Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bad News For Dwarf Throwers.

The killjoy army seems to be unstoppable at the moment, the Politically Correct Thought Police are everywhere.

Following news that the government plans to crackdown on "in the home drinking" because a civilised glass of wine with dinner might turn one into an alcoholic, we now learn that the government pokenoses have intervened to force the cancellation of the UK Dwarf Throwing Championship in London’s Egg club.
Apparently there were ‘elf and safety’ concerns

(For those who don’t know, in Australian Rules dwarf throwing, dwarves clad in velcro are thrown at a felt covered board and the winner is the person whose dwarf sticks longest. The sport originated in Australia. In the UK we only invent sports that involve molesting small furry animals.) Our pictures shows an international dwarf throwing event in the UK between England and USA played under Texas / Yorkshire rules, where the thrower whose dwarf travels the greatest distance wins.


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