Sunday, March 05, 2017

Epic Message By Denmark Teacher OBLITERATES Bernie Sanders’ Call For “Free Stuff”

Facebook memes usually annoy us and one that particularly annoys the Boggart Bloggers (who are all well travelled in Europe) is the one American liberals like to post about how Denmark, where education, healthcare and many other government provided services (all the things American liberals love, or at least love the idea of) are free, and everyone is happy to pay the astronomically high taxes.

It's bollocks of course. One thing all of us understand from time spent working in Scandinavia or holidays taken there, is that a Scandinavian would consider themselves guilty of unacceptable behaviour if they started to complain about their quality of life to a stranger, even one conducting an official survey. So in order to be polite they emphasise the positives of living in these supposed socialist utopias, and play down the negative side.

But some Scandinavians are starting to push back against this 'always look on the bright side' ethos. And a message posted by a Danish schoolteacher has become a meme of which we wholeheartedly approve:

originally published in The Truth Division

In this meme-ifyed letter, a Danish teacher slams her native country’s horrendous tax-rates and excessive government dependency.
“I am a school teacher in Denmark making about $61,000/year. We also have free education,” she said. You already have a problem. How can you sustain paying teachers high wages when education is free? Moving on.
“You don’t have to pay for the doctor or the hospital, and students even get paid to learn. It all sounds so great, right? However, I forgot to mention that nothing is ever free — the minimum income tax in Denmark is 40 percent,” the teacher said.
She then goes on to mention the astronomical taxes and prices of various other things — like a 25 percent sales tax, 180 percent vehicle tax and the $10 gallon of gas
Danish Teacher letter
(The 'teacher' in the picture BTW is not real but an actress. The content of the message is however accurate - Boggart Blogger)

Gosh, and I complained when gas was $4 a gallon. Whoops.
“Denmark is the highest taxed nation in the world — taxed an average 80 percent on every dollar earned,” she said. “Danes have the highest personal debt in the world. Few will ever own a car or a home.”
Amazing. The government probably thinks you’re better off without the prospect of ever making a life for yourself. That’ll become a reality for Americans if we don’t wake up and shut down the “The Dragon Lady of Benghazi” and the old, self-avowed socialist.
The teacher starts to wrap up with the suicide rates in Denmark — which are strikingly high at an average 20.8 suicides per 100,000 people. The United States suicide rates are almost half that.
“Everyone wants the American dream. In Denmark’s neo-communism economy, no one will ever own or accomplish anything.” the letter concluded.
Every one of us was put on this earth to work, to utilize the talents that were instilled in us by God. This is why socialism is so wretched and evil — the gifts we were given are wasted due to a lasting dependency on a corrupt and abusive government.

Speaking as a Briton, I can say that while liberals and socialists here support Labour, the party of allegedly free stuff, in fact nothing is free, we pay for our healthcare and state pensions through a special tax called National Insurance and while income tax is considerably lower than in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, money is taxed every time it moves and many things the self righteous authoritarians of the political left consider 'luxuries' are through levies and duties put beyond the reach of people on ordinary incomes.
Another ongoing fallacy of the left is that the 'evil conservatives' are privatizing the NHS. The NHS has had private elements since it's inception 70 years ago. All G.Ps (General Practitioners - local doctors) are contracted to the NHS. All dentists the same. All the hospital's have to bring in agency nurses and doctors at great expense to fill gaps.Tony Blair and his 'New Labour' government made huge strides in privatizing the health service, expanding the range of services contracted out to the private sector. They also introduced PPP (Private - Public Partnership and PFI (Private Finance Initiatives) that built and service hospital's and schools so which means that health authorities etc have to pay rental and service fees even when they are no longer needed. This was done to keep them "off the books" and so remain within government borrowing limits.

The NHS is up to its eyeballs in debt and is unsustainable. Politically it is a sacred cow that cannot be put down.


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