Sunday, January 29, 2017

As The Dark Forces Of Stupid Continue Their Futile Protests Against Trump, Will Hillary Supporters Ever Get The Message

Women dressed as vaginas and who knows what else are still protesting about the victory of Donald Trump in the US Presidential election back in November and his subsequent inauguration as President of The United States according to the process laid down in the constitution, one is entitled to wonder, in view of the fact that Trump's opponent for the presidency, Hillary Clinton, and many of her supporters claimed that 'liberals (the most illiberal people on the planet outside of Saudi Arabia, have a monopoly on intelligence, education, decency and awareness of world affairs.

In spite of all that however they do not seem to understand that under the system as it stands now in US law, Trump won. Hillary Clinton lost. So WTF are all these claims to intelligence about if the thick, ignorant, deluded wastes of space can't get their heads round that?

Why Did The Media Fail So Badly In Its Efforts To Elect Hillary?

Submitted by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute,
Yesterday in Taki's Magazine, David Cole suggested that maybe, just maybe, Hollywood isn't as powerful in swaying public opinion as many people assume it is. 
This belief is shared not only by the "stars" of Hollywood itself — who naturally fancy themselves as great "thought leaders" — but also by conservatives themselves, including the late Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart, as Cole points out, was even rather obsessed with the issue, and harped on the need to create a right wing rival to Hollywood. 
Cole, however, wonders if this all is really based on an accurate appraisal of the situation. After all, if Hollywood is so good at convincing people of its own point of view, why is it that Republicans keep winning so many elections? Cole notes: 
But wait…even with all that Hollywood “interference,” didn’t we just win the last presidential election? Don’t we have the House and Senate, too? Haven’t we also won an unprecedented number of statewide legislative seats and governorships?
This doesn't prove Hollywood has no effect on behavior and ideology, of course. But, it is entirely plausible that its power is not nearly as great as assumed. 
Indeed, when it comes to discussing the effects of marketing, messaging, advertising, and propaganda, "assumed" is certainly a key word. There are a great many assumptions being made, but precious little evidence to back these assumptions up. 
This appears to apply well beyond the field of mere Hollywood-created propaganda, as well. Both the legacy media and Hollywood gave full-throated endorsements to Hillary Clinton in 2016, and yet, the best Clinton managed was what can, at best, be called a tie with Donald Trump. 
It seems the media's power may not be any more far-reaching than Hollywood's. Moreover, given than both the media and Hollywood portray media journalists in only the best possible light over and over and over again, why is it that only 32 percent of Americans report that they trust the media? If the media wants to be trusted, shouldn't they need do nothing more than simply tell us they're trustworthy. After all, it must be true if we see it on TV. 
All it takes a slick ad campaign, we are told, and people will believe whatever you tell them to believe. 
The problem is that this has never been shown to be true. 

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