Sunday, March 04, 2018

Trump Gets Tough after EU Threatens Taxes on Jeans, Bourbon, and Harley-Davidsons

U.S. President Donald Trump is adopting a tough on the European Union, after the Union's unelected leaders threatened to impose punitive tariffs on leading American brands in retaliation for his attempts to protect the jobs of American steelworkers. “So now we will also impose import tariffs,” threatened Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the unelected European Commission, at an event in Hamburg, Germany.

"This is basically a stupid process, the fact that we have to do this. But we have to do it. We will now impose tariffs on motorcycles, Harley-Davidson, on blue jeans, Levis, on bourbon. We can also do stupid. We also have to be this stupid," Juncker the Drunkard huffed.

The U.S. President is not a man who backs down in the face of such threats and took to Twitter to post an immediate response: "If the EU wants to further increase their already massive tariffs and barriers on U.S. companies doing business there, we will simply apply a Tax on their Cars which freely pour into the U.S.," he wrote.

"They make it impossible for our cars (and more) to sell there. Big trade imbalance!"

While mainstream media's Europhile and globalist publications in Britain and Europe have painted President Trump as the villain, his proposed aluminium and steel tariffs may not be as unreasonable as we are being told, if an objective view is taken. It is true that the EU imposes tariffs of 10 per cent on American cars, while the U.S. imposes tariffs of just 2.5 per cent on EU-made cars — making American cars more expensive for British consumers and hurting American exporters.

The likely outcome of what European Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen is describing as a “trade war” spells bad news for the United Kingdom at least until 2019, as the EU controls the trade policy of its member-states, a sovereign power gleefully surrendered by the last Labour government, and Prime Minister Theresa May does not appear willing to challenge this until after a long ‘transition period’ following Brexit in 2019. The EU's attitude is typically hypocritical as there is no market in the democratic world that is more protectionist, the so called 'free market' is only an internal market, a mixture of tariffs and bureaucratic restrictions make it almost impossible for non EU nations to sell to EU customers on competitive terms.

While Jean-Claude Juncker’s countrymen in little Luxembourg are unlikely to be affected by U.S.-EU tariffs, this will not be the case in Britain, as the U.S. is our largest trading partner (totalling our trade with the EU is cheating, outside the union we would lose little in export revenue from trade with member states). We know that the Trump aadministration is eager to conclude a trade deal with the UK once we are out of the EU but such a deal could not be implemented until we formally leave, although if Teresa May's government has the backbone to stand up to EU bullying, "prelimany talks" could begin now so that the terms of a trade deal would only need to be rubber stamped by legislative bodies after we leave.

As a result of the EU's latest move British consumers will not just find themselves facing higher prices when purchasing popular products such as Jack Daniels whiskey and Levis jeans — British car manufacturers would also be hit hard by large tariffs on EU-made cars until we are out of the union, as the U.S. is an important and growing export market for them.

European sovereign debt crisis could cause Eurozone implosion – ex-BoE chief

Are government economists and mainstream media finally catching up with what The Daily Stirrer and Boggart Blog’s finance expert Phil T Looker has said since we started publishing? Former Bank of England chief Mervyn King has written an article warning that Eurozone deabt problems pose a bigger threat to the EU than a British OUT vote in the referendum

Cameron’s EU Package: Not A Deal But A Few Turns In The Spin Machine
As we and almost everybody else predicted, David Cameron's deal to improve Britain's relationship with the EU is worthless. It changes nmothing, and can be vetoed once we have voted to stay in.

Cameron's Hopes For EU Membership Reforms For UK Torpedoed By Tusk

David Cameron’s hopes of winning serious concessions on sovereignty, border controls, contributions, trade agreements, human rights and labour laws so he could claim to have won a better deal for Britain by the time the in / out referendum starts next year European Union suffered an early blow when European Council President Donald Tusk warned that reaching a deal would be “very tough” ...

De-Dollarization Accelerates As More Washington "Allies" Follow Australia To China-Led Bank

For many years the dollar has been the currency in which the world's nations settled cross-border transactions and the so called petrodollar became the only currency in which oil could be traded. In recent years however, as other nations, particularly the BRICS group, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the leading nations outside the dominant US / European group, have been making moves to end the domination of the US dollar.

Why Iceland Recovery Is Being Ignored In Mainstream News
Iceland is a small country with less that half a million people so is not a good comparison with Britain. It's recovery from near bankruptcy in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis however is due to the rejection of politically correct, globalist politics so in that light it serves to illustrate that to suggest Britain (60 million people) cannot survive outside the EU is just globalist scaremongering.

It's Staring To Dawn On Economists That The Developed World's Economic Problems Are Structural.

When we look back from 2025, it will be painfully obvious that central bank policies exacerbated the systemic crises that brought down the global financialization machine. After all, "saving" the world from financial collapse 0f 2008 was relatively quick work; so what problems beyond imminent implosion have the central banks policies solved in the past 6 years

New World Order IMF Advocates Taking Pensions & Deferring Redemption of Gov’t Debt.

Global Capitalism my arse, the dominant economic system is Naziism pure and simple. Who but Nazis or Communists (and they are truly different faces of George Orwell's Oligarchic Collectivism) whould propose stealing the pension funds we poor punters have worked all our lives to accumilate to pay for the stupidity, selfishness and irresponsibility of our masters?

Financial Crisis? The Dow Has Already Fallen More Than 1000 Points From The Peak Of The Market

The dramatic falls in world wide stock markets over the past week hows that the Daily Stirrer finance expert was correct in predicting this, such recovery in the global economy as has happened since 2008 has been the result of printing money and manipulating the markets. This latest action is part of a massive heist by the bankers to drain the value from our savings and pensions

Corporate Banker's $1.5 Quadrillion Conspiracy: EU Accuses 13 Banks Of Operating A Derivative Trading Cartel

Debt, how much of a threat to ordinary people is it? The truth might frighten you which is why bank bosses, government leaders and media pundits are not eager to tell the truth. What can we do? Not much in the short term, in the long term, reclaim the sovereignty of our nations and our individual sovereignty and tell the world view thinkers their crazy ideas have maxed out their credit

War On Cash Begins, It Is Not About Keeping You Or Your Money Safe From Muggers

Government and big busin.ess has been nudging us towards abandoning cash for electronic money for a long time. Now the Frech government has become the first to move towards making cash illegal (because government can't keep tabs on what you do with your money when cash passes from hand to hand ...

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