Tuesday, February 09, 2016

California: The Medical Police State

by Dr. Dickie Hart

Mandatory vaccines, genetic discrimination, violating human rights, that's caring, sharing, freedom loving California for you (Image source)

Mandatory vaccines and genetic discrimination now routinely harming children

Sex Pistols front man Johnny Rotten once said, never trust a fahkin hippy, they're all just capitalists. (I trust you understand the phonetic spelling, just trying to capture the essence of the man). Looking at news coming out of California, birthplace of the hippy movement, I understand exactly what he meant. Take this extract of an article posted on Natural News.

The state’s schools are now being penalized financially for not enforcing mandatory vaccinations; meanwhile children are being expelled for having a genetic predisposition to certain diseases – even when they don’t actually have the diseases in question.

Despite much controversy and outrage over California’s vaccination laws, it seems that now health officials are emboldened to push even more authoritarian measures regarding the ‘health’ of the state’s citizens.

California has some of the strictest mandatory vaccination laws in the country. Natural News founder Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has written extensively about the bullying and poisoning of the populace at the behest of Big Pharma – in California, particularly.

Adams wrote:

“These people — the ‘vaccine pushers’ — ignore real science and use wildly dishonest tactics of fear mongering, social shaming and blatant lying about scientific facts to demonize informed parents and attempt to criminalize those who pose intelligent, scientific questions about vaccine safety.

“In this way, U.S. doctors, vaccine patent holders (such as Paul Offit), legislators and health regulators are marching America right down the path of medical crimes against humanity — the very same thing we once witnessed carried out by scientists operating under the Nazi regime in Germany.”

Read full article at Natural News

So that sums it up, all the 'love and peace, maaaan' or 'live like you wanna live' was bullshit all along, the birthplace of the hippy culture is now a fascist regime which really says 'live like you wanna live, so long as you wanna live like the authorities tell you to.

Or maybe way back in the sixties when they said we should forget selfishness and live for each other, they realy meant we should live for the state and its ruling elite. As long ago as 1870 the Russian anarchist Mickhail Bakunin told Karl Marx a communist government would quickly become more oppressive than Russia's Cazrist monarchy (though not in such succinct terms, brevity is not natural to intellectuals). How right was he?

Unfortunately for fans of Bakunin, the anarchic hippys have proved that an anarchist regime would end up being more authoritarian than fascists.


Lead Developer Of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean, Warns Parents & Young Girls It’s All A Giant Deadly Scam

Dr. Diane Harper was a leading expert responsible for the safety and effectiveness studies of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines, Gardasil™ and Cervarix™. Dr. Harper also authored many scholarly papers about the vaccines. She is now the latest in a long string of experts who are pressing the red alert button on the consequences and irrelevancy of these vaccines.

Human Rights bombshell dropped by Theresa May’s government while the media whined on about Traingate
Thus screeched a headline at The Canary, a hard left news website. The writer, Kerry Anne Mendoza, who has never knowingly written an unbiased word and trades in distortions, half - truths and misdirection, went on to gove the impression that the "evil Conservative gobvernment" is about to strip British citizens of all human and civil rights while 'evil right wing media' obesess over Jeremy Corbyn's newly revealed hypocrisy.

The Origins of HIV - AIDS Exposed?
Want to know the truth about AIDS. Sorry, we can't tell you, but we bring you an article which revives some of the very serious doubts about the official narrative on the origins of the HIV virus that leads to this disease.

Are Mainstream Media being Constrained From Reporting Adverse News On Vaccine Issues?
Controversy rages on around vaccines with the delusional denizens of the Church of Scienceology Cult still insistin vaccines are absolutely safe because incidences of serious harm being done to receipients of vaccines are 'statistically insignificant', Big Pharma Corporations pushing the idea that vaccines can protect us against everything but taxes and medical incompetence and politicians yelling 'vote for me and I'll abolish illness, old age and poverty ...

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Facebook Hamstrung In France; India Outlaws Its Free-Net Service

France's privacy authority has ordered that internet social media monster Facebook must stop collecting French users' information without their consent, and transferring data to the US.

A decision published by the CNIL (French commission for information protection) underlined how Facebook's practice of tracking non-users' Internet activities without their consent failed to comply with EU privacy regulation.

The CNIL also stated that Facebook's collection of data "concerning the sexual orientation, religious views and political opinions" of its users and the subsequent transfer to the US was in violation of the law. It added that the social network's password policy did not ensure maximum security to users.

The decision builds on a landmark EU ruling that last year struck down the Safe Harbor Pact, a transatlantic agreement that allowed American companies operating in Europe to send some information offshore. The verdict is thought to have been heavily influenced by Edward Snowden's revelation about US surveillance activities in Europe.

A new agreement, Privacy Shield, has been negotiated to replace the defunct Safe Harbor, but it is not in force yet and has been dismissed as the EU regulator as 'just words'. EU data protection authorities are still assessing its impact on transatlantic data transfer but Facebook has a track record of signing privacy protection agreements and then simply ignoring them.

Ahead of France's decision, Facebook had declared that it was in compliance with the EU regulation, and that it did not rely on Safe Harbor as the legal basis for moving data offshore.

Now, France's ruling, which sets a precedent other EU nations are likely to follow, will force Facebook to review its policies within three months.


Is it possible to eradicate all diseases?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have dreamed up this great money making scheme. They have announced they will try to eradicate all diseases by the end of the century. It follows down the same path of greed and self interest previously trodden by Bill and Melinda Gates and their Gates Foundation which has been so sucessful in its efforts to eradicate disease and poverty that it now gets $2 from governments and the United Nations for every $1 it spends ...

Shock, Horror! Millennials Safe Space Violated As Facebook Algo Accident Exposes Them To Diverse Ideas
Late last month (August 2016,) the Zuckerbugger's zoons put an algorithm in charge of the Facebook “trending” feature, to select the most popular topics, articles and keywords on the web in a narrow timeframe and with due respect for the 'safe space' of millenials who can be traumatised if they encounter microaggrrrrressions in the form of controversial ideas or unorthodox opinions ...

Google, Facebook, Amazon: algorithms will soon rule our lives so we'd better understand how they work

One of the most interesting announcements in last week's Budget – well, for me at least, as someone who has no savings and doesn’t play bingo or drink much – was the new Alan Turing Institute: £220 million of government support will be invested into "big data and algorithm" research.

Silicon Valley Business Model Threatened As Wireless Carriers Start Blocking Online Ads
It looks like the founding hippy's insane business polan for the internet, get rich by giving stuff away, is finally about to foll apart. Typoically of the Californin dope head culture of Silicon Valley, the tech companies were stealing other peoples' resources to make their ad revenue.
Facebook Privacy Piracy
Facebook's founding megalomaniac
Facebook acting like Nazis
Google surveillance society
Intrnet privacy theft
Technolgy: We created a monster we cannot control

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Opposition From EU Members Sinks Brussels' Refugee Quotas Plan

EU refugee quota plan is crumbling, largely because people seeking entry to EU states are not 'refugees fleeing war in Syria and Iraq, but as our picture clearly shows, illegal immigrants from sub Saharan Africa (Image Source)

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker (aka Jean Claude Drunkard on account of his penchant for drinking brandy at breakfast, lunch and dinner and with his between means snacks) in not happy that his flagship plan to stem Europe’s migration crisis by redistributing refugees, asylum seekers and illegal immigrants around the bloc to make them less visible is falling apart as EU states refuse to share the burden that the Brussels bureaucrats and Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel have inflicted on the European Union through politically correct but logically idiotic policies.

Diplomats, E U officials and aid workers have told Agence Presse France (AFP) that
since the the scheme was forced on EU member states by the bureaucratic dictatorship without consultation last September, the goal of to relocating 160,000 asylum seekers from frontline states Greece and Italy, to other European Union countries have moved at a snail’s pace, taking in just 500 people as nation after nation refused to cooperate.

Having rammed through his pet project for easing a crisis that saw more than one million people flood Europe’s shores last year, former Luxembourg premier Juncker last month vowed “not to give up” on the scheme.

But two EU diplomats, an official from an EU country, a sociologist, and an aid worker working with migrants spoke of growing doubts the plan will succeed in the face of determined opposition from many governments in the 28-nation bloc.


Starting Pistol Fired In Race To Succeed Merkel

While the odds of Merkel being deposed by a putsch in her own party may seem slim, they have been improved vastly by her party’s monumental failure in German state elections on Sunday, with her migration policy as the rationale for huge numbers of voters abandoning the CDU for the anti - integration, anti - immigration AfD party.

Cameron Plays Deal Or No Deal In Europe
David Cameron, who was apparently up all night trying to make other European leaders understand why his country needs a better deal in order to poersuade the prople it is a good idea stay in the EU. Unless Cameron gets what will enable him to sell the idea of surrendering national sovereignty to a Federal European Superstate ruled by a committee of unelected bureaucrats in to the British public he will not campaign for the UK to remain in the bloc
German Government To ‘Create’ 100,000 Subsidised Migrant Jobs That ‘Pay’ Just €1 An Hour

The German government has announced plans to spend nearly € half a billion on creating 100,000 heavily subsidised jobs for unemployed migrants. Or to put it another way, Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel is going to pay migrants with taxpayers money to turn up at recreational centers and watch TV or play pool while pretending to do these make believe jobs.

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Don’t Trust The Turks

As EU leaders meet the Turkish Sultan President Recep Tayyip Erdogan,prepared to offer him whatever he asks for, on top of the five billion Euros he has already trousered in return for Turkey’s empty promises of help in controlling the flow of criminals, rapists, people traffickers and jihadists refugees from all over the middle east, Asia,and Africa Syria ...

Migrants Mass At Greek Border Waiting To Cross Into Europe
An estimated 6,500 undocumented travellers were assembled at the Idomeni camp on Greece’s northern border with Macedonia on Saturday according to news feeds, after four Balkan countries announced a daily cap on migrant arrivals. The log jam began after Macedonia began refusing entry to Afghans and imposed stricter document controls on Syrians and Iraqis, slowing the passage of migrants and refugees to a trickle.

EU HoldsBack New Regulation For Fear Of Strengthening Brexit Case

The unelected leaders of the EU in Brussels are smothering discussion of new pan – European laws that would impact the United Kingdom and all other member states, increasing the amount of money they have to contribute to the EU budget and transferring yet more sovereignty to Brussels ...

Brexit: Britain's future in or out of EU?

Should Britain leave the EU and or remain and surrender even more of our national sovereighty to the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. The campaign to keep us in the EU, led by Prime Minister David Cameron, has become know as Project Fear, the Europhile having only scaremongering argument to back their case. At the moment, due to the immigrant crisis caused by the Shengen Zone open borders area and 'open doors' immigration policy ...

Germans Cheer As Refugee Center Burns
Anti Muslim Feeling Spreads Through All Levels Of German Society
Sharia Law in Germany: Christian activist Heidi Mund charged with “agitation against the people”
Even The Guardian Now Admits Immigration Depresses Wage Levels

A Week Of 'Islamic Multiculturalism' In Sweden - Rapes, Acquittals, & Severed Heads