Monday, March 16, 2015

Venezuela's Maduro given executive powers to face U.S. 'imperialism'

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro in defiant mood

We have learned via Reuters news feed that Venezuela’s National Assembly on Sunday (15 March) voted Sunday to grant President Nicholas Maduro powers to rule by decree in defense and security affairs amid an escalating confrontation with the US Government in Washington. The special powers were approved by a show of hands in the assembly after two hours of debate. They will be in effect for six months.

In our previous post and several other recent articles the escalating diplomatic conflict between the Venezuelan governmen that America's Obama administration has been reported and analyzed. We also speculated that Venezuela is corporate puppet Obama's latest target for destabilization. Whether the USA will go as far as it did in Ukraine and Syria by sponsoring, arming and training terrorist groups for the purpose of starting civil conflicts to overthrow established regimes, the legitimately elected, if corrupt, government of Ukraine and the oppressive but secular and stable dictatorship of Bashar Assad in Syria. Both interventions have been spectacular failures and led to bloody civil war that have cost thousands of innocent lives.

Reuters reported that Maduro said in a speech to the National Asembly "I'm going to ask for an anti-imperialist Enabling Law ... to preserve the nation's peace, integrity and sovereignty."

Opposition leaders attacked the President, saying he was using the crisis in relations with Washington to justify sideline parliament, distract attention from Venezuela's grave economic crisis and establish an autocratic regime.

"Nicolas, are you requesting the Enabling Law to make soap, nappies and medicines appear, to lower inflation?" opposition leader Henrique Capriles sneered, "It's another smokescreen."

Confirming Venezuela as Washington's No. 1 adversary in Latin America after a convenient resumations of diplomatic relations with Cuba, the United States, where foreign policy always demands a Bond - villain style adversary, has selected Maduro as their latest blofeld / Goldfinger / Hugo Drax / Scaramanga caricature enemy, qualifying the Venezuelan government a major security threat to the USA.

In terminology that has also been used for measures against nations like Iran and Syria, President Barack Obama's government declared a "national emergency" due to "the unusual and extraordinary threat" from Venezuela.

Despite the recent improvement in relations with Washington, communist Cuba was quick to join Venezuela's mockery of the U.S. language.

"Venezuela a threat to the United States? Thousands of miles away, without strategic arms and without using resources or officials to conspire against the U.S. constitutional order, the declaration is barely credible and reveals the real aims of those behind it," Cuba's government said in a statement.

Despite the diplomatic tensions, the United States is Venezuela's top trading partner and the OPEC member's crude sales even rose in February to 796,000 barrels per day.

In other words, the serially FUBAR foreign policy of the Obama administration has made the USA a laughing stock once more. Unfortunately what usually happens after that is US bombs start dropping on innocent civilians of the nations that refuse to bend the knee for America's President Petulant.


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