Sunday, April 24, 2016

US Threat to Businesses Scares EU Members As Summit On Continued Sanctions Nears

Many of the smaller economies among the twenty eight EU members have been hit hard by the economic sanctions the USA's Obama Administration bullied the EU into imposing on Russia after Putin annexed Crimea to protect its ethnic Russian majority when the neo Nazi regime imposed on Ukraine after the US engineered coup d'etat deposed the democractically elected government. As with most US regime change scams, the exercise was a lot less than 100% successful, though Moscow moved quickly to prevent ethnic cleansing by the government in Kiev, the country split with the Russian dominated Donetsk and Luhansk regions in the east unilaterally declaring independence.

Civil war had raged in Ukraine since then.

While the sanctions are having little effect on Russia, EU states are keen to end anti-Russian sanctions but are aware that even if EU sanctions end the USA will continue to exert its influence on European businesses, as it did in the case of sanctions against Iran, the German business weekley Wirtschafts Woche reported recently.

The EU is due to reassess the sanctions at its next summit in June with many national leaders hoping the result will lead to the EU repairing relations with Russia and distancing itself from the warmongers in Washington. However should the EU end sanctions there is a string possibility that the US will take unilateral action to stop EU businesses from trading with Russia, Wirtschafts Woche reported.

According to a survey of German enterprises conducted by the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce, 60 percent of businesses want an immediate end to sanctions, and 28 percent are in favor of their gradual removal. The newspaper refers to statements by German Chancellor Angela Merkel that anti-Russian sanctions will be lifted only in accordance with the Minsk Agreements on limiting hostilities in Ukraine pending a negotiated settlement of the civil conflict, that were signed by the Trilateral Contact Group, comprising Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE in February 2015 – which Russia has abided by. The Minsk deal was brokerd by Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Francoise Hollande.

On Tuesday (19 April) Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and restated Russia's concern that the Ukrainian government is not implementing the Minsk Agreements.

At a press conference tat followed the meeting, Ayrault called on Kiev to carry out constitutional reforms outlined in the agreement. Due to be implemented by the end of 2015, these would give greater autonomy to the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine. Wirtschafts Woche wrote that even if the German Chancellor listens to EU members such as Hungary, Greece, Italy and Austria and removes sanctions, the EU will still face opposition from the US.

"Even if we dump our EU sanctions, the Americans will enforce their sanctions beyond their own territory," one German banker told the newspaper. He referred to the case of anti-Iran sanctions, when anybody who operated counter to US sanctions faced potential penalties in the US.

"Fearing for their American business, non-US companies followed the orders on Iran," Wirtschafts Woche reported.
"And because Washington will maintain sanctions against Russia, the Americans can indirectly dictate a stricter policy on Russia – irrespective of whether the Europeans want it," the newspaper concluded.


US Threat to Businesses Scares EU Members As Summit On Continued Sanctions Nears

Although the US and EU economic santions on Russia in retaliation for Moscow's annexation of Crimea to prevent a genocide of the ethnic Russian majority by the neo Nazi government installed in Kiev after a US engineered coup deposed the elected government, weaker European nations are spooked at the possibility of US retaliation if they do not obey Washington's diktat

European Parliament President Says ‘Vast Majority Of Europeans Do Not Want Borders’

The Europhile German Social Democratic Party (SPD) politician stated that if the populist, anti-mass migration Norbert Hofer becomes president "this will change Europe’s character". Last month Hofer came top in the first round of the Austrian elections, and in two weeks voters will go to the polls for the second round, to choose between the right wing FPO figure and his Green rival Alexander Van der Bellen as the nation’s next head of state.

US Threat to Businesses Scares EU Members As Summit On Continued Sanctions Nears

USA To Blame For Europe's Migrant Crisis Says Putin
Appearing at the inaugural Moscow-hosted Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, the Russian President has blamed the migrant crisis emanating from the Middle East on America. He also blamed European states for backing US efforts to spread democracy, which he said were responsible for the current exodus of people sweeping across the EU.

OSCE saw no military hardware, weaponry crossing from Russia to Ukraine – mission head
One American attempt to raise worldwide support for military intervention in Ukraine was an allegation that US spy satellites had photographed Russian military convoys heading across the border into territory held by Ukrainian separatist rebels.
When challenged to provide proof the US government showed us some pictures so fuzzy and indistinct

Soros Encourages Obama Administration To Further Interference In Ukraine
While western leaders continue to pose as the guys with white hats in the confrontations with Russia and China, hacker collective CyberBerkut has leaked some hacked documents which show Russia is not behind the escalation of provocation, but the guys in black hats who really run western governments, led by George Soros.

Ukraine President Has Tripled His Wealth While In Office

Ukraine is in a mess, the civil conflict goes on, with sporadic outbreaks of violence. The economy is in tatters, unemployment and inflation are out of control and many Ukrainians cannot afford basics like food and energy.

World War Three? Kiev Reinvades Donbass, Deliberate Provocation Trashed Minsk Agreement
When America wants to provoke Russia it uses proxies, a rabble in Libya, Islamic fundamentalists in Syria and Iraq and neo - Nazi thugs in Ukraine. So far Russia has resisted the urge to kick Obama in the balls, but sooner or later the Russia - China - Iran alliance will respond.

The World Rejects USA Attempt To Manipulate Venezuela

Last week, President Obama signed an executive order declaring a “special state of emergency,” saying that the situation in Venezuela represents an extraordinary danger to U.S. interests and foreign policy.It is all total bollocks of course, for resons that are not entirely clear, Washington has decided that Venezuela will be the next nation to be destabilised in pursuit of the U.S. global hegemony agenda.

Venezuelan Social Movements Take to the Streets to Oppose U.S. Aggression
And now, with the security situation more dangerous that any time in the past fifty years, the peacemaker and joybringer, Barack Hussein Obama, The Obamessiah, is looking to start yet another civil war and plunge another nation into failed statehood. This time, as we reported a few days ago, his target is Venezuela

Warmonger Obama Goes Looking For Another War, In Venezuela This Time
The Obama Administration, which in 2009 provided backing for the coup that overthrew the progressive democratic President of Honduras and put into power a junta of oligarchs; a rerun as it turned out for the bloody coup that replaced the corrupt but democratically elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, ad installed in Kiev a rabidly anti-Russian, equally corrupt, right wing extremist Government ...
Germany Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance On Ukraine
As the US pro war rhetoric pumps up the tensions between Russia, its allies and the west in Ukrain we revisit once more the truth about which world power has been relentlessly pushing for war since 2009. It isn't Russia or China, though they are not likely to back down.

Kiev Breaches Minsk Agreement Within Hours

We all knew the ceasefire agreed by Angela Merkel, Francoise Hollande, Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian Nazi leader Poroschenko would not hold. The people whose country stands to gain most from war, that is of course Barack Obama and John Kerry, President and secretary of State of the USA, the country that wants and needs perpetual war, were trying derail the fragile deal while the four leaders were still negotiating.

Don’t believe American lies about Russia
What we are seeing in western media about the currency and oil price war being waged against Russia by the Obama administration in America is not only a very subjective version of events being presented by Washington spin doctors, it ignores the fact that though the USA and EU may have imposed sanctions on Russia, China, India, Iran, Turkey, all African and south American nations and most of south east Asia are still doing business with Moscow.

The Hard-Core Nazis Who Rule In Kiev Were Put There By EU and USAM

Deja vu: Hungary asserts independence, is threatened by US and EU
In a famous episode of cold war history, when Hungary tried to assert its idependence from Russia, the Soviet Tanks rolled in and crushed the budding democratic movement. Half a century later it is the so-called “democrats” from the West, the USA and EU who have been doing the bullying.

Western Hypocrisy In Reporting News about Ukraine And Russia
The opening paragraph of a CNN report on the latest developments in the crisis in Ukraine illusrate perfectly the hypocrisy of Western media in the way they cast Russia as the danger to world peace and America as bringer of freedom and democracy. In fact in the crisis over the US attempt to draw Ukraine into NATO the positions taken by the USA and Russia's are the opposite of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.
After Yugoslavia NATO changed from a mutual defence alliance to an organisation for military aggression.
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