Saturday, December 12, 2015

Dishonesty Of Mainstream Media Revealed

Combover champ Donald Trump shows why he refuses to campaign in The Windy City (Image source)

 Since Donald Trump, frontrunner in the race to be nominated Rebpublican candidate in the 2016 US Presidental election made some unpolitically-correct comments about stropping followers of Islam entering the USA until a way can be found of identifying the ones who have been radicalised and trained to perpetrate acts of terrorism in the USA, they media have been getting their knickers in a right old twist.

While Trump's polling figures surged mainstream media, carried pushing the idiotic message that only a lunatic fringe of right wing extremists agreed with Trump and everybody else loves foreigners, especially those who intend to kill non - Muslims. Even here in Britain the story most widely promoted was that a comfortable majority of American's not only disagreed with the world combover champion but deplored what he said.

Now however the truth is starting to emerge. The poll by You Gov (not a polling organisation noted for its right wing sympathies as it is run by a supporter of the UK's Labour Party) that spawned the fifty eight per cent story actually showed that fifty eight per cent of Americans agree with Trump and a significant number did not have an opinion.

Quite a majority then are not the Islam loving liberals they lying media have said the majority of Americans are.

Another reason then to turn to alternative media to find out what is really going on. You just can't believe anything politicians say or that you hear on TV and Radio or  read in newspapers.

As YouGov reports, a majority of Americans say that they view Islam unfavorably, and even Democrats are almost twice as likely to view Islam negatively than positively.

"One week ago the United States saw the deadliest terrorist attack it has seen since 9/11, after 14 people were killed in San Bernadino by Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik. In the wake of the attack Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took his most aggressively anti-Muslim stance so far by calling for Muslims to be barred from entry into the United States. Though the United States has millions of Muslims, anti-Muslim sentiment has become increasingly common in public discourse.

YouGov/HuffPost's latest research shows that most Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Islam. 58% of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Islam, and just over a third (35%) say that they have a 'very unfavorable' opinion of the religion. Only 17% of Americans view it positively. Democrats (27%) are the most likely to have a favorable opinion of Islam, but even they tend to say that they view Islam negatively. Among independents (58%) and Republicans (75%) most people have a negative view of Islam."

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge suggests Trump's remarks which caused so much consternation in the media and the political estabishment  were part of a cunning plan (Donald Trump as Blackadder? Maybe not.): to get elected president, he will become the only  to talk about the elephant in the room: that Islamic terrorism comes from Islam immigrants.  

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And Now For Something Completely Different

Blogging here for the past couple of months has been pretty bleak as events in Syria, Turkey andthe middle east have dominated the news. But the season to be jolly is almost upon us and it's time we all had a laugh, well all of us except the guy in this story:

Alligator Eats Florida Burglary Suspect Hiding From Cops

Never smile at a Crocodile (the picture is fake I'm assured) (Source)

Down in Florida, ABC 13 news reports, police have concluded that a man suspected of burglary and on the run from officers escaped justice in a rather novel way.

Matthew Riggins, 22, alleged to have been responsible for a string of burglaries in Brevard County in November 2015 was spotted with a likely accomplice by police officers on the morning of 13 November, but the crooks escaped on foot and hid in a swamp. Officers who set off in pursuit failed to find them

Police searching the area later reported hearing yelling but were unable to determine the source as night had fallen. Ten days later, human remain, identified by DNA tests as having once been attached to Riggins were found floating in Barefoot Bay lake.

Divers sent to recover the remains encountered an 11-foot alligator which had shreds of human flesh (later proved to be a DNA match with the bits of Riggins the 'gator had not swallowed) behaved aggressively towards them (or perhaps mistook them for the next meal). Florida authorities called sent an Alligator to capture the creature. Official reports say it was shot. Sources with the state police department say it was recruited and given the rank 'Termigator'.

A coroners report concluded Riggins was attacked by the 11-foot gator while hiding from authorities in the 'gator infested lake and recorded a verdict of death by stupidity.


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