Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Real Humanitarian Crisis Is Not Confined To Syria

Contrary to what the propaganda has been telling us for the past thirty years is us the US Democrats rather than the Republicans that are the party of war and imperialism (Image source: Salon)

Every day  we hear the hysterical ravings of mainstream journalists, the press whores about the “humanitarian crisis in Aleppo” and of the truly populist politicians like Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton and the minor league players of The New World Order such as David Cameron, Francoise Hollande and Angela Merkel who exhort us to all - join - hands - and - sing - kumbaya in the name of globalism, while surreptitiously leading us towards war with Russia in the cause of corporate profits.  

The seige of Aleppo, if it was being honestly reported, is a humanitarian crisis caused by the USA / NATO plot to use NATO sponsored terrorists, (not only ISIS but Al Nusra aka The Free Syrian Army, the human organ noshing, head amputating 'moderate rebels' the war worshippers Obama and Hillary Clinton are so fond of. Because had the western coalition not chosen to intervene in Syrian political affairs, the Syrian civil war would not have happened.

Watching  mainstream news you could easily form the impression that Syria's Assad regime is attacking a coalition of peaceful, democratic opposition groups, so biased is the reporting. In reality it was ISIS who attacked first and overran half the country as Assad waited for United Nations support to deal with a terrorist group. When the USA did intervene it was a charade, their air strikes deliberately avoided hitting ISIS and Al Nusra targets in Syria, only genuinely attacking the terrorist group in Iraq, where a US / Wahabbi Muslim puppet government ruled.  The ISIS advance in Syria was only checked when Russia's Vladimir Putin and the Ayatollahs of Iran decided to intervene to end the slaughter by US backed terrorists of Syrian Christians, Jews and Shia Muslims.

So the 'humanitarian crisis' as US politicians choose to call it when demonising Russia and claiming the war could be ended in a week if the Russians would only stop bombing civilians, is not a crisis of Russia and Syria's making and could be ended in a week if the USA and it's allies would simply stop supplying ISIS and Al Nusra Front terrorists with arms and ammunition. It is beyond idiotic for US politicians and officials to expect the legitimate government of Syria or any other sovereign state to step down because they are an obstacle to US geopolitical ambitions.

But why are the press whores, if they want to salavage a little credibility, screeching only about the 'humanitarian crisis' in Aleppo and not of the humanitarian crisis everywhere else in Syria, in Libya, Yemen, Afganistan, Iraq, South Sudan, Somalia and everywhere else US intervention has replaced flawed but stable regimes with ragbag governments of gangsters, tribal warlords and religious fanatics? Why are we not talking about the humanitarian crises in all places where the evil that rules in Washington has unleashed its mercenaries and proxy groups to slaughter the Syrian people? Why are we not hearing about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen where the US and Saudi Arabian drones and warplanes are slaughtering Yemeni women and children? Why don’t we hear about the humanitarian crisis in Libya where Washington's intervention (under the current president when the current front runner to replace him was Secretary Of State) turned what was Africa's most prosperous and economicall advanced nation into a failed state with a multi - party civil war reducing life to chaos? 

Why don’t we hear about the humanitarian crisis in Iraq, ongoing now for 13 years and where a bid by the US backed Iraqi government to retake the last major ISIS stronghold, Mosul, threatens to create a greater humanitarian crisis than Aleppo And what about the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan now 15 years old, where after the US government withdrew prematurely in 2012, the brutal Taliban are in control of much of the country again?

The answer is that in Aleppo the side backed by Washington is losing, the Assad government which always enjoyed the support of more than 50% of Syrians, with the help of Iranian ground troops and Russian air support is on the brink of victory over the western backed ISIL / Al Nusra terrorists. The jihad sent by Obama and the war - bitch Hillary (“We came, we saw, he died”) to bring down Assad (always Washington's priority - they were never interested in fighting terrorism or saving innocent Shia and Alawite Mus lims are being destroyed. It is a hugely embarrassing foreign policy disaster for Obama and Washington. 

So the hysterical screeching about the 'humanitarian crisis in Aleppo', the demonisation of Russia and Iran is just the Obama regime and the tame Western presstitutes trying to save the jihadists by covering them in the blanket of “humanitarian crisis, and save face.”

Such hypocrisy is standard for Washington in particular and western politics in general. If the Obama regime, NATO and the United Nations gave a hoot about “humanitarian crisis,” the Obama regime would not have orchestrated humanitarian crisis in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Yemen, and the United Nations would have sanctioned humanitarian intervention. Because we must remember every US action in Syria had been illegal, the Russians and Iranmians are there at the invitation of Assad, who heads Syria's legitimate government no matter how much Americam 'liberals' hate the fact.

It is shocking and a comment on the disgustingly corrupt, morally bankrupt state of US politics that in the middle of a presidential campaign in the USA and not one major news organisation has asked why the US is determined at the cost of its international credibility to overthrow a Syrian government that is supported by the Syrian people.

No one has asked why the rent boy president, the Cocksucker-in-Chief in Washington thinks he is is empowered to remove the president of Syria by unleashing brutal religious extremist terror groups on the Syrian people.
Washington, of course, has no acceptable answer to the question, and that is why the question is not asked.

The answer to the question is that Washington’s strategy for destabilizing Iran and then the Muslim provinces of the Russian Federation, former Soviet central Asia, and the Muslim province of China is to replace stable governments with the chaos of jihadism. Iraq, Libya, and Syria had stable secular societies in which the government’s strong hand was used to prevent sectarian strife between Muslim sects. By overthrowing these secular governments and the current effort to overthrow Assad, Washington released the chaos of terrorism.
There was no terrorism in the Middle East until Washington brought it there with invasions, bombings, and torture.

The cabal of criminally insane neoconservatives in Washington should frighten every person on earth. Killary-Hillary has made campaign promise that commits her administration to conflict with Russia. You can bet it is the only campaign promise she will be true to. And you can bet your life saving Russia will respond (in fact you may as well bet your life savings, if war breaks out you will not be needing them.) Obama, the neocons, the Military - Industrial complex, press whores, and the Democratic and Republican establishments are doing everything in their power to put into the Oval Office the person who will escalate the war in Syria and maximize the likelihood of conflict with Russia.

The life of the planet is in the hands of the criminally insane and the terminally stupid. This is crisis we are really dealing with.


Over 4000 Civilians Have Died In Forgotten War.
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‘I’m back from Syria. The media are lying to you.’ Eva Bartlett
Eva Bartlett is a Canadian activist/freelance journalistst. Eva has lived cumulative 3 years in Gaza, spent time in Lebanon and visited Syria 3 times since April 2014. Anti-zionist, anti-imperialist, pro-justice. Find out more about Eva’s trips to Syria on her Websites: InGaza and Syria Solidarity Movement or watch the embedded video from YouTube at the web page linked above ...

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While we watch Unkraine and Turkey The War Goes On In Syria
With mainstream media focused on ISIS and Ukraine amid, fears of an excalation of local problems into a war between East, West and Islam, we are in danger of forgetting nasty little civil conflicts like the one between forces loyal to the secular dictator Assad and the Al Nusra rebels who want to replace a secular dictatorship with an even more ruthless theocracy.

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We told you back in 2008 that Barack Hussein Obama was an insaniac who would not be content with dividing America society and junking the American economy, but was so crazy he would not be content until he had a) Been proclaimed President / Emperor of the entire Universe and everything else besides or b) Dragged most nations into a destructive global conflict.

The U.S. Government Is Creeping Into Syria
The USA's Obama Administration has been desperate to start a new war for about three years now. Russia's Vladimir Putin thwarted Obama's first and second attempt to use false flag attacks to justify full scale military intervention in Syria by the west. Putin has also faced down several attempts by the USA, EU and their neo - Nazi puppet government on Ukraine to provoke an incident that would justify a western attack on Russian interests.

West Aiding Massive Genocide in Yemen at Behest of Saudi Arabia=

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