Monday, October 16, 2023

Pfizer Corp. Face Financial Crisis As COVID Vaccine Malfeasance Catches Up With It

 For the past few months, most of this year in fact, it has become very obvious even to those who throughout the COVID fiasco supported lockdows and mask mandates and calls for compulsory vaccination, parroting meaningless catchphrases like 'nobody is safe until we're all safe,' that there was something very wrong with the vaccines we were told had been fully tested and were 100% safe and effective.

As those who had as many shots of the vaccines as were available fell victim to the infection on multiple occasions we who refused the shot seemed to be well protected from this trivial infection by natural immunity. And now with excess deaths running at around 10% above normal death rates in all the most vaccinated nations and the marketing claims of the vaccine makers for their mRNA vaccines exposed as false and very probably fraudulent Pfizer, by far the biggest beneficiary of Dr. Fauci's gain-of-function experiment faces a tsunami of $$$ multimillion damages claims from people injured by or the families of those killed by the problematic vaccines.

Igor Chudov at Substack has the full story


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