Monday, November 19, 2018

Can We Escape 'The Wire'?

The Wire is simply a metaphor for the transmission of information.  The Wire takes many forms.  And if you aren’t sure whether something is The Wire just ask if you have control over it or not. 
The Internet?  The Wire.
Electricity?  The Wire
Roads?  The Wire.
Media?  The Wire.
Money?  The Wire.
In short, The Wire is the main conduit through which we communicate with each other. 

Money?  Really?  Yes, really.  What are prices if not information about what we are willing to part with our money in exchange for? And the push to dump banknotes and coins and move to a cashless society. A ploy for greater control, that's all. Cashless will mean every financial transaction with be tracked and recoded via, you guessed it, The Wire.

Without The Wire modern society fails.  So, government can’t shut it down but neither can it allow unconstrained access to it. In other words we have been duped into handing control of our lives to the people who control The Wire. And they're not nice people.

Electricity, commerce, communications, entertainment, everything, goes over The Wire.  

This isn’t a radical concept but like all important ideas, once it is presented to you you can’t unsee it.

But, identifying The Wire isn’t the important thing.  What’s important is knowing who controls The Wire and what they are willing to do to maintain that control.

If you look at the lists above you will see massive government intervention into these markets.  They need control of them to maintain the illusion they have control over you.

They sell you on the idea that speech, speed, education, commerce, defense, information, etc.  all need to have sensible limits placed on them.  But do they really or is this just yet another example of some control freak bureaucrat expanding his or her empire?

Look around you today and tell me what all the fighting is about.  Geopolitics, domestic policy, censorship, money, advertising, ideologies, etc.  They are all about the existential threat posed by a loss of control of The Wire.


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