Friday, April 21, 2006

An Exclusive on the World's Greatest Celebrity

Queen: Phillip, have you farted?

Phil The Greek: Of course not Lizzie old thing, it was probably one of the Corgis

Everybody loves a celebrity story and there is no bigger celebrity that the Queen of England. Our sister publication Boggart Blog managed to get ace undercover reporter Jenny Greenteeth, the evil water spirit (and world's first celebrity evil spirit) into Windsor Castle disguised as the brackish water in a vase of flowers and she sent back this exclusive recording of the conversation that went on between The Queen and Prince Philip over breakfast.

Foreign admirers of the royal Family might be shocked at some of the language used in by the couple, but hey, when they are off duty they are just ordinary people like the rest of us.

Find it online now at Boggart Blog Inside Windsor Castle


Report Predicts Everyone Will Be a Sexy Millionaire by 2050

History is full of failed predictions from the Oracle at Delphi through Nostradamus, Mother Shipton and just about every twentieth century stargazer and futurologist who ever found an audience.

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