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Europe Rejects Obama Doctrine - US Exceptionalism Is Not Acceptable

Has Obama's narcissism killed america's international credibility? (Image source)

The American foreign policy doctrine of US exceptionalism is no longer acceptable and there must in future be equality in global politics, said Hans-Christof Von Sponeck, a former UN assistant Secretary-General, according to RT.

Over the second half of the last century, United States Presidents and diplomats promoted the idea that the USA could not be held top the same standards as other nations because protected Europe, but in turn Washington was allowed to behave as if it was above international law. Although the threat posed by Soviet Russia was always mythical, these days, Europe doesn't need protection from the United States (which anyway is more focused on protecting the rights of perverts who want to put on dresses and go into womens' toilets to molest little girls.) There now has to be equality between the two parties, Von Sponeck said.

"We [Europeans] no longer want to support anyone's right to be an exception and their one-sided approach, which Washington is known for. We won't tolerate it," Von Sponeck said, as cited by RT.

The US government keeps saying it needs a strong, prosperous and united Europe, but when it comes to acting on its words, Washington does the opposite, Von Sponeck said.

During his visit to Germany, US President Barack Obama said the US government won't turn its back on its European allies. But Von Sponeck is critical of Obama's eloquent choice of words, saying that underneath all these words the truth is that Washington could care less about the problems Europe's currently facing.

"One can always show great public speaking skills and get off the stage, while others will have to work accepting refugees. This is what the United States does," the ex-UN top official said, RT reported.

Von Sponeck added that all this trouble with the refugees was caused by ill-conceived foreign policy and military intervention in Libya done by the United States, Britain and France and the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.


Obama-Duterte Blow Up: What the Corporate Media Doesn’t Get
The recent bad blood between US President Barack Obama and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is based on hostilities far more profoundthan could be caused by a simple clash of personalities.

Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them?
The anti - establishment, anti - globalisation mood that manifested itself in the Brexit vote is sweeping across Europe, the cosy government - corporate cartel is desperately trying to control the narrative, but against the combined strength of millions of new media commentators all challenging the official; narrative, the dark forces of globalism are on the back foot.

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FBI Drops Hints They Are Ready to INDICT Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton: her tendency to gloat does not raise her ratings in the popularity stakes (image source: Nina Illingworth)

As we have been chronicling the downfall of 'Crooked Hillary' as Donald Trump has taken to calling her, after this blog was first to use that sobriquet to the best of our knowledge, we wanted to be among the first to bring you this story. (we've called Mrs Clinon a few other things as well, not because we believe we, as British bloggers, have a role to play in US politics (unlike your president who seems to think HE has a role to play in the politics of Britain and every other sovereign state in the world), but because we do not believe that with international relations poised to delicately on the brink of global war right now, the world could not survive even one year of Killary's self interested, egomaniacal, war hungry incompetence.

As we have reported previously, the FBI has been on Mrs Clinton's case for around a year now over the way she blatantly flouted the law while serving as Secretary of State in the Obama Administration. Now, just as she looks to have beaten off (with the aid of some very dubious tactics it has to be said,) the challenge of Bernie Sanders to be assured of the Democratic Party nomination, it looks as if her biggest opponent will not Donald Trump but the FBI.

The latest news on the FBI criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s 'alleged' use of a private email server is that while The Feds have been quiet for a while the assumptions of Killary fans that the Obama Administration had protected 'the anointed one' from the consequences of her criminal negligence was misplaced. FBI sources informed Fox News’ Catherine Herridge (video embedded below) that Hillary Clinton is about to be in serious trouble.

Representative. Mike Pompeo, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News:
"I can assure you the intelligence committee is working on determining the scope of any breaches that may have resulted from the improper handling of classified information, and the damage assessments that go with them. I think we all understand that we had classified information in channels that weren’t secure on Secretary Clinton’s homebrew server and that risk was associated with that."

Then, Herridge explains that her sources say the FBI investigation has reached the stage that "federal regulations require damage assessments after classified information is outside secure government channels, such as a personal server." In other words, the Feds are assessing how serious the breaches were. As our previous reports have suggested, when the issue was first raised Mrs Clinton was dismissive of suggestions that she might have broken the law. Well, she's been getting away with breaking the law so long she probably thought it did not apply to rich, powerful people.

If Pompeo and Herridge's 'souces' are correct, then the FBI is currently determining determining the extent to which classified information was mishandled… We have used 'allegedly' because charges have not been laid yet, but clearly security was breached, as leaked the documents from the private server included more than 22 emails that were marked "top secret and above." Hillary claims she did not know 'top secret or above' means 'only to be seen by people with the highest security clearance'. For a crime to have been committed it is not necessary to prove unauthorised people did see the classified information, only that they could have seen it.

In any even the fact that the server was hacked and the email data obtained by unauthorised personnel it pretty irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing. And as a qualified lawyer, Hillary Clinton of all people should know ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Once that current stage of the investigation is complete, the FBI will have no other choice but to go after Hillary Clinton.

This is a political earthquake that could change the entire 2016 presidential campaign, as the video below will confirm.


What Did Donald Trump Say To Earn a Liberal Lynch Mob On His Case

American ‘progressive liberals’ are getting their knickers in a right old twist about alleged ‘racist’ remarks made by the presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump who said something unforgivable about a Hispanic US federal judge. So what exactly was it he said about this bean – bandit judge that led intellectuals and academics to call for his murder?

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We Don't Need Your Opinion Sidi Obama, Our Real Freinds The Aussies Will stand By Us

After Obama's attempt to bully the UK into voting to remain in the EU last week, and the petulant threats the cocksucking little sissy made when Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Kate Hoey and others told him where to go, at last we hear the voice of reason.

If you love Britain and his glorious history, if you cherish our freedom and national sovereignty, our traditions and culture (from Falstaff to football), repost the transcript below everywhere you can and let the masses know who our real friends are. Mainstream media coverage of Obama's visit was nauseatingly sycophantic even though Obama has stabbed this country in the back at every opportunity. He only wants this country to be ruled by the Euronazi's of Brussels because our continued membership would serve the economic interests of the USA well.

You will not hear a word of criticism from The BBC, Sky News, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph or even The Daily Mail. They have all thrown in their lot with the corporate conspiracy that is pushing for a GLOBAL government. Only one national daily newspaper, The Express and new media are standing alongside Britain, its people and our real friends in the world.

Listen to this speech to the Australian Senate in Canberra from Senator James Paterson and then study the transcript below and learn why the UK will in both the short and long term, be better off outside the European Union.

THEY have OBAMA, WE Have AUSTRALIA (WATCH AND SHARE source Daily Express)

Aussie politician makes passionate case for Britain to quit ‘disintegrating’ EU

AN AUSTRALIAN politician has made a passionate case for Britain to quit the EU - as he claimed asking the UK to remain tied to Brussels is “too great a request to ask of our friends”.

Senator James Paterson yesterday told the country’s upper house Britain leaving the EU on June 23 would make it “more prosperous, free and secure”.

In a speech to lawmakers in Canberra’s Parliament House, the 28-year-old said there is a “very real cost” to Australia of the UK’s continued membership of the Brussels-based bloc.

Mr Paterson, who represents the state of Victoria, savaged the EU as “bloated, undemocratic and hostile to the freedoms that made Britain great”.

He said: “The UK has lost control of their borders and their law. They have no power to control the intake of migrants from within the EU.

“More than half of the laws and regulations passed each year that govern the lives of UK citizens originate not in their own parliament but in a foreign capital enacted by people who they have no say in electing.”

As well as blasting “failed and immoral” Brussels projects such as the Common Agricultural Policy, Mr Paterson took aim at those in his own country calling for Britain to remain in the EU for making a “very bad argument”.

He said: “There are some who argue the EU would be worse off without Britain's much-needed sensible and responsible voice in major policy debates.

“They argue that Australia and the world indirectly benefit from this by preventing the EU from making worse decisions.”

Mr Paterson said this argument “has long since ceased to be the case” because the EU “continues to show no signs of willingness to enact sensible reform”, which had been demonstrated by David Cameron’s “failed renegotiation” of Britain’s EU membership.

He added: “We are asking our friends and allies in the UK to bear a very, very high price for an uncertain benefit for us.

“To ask them to shackle themselves to the EU which lurches from crisis to crisis, which is clearly on the way down and hurtling towards possible disintegration is too great a request to ask of our friends.”

Mr Paterson also said if Britain were to leave the EU it would allow Australia and other Commonwealth countries to strike free trade deals and even free movement of people arrangements, which the UK is currently banned from doing by Brussels.

He said if the UK voted for Brexit on June 23, the country’s “friends around the world - including in Australia - would welcome you back into the international community outside the EU and you would have a strong, prosperous and stable relationship with us if you chose to do so”.

He also told his fellow senators “the best thing for Europe would be for the UK to leave the EU and to demonstrate how successful, prosperous, free and secure they could be outside the EU”.

British eurosceptics hailed Mr Paterson’s passionate case for Brexit, with Tory MEP Daniel Hannan praising his “great speech”.

Earlier this year former Australian prime minister John Howard revealed his support for Brexit as a means for the UK to quit the “fundamentally flawed” European project.

But the country’s current foreign minister Julie Bishop said the Australian government wanted Britain to remain tied to Brussels as "a strong UK as part of the EU would be in Australia's interests".


Published 20/4/16


Obama-Duterte Blow Up: What the Corporate Media Doesn’t Get
The recent bad blood between US President Barack Obama and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is based on hostilities far more profoundthan could be caused by a simple clash of personalities.

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