Thursday, January 21, 2010

Human Women To Have Mouse Babies?

Regular readers of our main satirical web page Boggart Blog know how much we love scientists or science tits as we like to call the more - detached-from-reality faction of them. There is seldom a week goes by in which their weird and whacky research projects and the surreal conclusions they draw from the results do not give us any reason to have confidence in them.

Creating life in a test tube, implanting internet enabled chips in human brains so our thoughts can be controlled via the internet and genetically modifying humans to create sub species indestructible in war or able to withstand extremes of heat and cold are among the fantasies that give science tits the kind of dreams that cause them to find they are stuck to the bedsheets on waking.

But the one that really gets them going in the creation of human animal hybrids. Here's a report from the latest such scientific excursion into psychosis.

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