going hysterical on the story,” according to former CIA officer Philip Giraldi.

“The whole story doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, it invites analysis that says, ‘How can the Russians be so stupid to do something like this if they intend to do it and keep it a secret?’” he added. That is the most sensible statement to date, when governments want to be rid of inconvenient people, and we're not just talking about Russia here, or China, but our own government, the USA, every nation on earth, they have the powers and the knowhow to make people simply disappear.

What professional undercover agen would be so stupid as to send a nerve agent gift wrapped to a birthday dinner where it would be opened in a public place. It's almost as if the perpetrators wanted to make the hit look like a false flag incident. And there are plenty of operators that might hopoe to gain from increasing east / west tensions.

In her address the House of Commons, May admitted that the investigation has yet to come to any conclusions. “I share the impatience of this House and the country at large to bring those responsible to justice…But as a nation that believes in justice and the rule of law, it is essential that we proceed in the right way – led not by speculation but by the evidence,” she said.

May's accusations come across as restrained when compared to some of the British MPs', who had no scruples about pointing the finger at Russia, calling the incident “a warlike act.”

Will Theresa May punish Russia over double-agent poisoning, despite no proof?

“There are a lot of Labour and Conservative MPs who have already decided that Russia was responsible, even though the evidence has not been brought forward,” McCauley said, adding that they see it as a “great political ballgame when they kick Russia around.”

McCauley said politicians see the blame-the-Russians game as a convenient pretext to score political points without any risk, albeit without much sense either.

With MPs calling Russia names and demanding a range of sanctions, NATO retaliation and a ban on Russia Today broadcasting in the UK, it’s still up to the UK government to decide what measures to take, Dr McCormack noted. Asserting that she doesn’t believe May will back down from her initial allegations against Russia, she theorized that “what will happen will be sanctions, some diplomatic expulsions.”

One possible response floated by MPs was a boycott of the World Cup in Russia by the England national football team. While the topic was not raised personally by May, if it turns out to be the case, such a decision will go down in history as, arguably, the most unpopular one ever taken by an incumbent PM, “apart from Brexit delay,” Jon Gaunt said.

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