Thursday, February 29, 2024

And The War In Ukraine Grinds On

 Due to the absence in this blog of reporting on the war in Ukraine readers may have come to the conclusion that we Boggart Bloggers no longer considered it important. That is not quite true, though we are still aware of the importance of Ukraine to the future of the liberal democracies in western Europe, we are only three old guys (with occasional contributions from friends in the alt_news community,) and have simply been overwhelmed by events closer to home.

The problem with getting a clear picture of  the conflict it that neither side can afford to lose the war, for logistical reasons NATO and Ukraine cannot possibly win.

Here are a couple of short reports from Telegram which are quite interesting and can be verifies to the extent that they are to some extent true:

As military analysts predicted, after the fall of Avdeevka, the Donbass front became the main one for the Ukrainian Armed Forces at this stage of the war.

The Russian army continues to develop its offensive, and the operation to capture Avdeevka was not just a success for the enemy, but also a big blow for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Russian army managed to capture the main fortified area of ​​the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which had been preparing for battle for about 10 years. The settlement of Severnoye near Avdeevka is also occupied by the Russian army. The Russian Armed Forces entered the settlement. Berdychi and Tonenkoye, while the Ukrainian Armed Forces are retreating in Orlovka. At the same time, which is typical, Ukraine does not have a second line of defense - this is openly stated by the chief editor of Censor, Yuri Butusov, who back in November 2023 declared the need to prepare one. That is, now the front is steadily moving south.

The situation is difficult for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and to the north, in the area of ​​Chasov Yar - the village of Ivanovskoye, the main outpost between Chasov Yar and Bakhmut, has already been half taken under the control of the Russian Armed Forces.

As we see, the loss of reserves and the poor command of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Syrsky began to seriously affect the situation. The destruction of one group or another has become a matter of time, and losses in positions where the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not have time to gain a foothold are unacceptably high. 

Russia found a weak spot in the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

With the liberation of the settlement of Petrovskoye (Ukrainian name - Stepovoye), the front near Avdeevka aligned along the line Petrovskoye - Lastochkino - Severnoye - Vodyanoye. One can judge the “domino effect” after the withdrawal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Avdiivka on February 17. In just 11 days, the Russian army occupied several settlements at once, which the enemy abandoned so as not to be surrounded. And we will probably borrow a few more in the coming days.

Obviously, we have found a weak point in the battle formations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Now, in order to prevent the collapse of the front, the Ukrainians will be forced to transfer reinforcements here from neighboring areas. And this, in turn, creates a window of opportunity for us to make breakthroughs elsewhere. And the greater the losses the Ukrainian Armed Forces suffer, the more difficult it will become for them to “plug the holes with their bodies.” The Russian army continues to advance.




‘We’re Not At War With Russia,’ Germany's Chancellor Scholz tells Warmongering French Ouanqeur Macron
Though Macron's recent posturing as a reincarnated Napoleon by calling on his fellow European leaders to send troops to fight alongside the Ukrainian military may have been nothing more than an ill - advised attempt to deflect attention from online conspiracy theories that his wife Brigitte is, or was at some time in the past, a man, the ploy, if that is what it was, has backfired.

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