Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton To Go Invisible For Next Five Days:

by Arthur Foxake

Hillary Clinton is escorted from the 9/11 event in New York by aised ans security men after the fainting episode. (source:

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The story is all over the web so there's no point in repeating it in full. We cannot let it pass without a mention however taken a dive as recently our traffic has taken a dive and our web expert has found we are getting little traffic from Google and appear to be victims of the Search Engine Operator's policy of blocking access to posts critical of Hillary Clinton and her campaign to become President of the USA.

Google aren't as smart as they think, people may not be looking at our stuff here but this blog is tiny compared to our main site. So Ian uses a way of displaying the content on a site viewed by thousands of people a day, while having it indexed as belonging to this Boggart Abroad site which was getting about 5 to 8 hundred but is now only getting around a hundred. Now read about the latest crazy conspiracy theory, the one about Hillary's failing health, that is turning out to be true.

Hillary Clinton To Withdraw From Public For Next Five Days: 

from DC Whispers:
Late yesterday, D.C. Whispers indicated Hillary Clinton’s intention to withdraw from public view for the next five days – a report that has been subsequently confirmed via other media outlets.

Now this video from Mrs. Clinton’s last public appearance yesterday is circulating among alternative media and various readers that shows a very fatigued Hillary Clinton who has to abruptly cut off her statements after standing on stage for about six minutes and then shuffle slowly away, coughing, and appearing to gasp for breath right before getting herself out of sight of the cameras
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