Sunday, June 12, 2022

News Summary - 12 June 2022

 Islamists Use 'Woke' Cancel Culture Tactics To Cencor Lady Of Heaven Film

‘The Lady of Heaven’ is currently being pulled from cinema chains because it is considered ‘blasphemous’ by certain Muslims. They have a perfect right to protest, of course: this is a free country. But once again we see the assertion of a right not to be offended, which does not exist in law (despite the belief of one or two police forces). The fact that the film was written, produced and directed by certain other Muslims is neither here nor there: the mobs outside the cinemas are demanding meetings with cinema managers, and those managers are complying with the ‘robust’ mob demands to stop screening the film because it is ‘blasphemous’, and there is no discussion or debate to be had on the matter.

And without any discussion or debate to be had on the matter, the cinema chains are left with a single inference: stop screening ‘The Lady of Heaven’, or else…

And so they have pulled it, to “ensure the safety” of their staff.

‘The Lady of Heaven’ is Islam’s ‘Life of Brian’ moment'

‘The Lady of Heaven’ is not a secularist or profane assault on things that Islam holds sacred: it is a Shi’a perspective on Fatima, the daughter of Mohammed and Khadijah. “Fatimah has been compared to Mary, mother of Jesus, especially in Shia Islam. Muhammad is said to have regarded her as the outstanding woman of all time and the dearest person to him. Fatimah is often viewed as an ultimate archetype for Muslim women and an example of compassion, generosity, and enduring suffering.”

And rather like the way Mary is variously understood among Christian traditions, there are differences within the strands of Islam of how the ‘legend’ of Fatima is or should be understood. ...Continue reading >>>

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New smoking laws would mark the end of our liberty

by Matthew Leish, Daily Telegraph 12 June 2022

This week a new review into government tobacco policy made a number of extraordinary proposals – most controversially to ban tobacco sales to individuals born after a certain year. It would be the understatement of the decade to describe these suggestions as “bonkers”.

They would infantilise future generations as never before, treating every person born after an arbitrary date as if they were a child forever. You could be sent to war, have sex, drink alcohol, get married - but not smoke a cigarette. It might lead to a cosmically absurd situation in which one day a 50-year-old would be forced to ask their 51-year-old mate to purchase a cig on their behalf. Overnight, the ban would create a gigantic illegal market, stripping the Treasury of revenue and handing it straight to criminal gangs.

The review, led by Dr Javed Khan, contains a number of other recommendations “to make England smoke-free by 2030”, from further increases to the UK’s already vast array of regressive sin taxes, to banning smoking in beer gardens, on beaches and in new council estates. So much for supporting the UK pub industry, or even defending the concept of privacy in your own home.

Khan’s nanny statist ideas may only directly impact smokers. But the ideological underpinnings should terrify us all. Historically, the anti-smoking lobby justified interventions to inform and protect the public, especially children - through measures like health warnings, indoor bans to limit second-hand exposure, ending advertising and imposing high tobacco duty to pay for the smoking-associated healthcare costs (though tobacco revenues now far outstrip any cost to the NHS). They have traditionally poo-pooed ‘slippery slope’ arguments which assert that their underlying goal is to ban smoking outright.   ... Continue reading >>>

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European Auto Industry Decries EU Ban On Petrol Cars

via Zero Hedge

Authored by Charles Kennedy via,

The German auto industry is protesting a decision by EU parliament to ban the sale of cars that run on petrol and diesel by 2035, describing it as detrimental to the market and consumers. 

Earlier this week, in Strasbourg, the European Parliament voted to support a ban on the sale of new combustion engine cars beginning in 2035 in line with the bloc’s goal of achieving climate neutrality in 2050. 

The EU Assembly vote comes as the bloc desperately attempts to cut its independence on oil and gas products from Russia. 

In a statement, the German auto industry said the EU Parliament’s decision was “against citizens, against the market, against innovation and against modern technologies”m Euractiv reported... Continue reading >>>

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Just like the Orwellian Ministry of Truth, Big Tech is seizing control over HISTORY and rewriting it

by Ethan Huff, News Target, 12 June 2022

Picture: News Target


A writer and political activist by the name of Danny Haiphong was suspended from Twitter for questioning the official story about the Tiananmen Square massacre incident of 1989.

It is apparently now an offense to speculate that perhaps the mainstream narrative about historical events such as this might be inaccurate, which Haiphong learned the hard way when he was told by Twitter that he had violated the platform’s “rules against abuse and harassment.”

About a year ago in conjunction with the Biden regime’s ongoing censorship efforts, Twitter quietly put new rules in place that prohibit “content that denies that mass murder or other mass casualty events took place, where we can verify that the event occurred, and when the content is shared with abusive intent.”

In a statement, Twitter added that the rule applies to references that insinuate a historical event was a “hoax,” or that its victims or survivors might be “fake or ‘actors,'” the statement said.

“It includes, but is not limited to, events like the Holocaust, school shootings, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters.”  ...  Continue reading >>>