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Details Are Emerging About The Orlando Shootings but They Raise More Questions Than They Answer

Are Americans being told the truth about the Orlando shooting?

13 June 2016
Came across this post relating to the Orlando shootings on Intellihub, usually quite a reliable site. Now I could not tel you if there is any substance in the story or not, the job of us new media jurnos is to report what is in the news and in this case the unconfirmed rumours are news and people are entitled to answers. It's called holding those in authority to account.

Multiple suspects on the loose in Orlando; total media blackout of eyewitness accounts?

ORLANDO, Flor. (Shepard Ambellas  INTELLIHUB) According to heavily censored eyewitness reports, totally suppressed from the mainstream, there were likely several other radicalized perpetrators involved with Saturday night’s terror attack, which led deaths of 49 club-goers at Pulse and over 50 others being injured.

One eyewitness to the attack, who was inside the nightclub when it happened, was giving his testimony to the attack, after being trapped inside the club, live on-air, to a mainstream news source when he was abruptly cut off after providing a crucial detail. The eyewitness said that during the attack “there was a guy there that was trying to […] hold the door closed so that we couldn’t exit,” as pointed out by an investigative reporter on YouTube.

 Additionally, there were reports that police could be seen quietly conducting an “active search” for accomplices who may have already exited the nightclub after the attack.

 Another crucial detail that the press is leaving out is that the shooter or shooters were initiating "rapid fire;" which means that the weapons used were likely fully automatic, as depicted by the same eyewitness when he made an animated machine gun-like sound with his mouth for the press to hear.

See full article with pictures, video clips and witness statements not reported by mainstream media

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It's Not Just The British Want Out Of The EU - Eurosceptic PODEMOS in Spain Are Surging Ahead Of Election

With the EU Bureaucrats and Europe's political elites (not to mention the world domination freaks in Washington) in a blind panic over the surge of support for LEAVE in the Brexit campaing, pro EUronazi people in the UK are screeching "Racism", "Xenophobia" and trying to pretend that Britain is the only EU member state dissatisfied with the way the European Union has been run. This is in spite of surges in support across Europe for anti EU parties such as Front National in France, The Sweden Democrats, Alternatif fur Deutschland, the Danish People's Party and the Freedom Party in The Netherlands. Last month we saw victory stolen from the anti EU candidate in the Austraian Presidential Election and last week anti EU, pro - Democracy candidate Virginia Raggi established a comfortable lead in Rome's Mayoral Election.

And then there's this:

Following the inconclusive election outcome in Spain st December, the crisis torn country is preparing to go to the polls again. Already in a panic over the way the In / Out referendum in Britain looks to be heading, the smooth face bureaucrats and crooked deal makers who run the EU will have been further dismayed by a sudden surge in the popularity of Spain’s Eurosceptic Podemos (United We Can) party.

Podemos (Image source)

Center right Popular Party (PP) leader and acting prime minister, due to the refusal of Podemos to enter a coalition with any pro EU party, Mariano Rajoy was expected to gain seats following the failed election in December 2015. However polls shows PP is losing seats to left wing anti-EU party Podemos (the labels left and right have little meaning now) as the graphic below shows, with 22% of respondent declaring undecided; (don't worry if you don't speak Spanish, words are not needed.)

Image source: El Pais

The Financial Times (London) comments Spain’s Once-Mighty Socialists Set to be Eclipsed by Far-Left.
The Spanish left is heading for a wrenching realignment at this month’s repeat general election, with a closely watched new poll suggesting that the centre-left Socialist party will be eclipsed by the far-left Unidos Podemos bloc.

With the official election campaign set to kick off at midnight on Thursday, Unidos Podemos was forecast to win 25.6 per cent of the vote and 88-92 seats in the 350-strong parliament.

The latest poll, by the respected state-funded CIS research institute, gave the once-mighty Socialists just 21.2 per cent and 78-80 seats. If confirmed on June 26, the day of the election, that shift would offer fresh evidence of the deepening crisis facing Europe’s embattled social democrats.

Last month, the anti-austerity Podemos party and the United Left, which includes Spain’s former Communist party, decided to set aside their rivalry and run on a joint list dubbed Unidos Podemos (United We Can). For the Socialists, the traditional standard-bearer of the left, the fallout from that deal appears to be highly damaging.

According to the CIS survey, the Socialists and Unidos Podemos could control as many as 172 seats in parliament, just four shy of an absolute majority. Meanwhile, the PP and the centrist, pro-business Ciudadanos party are predicted to win at most 160 seats between them.
But party leaders and analysts alike caution that the Socialists are deeply reluctant to throw in their lot with Unidos Podemos, especially if that alliance were to be led by Podemos chief Pablo Iglesias.

“I don’t see the Socialists supporting Iglesias as prime minister,” said José Fernández-Albertos, a political scientist at the CSIC research centre. “The more likely outcome is that they will abstain and let Rajoy govern [in minority] but will go into the opposition themselves. They will tell their supporters: We cannot support the PP but we also have to be responsible.”
As the polls stand now, mathematically, it appears likely the outcome of the election will once more be inconclusive. Adding to Spain' economic problems a coalition will be difficult because none of the other parties like PP or its corrupt leader, Mariano Rajoy.

A government of national unity, a three-way coalition between Unidos Podemos, PSOE, and Ciudadanos, previously proposed by King Felipe seems the least likely outcome as it was rejected earlier this year by all parties except PP, whose leader Rajov is no fan of democracy and rather than accept that he is the problem and stand down will apparently do anything to hold on to power.

The undecideds will determine the outcome and they are currently breaking towards Unidos Podemos, to give the party its full name which literally translates as “United We Can”, a nice campaign slogan. If Unidos Podemos plus PSOE can achieve an absolute majority, it seems likely that after some cracking together of heads, the socialist parties will unite, if only for the sake of returning Spain to a functioning democracy.


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