Sunday, October 04, 2020

Media continue to cover up Joe Biden’s mental decline

 by Howie Carr, Boston Herald

4 October, 2020

Howie Carr: Media continue to cover up Joe Biden’s mental decline

(AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File)
With President Trump unfortunately sidelined at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a few days, do you think the media will now be able to devote more attention to examining the incoherent babbling of Dementia Joe Biden?

Nah, won’t happen. The media have been ignoring and/or covering up Biden’s obvious mental decline for more than a year now, even though the video evidence is at their fingertips.

So while Trump is recuperating, let us consider some of Joe’s recent Greatest Hits. Since it’s the big story of the weekend, let’s get the veep’s latest takes on the virus.

During the two-on-one debate, Biden attacked Trump’s handling of the Panic. As always, Biden’s grasp of the facts was, well, different. All dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“By the way, the 20, the 200 million, the 200,000 people that have died on his watch, they — have many of those and and have survived?”

How many indeed?

Biden elaborated the next day during his train trip through Ohio and Pennsylvania.

“Last night I I and I said when I got in the race we’re in a battle for the soul of this country — can you all see me or should I turn this this way a little bit and um and uh you know I uh you know Trump’s uh constant disregard and unwillingness to speak to COVID and the fact that 205 million people, 205 thousand have died.”

Those 205 million dead in Biden math, that’s on top of the 150 million he’s said have been killed by firearms since 2007 ... Continue reading >>>