Monday, April 18, 2016

Guardian Reports Minimum Wage Reduces Earnings – Is The Left Seeing Sense.

Even the bright young things are finding that when a left wing government introduces a minimum wage, it quickly becomes the standard wage (Image source)

It has long been known (since the chaos that followed the failure of the Speenhamland Poor Relief System in the late eighteenth century, that attempt to help 'the poor' by imposing a minimum wage will not only fail but will end up lowering wages and causing low earners even greater hardship.

Only lefties and socialists denied this because not matter how many times we cite the economic hardship and widespread suffering that resulted from socialist policies in nations like Stalinist Russia, Maoist China, Nazi Germany, Pol Pot's Cambodia and Tony Blair's Britain to name but a few, the lefties respond that those countries did not implement 'real socialism', but when challenged they are not capable of defining what is meant by 'real socialism'. Instead they usually say things like 'equality and diversity', 'mass immigration and multiculturalism' or 'all join hands and sing Kumbaya.'

But even the left are waking up to the realities of economics and human nature it seems, as this report in the UK's most left wing newspaper, The Guardian, illustrates:

Employers claw back living wage in cuts to perks, hours and pay

From fish factories in Grimsby to coffee shops in central London and even Waitrose supermarkets, workers across the country are seeing perks and pay rates cut as companies try to offset the cost of George Osborne’s national living wage.

On Monday, just over two weeks after the new minimum pay rate of £7.20 an hour for over-25s came into force, MPs will debate the effect the 50p rise in basic pay has had on thousands of workers.

In the past few weeks the Observer has learned of companies withdrawing overtime and Sunday pay, bonuses, free food and paid breaks in order to keep the wage bill down.

Siobhain McDonagh MP, who called the backbenchers’ debate, said: “When the chancellor announced the national living wage, he said: ‘Britain deserves a pay rise and it’s getting one.’ I took him at his word on that. People should get a pay rise, not a pay cut.”

The left admitting that one of their sacred cows does not work, in fact it achieves the opposite of what it is intended to do is a major step towards restoring sanity to the political systems of developed nations. It has taken a long time, I have been saying this very thing in blogs and online publications for ten years.

Shakespeare made this comment on the folly of trying to impose equality on things that are simply not the same:

Are we not brothers?
So man and man should be;
But clay and clay differs in dignity, Whose dust is both alike.”

(Cymbeline, act 4, sc. 1)

And the wise old bubble-and-squeak Aristotle (who was a bugger for the bottle we're told ), over two thousand years ago, advised us; "The greatest inequalities arise from trying to make unequal things equal."

Continue lefties, let self - righteousness
wreak havoc where you try to spread justice
but with misguided zeal only succeed
in bringing low that which you tried to raise.

(and that's a Shropshire Lad's tribute to a Warwickshire Lad)

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