Thursday, September 17, 2015

Assad Says Europe Is Responsible For Refugee Crisis: "If You're Worried About Them, Stop Supporting Terrorists"

As the tide of refugees fleeing Syria’s bloody civil war, swelled by African economic migrants masquerading as Syrians continues to tear the European Union (EU) apart, and as Brussels struggles to formulate a coherent policy for handling the crisis as member states go their own way with measures to close border crossing points, divert migrants to other member nations, or plunge into civil unrest while airhead leaders make politically correct noises about letting millions come, public opinion is outraged and there is civil unrest in the streets of their cities. Nobody seems to know however what the EU's unified response should be, or even if a unified response is possible, new media writers have made a concerted effort to ensure the world is aware that it was Western intervention in Syria that created this crisis in the first place.

This makes it all the more tragically ironic that Europe is now set to use the flow of asylum seekers (with the drowned body of a Syrian toddler as the mascot) to justify dropping more bombs on Syria. All this has been done in a doomed effort to destabilize a stable, secular, totalitarian regime the West felt no longer serves US interests does not adhere to the principles of progressive liberaslism (unlike Saudi Arabia of course) and which is much too cosy with the Kremlin, and Gazprom, which Washington feels holds far too much influence over European energy policy thanks to Russia’s huge natural gas reserves. (Washington does not want any nation except the USA to be able to influence E U economic policy.)

Russia now has troops on the ground near Latakia and warplanes in the sky over ISIS held territory and has called on the US led coalition to form a realistic fighting force to defeat ISIS. Washington finds itself in a tough position, show itself to be sympathetic to the ideal of perpetual war or support the regime it sponsored, armed and trained to be its proxy in overthrowing Assad.

People are beginning to wonder why Russia has in two weeks been able to build a forward operating base and prepare to help Assad's troops to drive back ISIS and reclaim the whole of Syria while the US led allies, NATO partners which, if you believe propaganda, leads the global war on terror and the effort to drive Islamic extremism out of Syria, has managed to do next to nothing to check the advance of the rag tag army of fanatics, religious zealots and nutters.

The explanation is that the Obamaland is only interested in deposing Assad, and a Russian-assisted mission to destroy Assad’s opposition doesn’t advance the cause of US Global hegemony and once the Islamists are dealt with, it is hard to see how the Russians could be convinced it was in their interests to step aside and let US 'advisers' orchestrate some pastice of a democratic system that would exclude Assad's supporters. So the conflict will continue and so will the the flow of refugees to Europe.

As thw world is awakening to the scenario described above, Putin is keen to exploit the situation by...well, by telling the truth about the US’s strategy for bringing about regime change. Read what he said yesterday at a summit of former soviet States And to the University Professor who though he was being smart, when a short time ago he informed me that Russian leaders have a poor record with telling the truth, I say (though I know its wasted effort, univerity professors these days all seem to have a PhD in Stupid) that western leaders don't have a good track record on truthfulness either, but both types will tell the truth when it serves their interests.


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