Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Degree Factory: The Decline Of University Education

The decline of university education in parallel with dumbing down of the general population is contributing to the economic and social problems of the industriaised democracies. But why have standars been allowed to slip so far and can the trend in university education towards theraputic and politically correct courses be reversed?

The Daily Stirrer analyses trends in higher education from the politicisation of science to dumbing down the curriculum in state run schools. The dependence of Universities on government and corporate funding also stifles academic freedom so true original thinging is discouraged and unquestioning conformity rewarded.

All in all suffocating creativity under the twin shrouds of bureaucracy and politically correct thinking is a very unhealthy position for higher education to be in at a time when competitors in the developing world are forging ahead.

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The Degree Factory: The Decline Of University Education