Thursday, March 26, 2015

Venezuela's President Maduro Accuses USA Of Psychological Warfare

Maduro and Obama - body language says it all

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused forces in the United States, Colombia, and Spain of waging an international “psychological war campaign” against his country, Press TV reports.

Barack Obama is behind a psychological war campaign to justify a coup in Venezuela said Maduro (who is not known for emotional restraint in his speeches) as he presented the results of the CELAC meeting in Costa Rica and elaborated on one of the grandest conspiracy theories yet proposed by his government.

Speaking on national cadena, Maduro claimed that his government is facing a broad national and international campaign with the aim of justifying a possible coup d’état in Venezuela.

“I denounce a campaign in the field of psychological warfare, to justify a coup d’état, against Venezuela, supported by the imperial factors of power of the United States. It is not by chance that the international right has done what it has done in the last weeks,” claimed the president.

"President Obama," said Maduro, "your whole government is conspiring in order to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela. I appeal to you and to your consciousness. You well know that all the agencies of your government are involved [metidos] in a plan to fill Venezuela with violence, in order to justify a coup d’état and to promote, starting from an escalation of violence, an intervention in Venezuela. Do you know this?"

(Why wouldn't Obama know it his government has already imposed regime change in Ukraine, overthrown a government but failed to replace it with anything stable in Libya and utterly failed to depose a tyrant in Syria. And now the American congress are debating plans for regime change in Russia.)

Maduro said the combined effort follows recent “aggression” from the US and aims to generate fear and panic among the Venezuelan people, China’s official state news agency, Xinhua, reported on Wednesday.

"They want to promote rumors to make the people forget about the imperial attacks against our homeland and once again deepen the economic war by stimulating hoarding, shortages and smuggling of basic products," he said.

Earlier this week, reports said former Spanish leader Felipe Gonzalez, a lawyer by training, would represent a number of imprisoned members of the Venezuelan opposition.

This comes soon after US President Barack Obama imposed sanctions on Venezuelan officials for alleged human rights violations.


The American Political System Is "Not A Democracy Or Constitutional Republic" - Thiel
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U.S. versus Russia War: Top Russian Politics Scolar Stephen Cohen Tells The Truth

In Real Life The People Who Wear White Hats Are Not Always The Good Guys

by Ian R Thorpe

america russia war
U.S. versus Russia War: Top Russian Politics Scolar Stephen Cohen Tells The Truth: (image source)

We have been writing about the growing diplomatic crisis between the USA and Russia for some time, since the Obama Administration backed terrorist forces trying to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria in fact. Washington seriously underestimated Assad's ability to resist an onslaught by well armed, well trained guerillas however, while Vladimir Putin thwarted American plans to bomb the Syrian government out of office and that conflict still goes on.

Late in 2013 the focus shifted to Ukraine when riots and what was presented by western propaganda agencies news media as a spontaneous uprising against a corrupt government. By the summer of 2014 Ukraine was being torn apart by civil conflict as the neo Nazi government installed by the USA, NATO and the EU in Kiev waged war on ethnic Russians in east Ukraine. Western propaganda agencies news media turned the outrage dial up to eleven as they tried to persuade citizens that Russia was the villain and it was Putin who wanted war.

Fortunately people who care about the truth now have alternative media to turn to for a balancing view of events, and the overwhelming wave of public opinion in support of war the Washington spin doctors had expected did not materialise.

Since then the US Government, enthusiastically led by its rent - boy President has continued with the provocation. Things are changing however as even government advisers and people mainstream media, concerned at the increased likelihood of war, are starting to talk about what is really going on.

When Stephen F. Cohen an internationally respected scholar of Russia, releases a video in which he acknowledges that "for the first time in my long career (I began in this field in the 1960s), I think the possibility of war with Russia is real,” (1:35 into the video linked below). Cohen unequivocally puts the blame for this deterioration in international relations on the U.S. leadership, describing the current situation as “possibly a fateful turning-point in history.” He also says “it could be the beginning of the end of the so-called trans-Atlantic alliance."

He's certainly correct there, while the British Political establishment remains loyal to the US, France, Germany and other EU nations are distancing themselves from Washington's aggressive posturing.


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