Friday, July 21, 2017

Will The New Seaborne Laser Weapon System Tip The balance Of Military Power Back Towards America.

by Xavier Connolly

If you believe what you read or see from mainstream media, you will now be rejoicing or quaking in your boots at the latest press releases from The Pentagon. For some years defence analysts have been warning that US politicians, media commentators and devotees of the idea of American exceptionalism were deluding themselves in clinging to their faith in the superiority of US military technology to deter challenges from rival powers to American geopolitical dominance.

The Defense Department in Washington have recently announced that their latest weapon, a seaborne laser cannon is close to being ready for operational use. Press releases hint that the laser weapon will be a game changer. Unfortunately Iran, an ally of Russia and China, lead the world in this area of technology and if Iran has it you can bet Russia and China do to, or at least they have a deal with Iran to make the weapons available to them if needed.

US Navy has started operational tests of what they claim is the world's first drone-killing laser
which is reportedly able to move at the speed of light and to be 'more precise than a bullet'.
Laser weapons, which have been in development for decades, project a tight beam of directed photons (light) that strike their target almost instantaneously. In tests energy released at light frequencies from the weapon downed a target drone by setting its wing on fire.

The beam is silent and because it operates at a frequency above the visible light range is not visible to the human eye. The Laser Weapons System (LaWS) has its own generator and uses no solid ammunition. Said to be highly accurate, it is expected to be very effective when used against small, speedy targets, including incoming rockets, small drones and artillery shells.
The cost is said to be "about a dollar a shot" (not counting the billions of dollars spent on development.

 The 30-kilowatt laser weapon has been installed on the USS Ponce, currently deployed in the Persian Gulf. It is predicted to be fully operational by 2020. A full-power hundred-kilowatt Free Electron Laser is slated for testing in 2018, and will probably be installed on the Navy’s new Zumwalt-class stealth destroyers. The Navy plans to create 150 kilowatts lasers in more distant future.

According to what the media is telling us, the US has made a great leap forward in the race to acquire a death ray superweapon, which will give the military a critical advantage over any potential enemy in the world.

The announcement and the tests, which Russia, China and other emerging powers such as India and Pakistan as well as NATO allies will now be watching, testify to the US Navy's having achieved some progress in developing a small-scale laser weapon system capable of striking small targets at limited ranges. What is lacking is an objective review. As mainstream media are these days little more than a propaganda arm of government, I will just have to give it my best shot and hope my engineering experience is up to the task.

Abilities and limitations of Laser Weapons Systems.

Directed energy weapons, including lasers and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons are still in their infancy. While EMP weapons offer the potential of being effective if fired from great distances, the maximum range of lasers is limited as laser energy is relatively quickly diffused in the atmosphere, indeed adverse atmospheric conditions such as dust, snow or heavy rain, smoke or fog can render them ineffective. Atmospheric absorption, scattering, and turbulence will all prevent shipboard lasers from being effective all weather weapons.

A laser beam does not instantly burn through denser materials such as metals. The time needed to inflict a level of damage that would disable a large airborne vehicle or heavy projectile is unfeasible when the target is moving at flight speeds. With no explosive impact, a laser could fail to stop the target. In theory, laser weapons are best used for defensive operations, but better defensive weapons are already available.

The LaWS has a very limited operational range – one to three km. Modern warships would not need to go that close to a US ship equipped with this system in order to disable it. Lasers are no substitute for anti - aircraft guns or surface to air missiles. They cannot be used as primary strike weapons due to the poor range.

The operator of a laser weapon may be hampered by movement of the target, movement of the firing platform, decoys or multiple war warheads that have already been developed and that the enemy may use. Countermeasures to laser guidance also include laser detection systemssmoke screen and anti-laser active protection systems. Coating materials that can absorb or reflect laser energy are also available according to military publications.

Are the claims of laser weapons' low cost justified? Getting off a blast of laser energy may well cost only a dollar, but a laser’s sophisticated optical guidance system and focusing lenses are not cheap. The weapon is fast from firing to striking, but a target must be designated and a complex procedure carried out to  ensure accuracy. Mainstram media may suggest it is as easy as firing a water pistol, but it does take a few seconds, precious seconds that might not be available in a conflict situation.. So, it is not exactly “the speed of light”. Apart from that, seaborne laser weapons will be installed on a platform vulnerable to precision-guided weapons.

 With all the limitations mentioned above, the weapon will not likely be ready for prime time anytime soon.
Hype aside, The USS Ponce had this weapon for quite some time as is evident from the rust which can be seen forming on the mounting brackets when the publicity video does a closeup.

Yes, it can take out a Somali pirate boat! 

The other issue with laser weapons not mentioned in this article, however, (probably not extremely significant for this shorter range, short burst drone killer) is the phenomenon of "thermal blooming" prevelant in IR wavelength weapons. The laser heats the air around the beam, resulting in "lensing" due to refraction in the lower density heated air adjacent to the circumference of the beam . The beam expands ("blooms" ), resulting in a lower energy flux (energy per unit area) which decreases the effectiveness of the weapon. This is/was(?) a significant issue in use of CO2 and other IR lasers used for long range high energy shots.

All in all then, this announcement appears to be little more than military bluster as The Pentagon, the US Defense Department and the American exceptionalism brigade resist having to come to terms with the fact that Assad, with help from Russia and Iran, has won the Syrian civil war against the US and Saudi Arabian backed Islamic extremists of ISIS ans Al Nusra front.


Europe Rejects Obama Doctrine - US Exceptionalism Is Not Acceptable

With a backlash against his efforts to bully Britons into voting to remain in the EU pushing the leave campaign into a narrow lead in opinion polls Obama's vistit to Europe last week could hardly be described as a success. And now he has been told a foreign policy based on 'American Exceptionalism' is not acceptable and the USA must abide by the same international law as the rest of the world

Iran's Ayatollahs save SyriaPutin and
Now That Russia's Putin and Iran's Ayatollahs Have Neutralised ISIS in Syria the focus of terror shifts to Turkey, the NATO members that, with the fuill knowledge of the USA ans European powers has been helping ISIS in its bid to overthrow the Assad regime.

Propaganda War: US Officials Working to Keep Russia, Europe at Odds
Speaking to the US Senate Armed Services Committee this month, Breedlove said that " Russia and the Assad regime are deliberately weaponizing migration from Syria in an attempt to overwhelm European structures and break European resolve." These irrational remarks, and the mainstream media's ability to convey them with a straight face, are an indication of a broken system, experts suggest.

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Yesterday came the first terrorist attack on Turkish soil. As this blog predicted President Erdogan of Turkey is blaming the Kurds and President Assad of Syria for yesterday's bomb blast in the Turkish capital which killed and injured many people.It was predictable would the attack would be blamed on Assad and the Kurds, thus giving the nutter Erdogan an excuse to intensify his actions against Assad and the Kurds

War Is Good, The Obama Worshipping Guardian Says

Alas that all went down the pan in 2008 when the USA elected its first (and probably last) black president. Like American liberals, the hacks at The Guardian could not see past the colour of Obama’s skin and before Obama had even been sworn into office they were declaring him not just the greatest president ever but the greatest human being ever

Road To World War III: Turkey Shells Syria For Second Day As Saudi Warplanes Arrive

The geopolitical world was rocked yesterday when Turkey began shelling Syria’s second largest city, Aleppo, where the Syrian opposition has its back against the wall in the face of an aggressive advance by the forces of President Assad’s government and the Iranian Republican Guard supported, of course, by Russian airstrikes.

US Allies Now Fighting CIA-Backed Terror Groups In Syria

The idea that ISIS has very close links with the USA has gone beyond conspiracy theory, or anti US propaganda, the proof is out there. We have previously reported on the US government's links to ISIS and revealed the vital role of NATO member Turkey in supporting the terrorists in their campaign which aims to create an Islamic Caliphate stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf

Turkey and Sadui Arabia Already Have Troops Fighting In Syria

Even mainstream media has been forced to concede that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are apparently ready to send ground forces to the Syrian battlefield as Assad's forces, backed by Russian air power and Iranian elite troops but continue to grind down ISIS forces equipped with US made arms and ammunition via Saudi Arabia and funded by Turkey's illegal oil trade with the terrorist group.

US Military Contractors Happy With Escalating Conflicts in the Middle East

My friends and I have been telling you since the US led coalition invaded Afghanistan in 2001 that the USA's perpetual war on terror was not about making the public safe and secure but instead about corporate profits and political power.

Crazy Obama Administration Claims It Brought Peace And Security To Syria In 2015
As fighting intensifies between ISIS, The Assad regime and its Russian, Iranian and Chinese allies and the FUKUS axis (France, UK, US) with support from Turkey as that rogue state wages a genocial campaign against the Kurds, the increasingly insane warmongers of the Obama administration is telling US voters they have brought peace and security to Syria Fortunately for Americans with enough nous to question the official narrative, new media is getting the truth out to ever increasing audiences.

Captured ISIS fighter says ‘trained in Turkey, ISIS thinks it’s safer than Syria’

Yet another report from the middle east offering more evidence that Turkey is supporting ISIS in every possible way and acting as the USA's proxy in the Obama administration's efforts to depose the regime of President Assad in Syria.

Putin Orders Military To "Boost Strategic Nuclear Forces" As Syria Situation Worsens

The website attracts a predominantly conservative audience so responses in the comment thread were full of Gung ho claims about American exceptionalism and the superiority of American trained soldiers [...] It is already known that Pentagon officials have been shocked by the capabilities of Russia's most advanced aircraft, the SU34 and by the advanced technology used in weaponry of Russian naval vessels now guarding the approaches to Syria's coast.

ISIS: Know Your Enemy - Who Of Those We Think Are On Our Side Is Helping ISIS

Who is funding ISIS, how has the terror group managed to assemble such a large, well equipped and (apparently) well fed fighting force and been able to wage a two year war against the Assad regime in Syria, the forces of the autonomous Kurds and the army of the Iraqi government, such as it is? Who is facilitating their illegal oil trade that is keeping Islamic State afloat.

As FUKUS axis of evil prepares to attack Syria, Russia and China put on war alert

Another world shaking story that the free world's mainstream media chose not to tell us about even though it should have dominated newspaper headlines and broadcast news bulletins for months. It tells of how Russia and China knew of Military / Industrial / Banking New World Order office boy Obama's plans to start World War Three back in 2011. Everything their intelligence predicted has happened

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A infinite supply of cost free, clean electricity that has been know to the world for over a hundred years but never exploited? Is Ian talking about a science fiction story? you might well ask. Well no, I'm not. Scalar Waves, discovered by Nikola Tesler have that potential along with the potential to put the energy companies outr of business.

The Most Secretive And Oppressive regime In The Modern World.

When talk turns to the suppression of free speech by totalitarian regimes, we think of Soviet Russia, Maoist China, Nazi Germany, the theocratic dictorships of the middle east and the regimes of bemedalled buffoons with a taste for killing their country's citizens. but increasingly it is governments in the west that are suppressing freee speech.

Obama's Lust For War Could Turn Out Very Badly For The West

For two years the great peacemaker and joybringer, Mr. Hopey Changey Man himself, Brack Hussein Obama has been trying to find a way to intervene in the Syrian civil war on the side of the anti Assad rebels and fanatical Islamic Jihadists without pissing off Russia and China too much.

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