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Forget The Transition To Renewables - The Elites Are Gaslighting Whole World



Gaslighting, a term which originates from a 1940s Hollywood psychological drama, is a process, whether intentional or not, of constantly drip-feeding false information to another person or group of people, effectively causing them to doubt their own perception of the world about them. If done intentionally in order to cause the target of the psychological abuse to doubt their [correct] perception it is what governments have recently taken to describing as “nudging”, i.e. gradually pushing or steering the subject towards acceptance of a certain belief or opinion which is contradictory to that person's experience or observation based conclusion.

 At a more crude level, gaslighting, nudging or whatever other euphemistic terms are applied, is simply “lying” in order to deceive the target into pursuing a particular sequence of decisions beneficial to the gaslighter but detrimental to the themselves. And it is a favourite tactic of the billionaire psychopaths who now front the globalist movement. These <a href="">globalists hate freedom</a> and will present the pandemic, climate change, Russian / Cinese / Islamic expansionism, economic meltdown, anything at all to keep the population in a state of fear by presenting it as an existential threat.

If done unintentionally it likely to be part of the behaviour pattern of somebody with a personality disorder, especially Borderline Personality Disorder, in which the other person in the relationship tends to lose contact with reality and can develop strange behaviour in order, initially, to maintain the relationship until something snaps. It then becomes difficult to attribute “intent”.  

The term Gaslighting crops up frequently in news media and is apparent in many forms as part of day to day life. The most blatant and long running example of gaslighting, the Climate Catastrophe scare probably began about 45 years ago but really came to the fore in public perception around the turn of the century when we all being told, loudly and often, “look, the Earth’s temperature is going up at an unprecedented rate”. 

This was untrue. Most of the scaremongering was based on a graph, The Hockery Stick graph, created by 'Professor' Michael Mann, who had he been younger and submitted it as a high school homework project, would have scored a very low mark for committing the juvenile errror of exaggerating the scale on the vertical axis to produce a dramatic image. In Mann's case it was not an error, he knew exactly what he was doing by misrepresenting a very slight and temporary increase in global mean temperature so that it looked as if something really big is happening.

Thus the climate change scare and all its spin offs are based on the deliberate distortion of a graph of a graph, dodgy downward “adjustments” of historical temperatures,  erasure of the several centuries long 'Medieval Warm Period,'  an almost evangelical campaign of scaremongering in mainstream media, warning that the coming Warmageddon would certainly wipe out most of the life forms on earth should we not abandon the use of 'fossil fuels, fo, Mann and his cronies suggested unscientifically, the imaginary heatwave was caused entirely by Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions from human activities which involved the burning of coal, oil and gas.

Sensing the prospect of an unending inflow of taxpaters money in the form of research grants, the climatology community rapidly closed ranks around Mann's flawed mathematical models, and took on many aspects of a religious cult. And there has surely never been any greater example of mass gasslighting than religion.

Within the climate catastrophe cult dissent became heresy and those who questioned the CO2 narrative were banished and excommunicated. 

The process is alive and kicking in UK schools to this day, “Climate Change” (i.e. Global Warming rebranded) is included as part of the curriculum  in many different subjects.

Another example has been COVID-19, the hoax pandemic on which we have written many thousands of words already. The process again began with a propaganda campaign, spreading fear and panic by vastly exaggerating the risk to the whole population of a disease that post little risk other than to the old and frail and the chronically sick or people with compromised immune systems.

Lockdown propaganda had a similar elements, but I wouldn’t call it gaslighting because, rather than being drip-fed falsehoods over twenty years, we were bullied or deceived into submission over twenty days. That said, the occasional medical person I come into contact with still talk as though Covid 19 is an existential threat and that masks and vaccines are safe and effective. Even though it is now known that Lockdowns did more harm than good, the vaccines were totally ineffective as either a prophylactic or a therapy, and masks accelerated rather than slowing, the spread of the disease, the nudging continues.

An important element for the success of gaslighting is that the target should have strong emotional motivation to keep the relationship working, be it within a family or between a loyal citizen and the state and governments along with their whores in business, academic communities, the media and the medical professions have such an incentive. Governments can only rule with the consent of the people. Having lost our trust they understand that they must now keep enough of us in a state of fear to stave off the withdrawal of consent.


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recent research  by Samantha Hallam et al published in the journal Climate Dynamics looks at the seasonal variations over decades in Northern Hemisphere jet stream latitude and speed over land for the period 1871–2011. The authors report that they found no evidence of weakening of the sort climate alarmists have been warning about for the past three decades.

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Net Zero Is A Dangerous Fantasy, But Scientists Believe In Fairies It Seems
With oil and gas prices rocketing and the highly propted sustainable energy sources performing way befow expectations the energy crisis currently gripping Europe (with worse to come as food shortages start to bite, polticians still seem more intent on pandering to the green lobby and chasing the dream of a fossil fuel free world rather securing the energy and food supplies needed by the people they serve.

New UN Report on Climate Change – Nothing New, Nothing True
The latest United Nations (“UN”) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (“IPCC”) report, published this week, once again, in scaremongering tone and the language of the panic stricken, claims that the planet is in peril (we are facing climate disaster, the clock is at one minute to midnight, we must take urgent action to destroy civilisation if we are to save the planet, the usual over - dramatised guff designed to spread fear and panic,) basically the same claim as they have been making at least twice a month for the past 20 years.

We need energy security – not Net Zero
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted a major rethink in the West. We have suddenly found ourselves vulnerable not just to rising prices in oil and gas, but also to inflation in other commodities – such as food and fertiliser. Of all these problems, the security of our energy supply has most exercised minds.

Governments' obsession with climate pseudoscience over economically and social viable solutions is leading to disaster
The government's current obsession with pursuing the target of net zero carbon emissions in order to claim the UK leads the world in green wankery is more to do with virtue signalling that governing, but with the complicity of mainstream media, particularly The BBC, climate scaremongering is providing a convenient diversion from this governments abject failure to address and of the very real economic and social problems facing us.

Globalist Elites Now Pushing For Lockdowns Save You From Climate Change

Elite globalists are now proposing that lockdowns be imposed to protect us punters from climate change. Did we ask for this? Did we vote for this?

We need a referendum on net zero to save Britain from the green blob

from The Daily Telegraph
As with membership of the EU, the political elite is imposing a revolution on the public without consent. Does the blob never learn? Voters don’t like being treated like naughty children

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It may be driven by virtue signalling or self hatred but the urge to destroy civilisation in order to save the planet and the ideological agenda that drive the gree movement are too far removed from the realities of life to ever achieve their aims.

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A Study on Covid Vaccine Autopsies Published By The Lancet (but quickly withdrawn,) Finds 74% Were Caused by Vaccines
A review of 325 autopsies conducted on deceased persons whose deaths occurred shortly after after Covid vaccination found that 74% of the deaths were caused by the vaccine. However, for reasons undisclosed, (probably by order of the Deep State,) the leading medical journal removed the study within 24 hours of its being released.

Heart related Deaths Have Spiked By More Than 500 A Week Since The Pandemic And Nobodys Dares Say Why
Heart related deaths in the UK have spiked by more than 500 a week, a major research project has revealed. 'Experts' are blaming the sudden increase on “extreme disruption” to the NHS caused by the pandemic. So its nothing to do with all the blood clots and inflammation of heart tissue cases that have been linked to certain aspects of the response to pandemic then? (Sorry to be coy but we've only just got off the shit list and had our first decent month in over three years for page views.

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