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Major escalation: Polish farmers block Germany’s vital A2 Autobahn As EU Agricultural Rebellion Spreads

 26 February 2024 source: PAP (Polish Press Agency, English Language channel)

Polish Farmers protests, which up to now had only affected border crossings with Ukraine and Czechia, (formerly knows as The Czech Republic) have now spread to affect traffic at German border crossings.

An aerial photo made with a drone shows Polish farmers protesting near the Polish-German border in Swiecko, western Poland, Feb. 25, 2024. (EPA-EFE/Lech Muszynski POLAND OUT)

In line with their German, French, Belgian, Dutch and Spanish counterparts, farmers in Poland are staging a 24-hour blockade of the A2 Autobahn at the Świecko border crossing into Germany. Although the protest may be a short term measure aimed at focusing the attention of the newly instaled Tusk regime for the moment, any longer protest interfering with cross border traffic between Poland and Germany is potentially a major economic risk for both.

The blockade, which began at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 25, and was due to end at 1.00 p.m. today,is a major escalation of the ongoing campaign of civil disobedience by Polish farmers aimed at the EU’s Green Deal and net zero policies and the lifting of tariffs on the importation of agricultural goods from Ukraine.

Initially, the protest was planned to last nearly a month, but after negotiations, the organizers agreed to a one-day action. Approximately 1,500 individuals and hundreds of agricultural machines blocked traffic on this interstate transport artery, which links major cities in Poland, such as Warsaw, all the way to Berlin in Germany and beyond.


The decision to shorten the blockade came after appeals from various stakeholders, including the Employers Association Transport and Logistics Poland, which highlighted the potential risks to the national economy and the livelihoods of other Polish entrepreneurs.

Polish police advised motorists to plan alternative routes. Heavy vehicles were redirected to the S3 expressway in the direction of Zielona Góra to cross the border at Gubinek, while passenger vehicles on the A2 heading to Germany used the Rzepin junction. However, the busy Świecko junction was closed, with traffic diverted to other roads.

German farmers were also reported to be planning a blockade on the bridge at the Słubice border crossing, further complicating the situation. 


Protesters from many EU member states join Polish farmers on Ukraine border

German, Belgian, Dutch, and French farmers have travelled across Europe (some on their tractors) to support the Polish farmers blockade of border crossings with Ukraine

Polish farmers block the road during a protest at the Polish-Ukrainian border in Dorohusk, southeastern Poland. (EPA-EFE/Wojtek Jargilo POLAND OUT)

In spite of having lost money and production while protesting against their own governments globalist and loonytoon environmental policies, farmers from across the European Union are travelling to join their Polish counterparts in staging a total blockade of the Ukrainian border in protest against cheap imports from the war-torn country.

Poland was until recently the strongest supporter of Ukraine in its war with Russia, but the policy of the EU Commission and the newly installed Tusk government's allowing Ukraine's bankrupt government to dump agricultural produce in European markets as prices with which EU farmers cannot compete is depriving EU agricultural workers and businessmen of their living.

The mass action in Poland is planned to conclude with a tractor march on Warsaw next week, but as we have witnessed elsewhere, when governments have failed to honour pledges made to defuse tensions with the food producers, civil unrest can quickly flare up again. 

The current demonstrations are reportedly testing Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s steadfast support for Kyiv, although we doubt this as Tusk, a fanatical Eurofederalist, has shown in his first months in office he does not give a tuppeny fart about the welfare of Polish people.

The farmers’ protests now under way in Poland follow a two-month blockade by Polish truckers at major crossings points on the border with Ukraine, as they attempt to address local issues by disrupting imports and exports to and from Ukraine. However, the demonstrations are also the result of anger over economic, regulatory, and the EU’s green policies which though the lesser concern in Poland are the main complaints of farmers in other EU nations.

Farmers across the bloc argue that the costs of energy, fertilizer, and transport have risen, particularly in light of Russia’s war in Ukraine while their governments, in throwing money in the form of cash donations and deliveries of weapons, ammunition, and humanitarian aid at the Ukrainian side are impoverishing the people they are elected to serve.

On Feb. 18, truck traffic at the Dorohusk-Yahodyn border checkpoint was completely blocked by agricultural vehicles. According to the State Customs Service of Ukraine, the Polish farmers who have been blocking the checkpoint since Feb. 9 have been joined by farmers from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France.




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