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US Defeated By Russia In Bid To Turn Syria Into An Undemocratic Theocracy

Syria's President Bashar al Assad (Image source)

Agence France Presse (AFP) reported, on Thursday November 12th, that, though ‘peace’ talks about Syria, between the U.S.-allied nations and the Russia-allied nations, were planned to occur on November 14th, “the US warned a deal is unlikely without agreement over the fate of President Bashar al Assad.” In other words: any deal must inclde a committment to remove Assad, before the various invasions of Syria will stop.

Opinion polls carried out by by Western polling firms in Syria has indicated strongly that the current President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, would easily win any free and fair election in the country. In fact when the question was directly put to Syrians by the respected Western polling organization Gallup, Assad scored 55%, which wouldn’t leave much for each of the opposing candidates in any election, the multitude of candidates who would be squabbling over residual 45%. And this poll was taken shortly after the Arab Spring demonstrations against him — those demonstrators actually possessed little support from most Syrians.

Little has changed since then, The Washington Post summarized recent polls on September 15th this year the. Bizarrely they did not headline it with the poll’s anti-U.S. finding, such as "82% of Syrians Blame U.S. for ISIS.” Instead, their report’s headline was "One in five Syrians say Islamic State is a good thing, poll says," as if one - in - five (twenty per cent) is a great outpouring of anti - Assad sentiment.

had the Western Powers bothered to take a poll in Libya before bombing that small nation to failed-state oblivion they would have found that a majority of Libyans were behind Gadaffi, not because they thought he was a great leader, but because they knew the available alternatives were so much worse.

Faced with a rejection of their policy of Americanizing the entire world, the United States Government now demands that Assad be simply removed from office, and not allowed on the ballot if an election for President is to be held at all in Syria.

U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have dug in their heels on the point that the removal of Syria’s dictator is a prerequisite for stopping the reduction to rubble of Syria by U.S. bombers. Currently a coalition of the U.S.A, and Wahabi Muslim Islamic fundamentalist regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, plus wannabe regional power Turkey are also making the removal of the President Assad a condition of any cessation of hostilities against Syria. The USA reiterated its position that supplies of weapons to the jihadist fighters who are trying to take over Syria would also continue as long as Assad remained in power.

AFP then reported, “Moscow has put forward a peace proposal for the talks, which calls for elections after an 18-month constitutional reform process, but Western officials have dismissed the plan as it does not ensure that Assad will be removed from power.”

In other words: the United States government demands its right to rig the outcome of democratic elections by vetoing the participation of the candidate that the polls clearly show the majority of Syrian citizens want to be their President. Washington has been forced to climb down on that as Russia has made clear it will not accept the result on any Syrian election in which Assad is not allowed to participate. President Assad has now turned the tables on Obama by saying (with backing from his friends in Moscow, Beijing and Tehran) that he will only allow elections to take place once ISIS and Al Nusra (the US backed terrorist groups) are defeated.

The old ideological belief that the U.S.A. supports freedom and democracy (freeman'moxy), and that its opponents are tyrants, fascists and barbarians has been inverted. Today it is the USA that acts as an imperial power attempting to subjugate conquered peoples. And remember folks, this has happened on the watch of the self proclaimed peacemaker and joybringer Barack Hussein Obama.


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Obama's Posturing As Leader Of The Battle Against Climate Change Exposed.

The fact that US President Barack Hussein Obama is of mixed race continues to inspire those most illiberal of political activists, US 'progressive liberals' to idiocy as it has throughout the seven years of his Presidency. The US liberals, ignoring the wish of one of their heroes, that his children and grandchildren would live 'in a country where a man is judged not by the colour of his skin but the quality of his character' voted for Obama solely because of the colour of his skin, dismissing warnings that his meagre experience and abysmal record as an Illinois State Senator and then a first term US Senator marked him as a weak, vacillating man, more likely to abstain in votes on any difficult issue rather than commit to one side of the other.

Seven years in office have not changed him.

Although the Paris climate conference has been rendered irrelevant by the terror attacks (if it goes ahead at all many delegates will not attend because of security fears) China and India have already announced they will go on opening new coal fired power stations at an even faster rate than they have previously which renders any agreement about cutting Carbon Dioxide emissions meaningless. So Obama's posturing as self styled 'World Leader on Climate Change' look even more than his previous attempts to liver up to expectations.

At home in the USA, where his word does still carry some weight, if only by virtue of the fact that he is still their elected leader, after seven years of waffling (and somewhat under the radar but that is coincidence), Obama at long last rejected the proposed Keystone XL pipeline which would have transported over 800,000 barrels a day of low grade (dirty) oil extracted very expensively and energy - intensively from the Canadian tar sands through the US mid west states to refineries on the Gulf Coast.

Obama and The Keystone Pipeline (Image source)

If he had rejected the pipeline during his first term,as supporters called on him to do, his claims to be world leader on climate change might have stood up to scrutiny. But the vacillating Obama only vetoed the project once changing market conditions made it financially unviable. Low oil prices in world markets, and the geopolitical moves of Russia and the Arab oil producers, combined with falling demand due to the ongoing economic depression, resulted in a glut of crude oil on world markets. Making a show of cancelling Keystone now, ahead of the scheduled global climate talks in Paris, was pure theatre.

As alway, with politicians in general and the egomaniac Obama in particular, the White House propaganda machine made a bigger deal of this action than it ever could have been in reality.

"America is now a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate change," Obama speechified as he signed the executive order. "And frankly, approving this project would have undercut that global leadership."

What leadership? While European leaders have been hamstringing their national economies to meet unrealistic targets for reducing CO2 emissions, the USA has been planning to re-establish itself as the world's biggest exporter of oil and gas. While the Obama administration has been blowing hot air about reducing the nation's reliance on oil, gas, and coal the White House has distributed mining rights on huge areas of federal land to coal-mining companies, and triggered the collapse of the oil market by encouraging shale fracking which has resulted in a huge increase in oil and natural gas production. Obama's inherently contradictory "all-of-the-above" energy policy supports the environmentally damaging (and some say dangeroust) practice of hydraulic fracturing, pumping vast amounts of toxic chemicals suspended in water into the bedrock where it can pollute water resources from which drinking water is supplied.

Fracking isn't just dangerous for the people who live near the tapped oil and gas deposits: The heat-trapping pollution tied to natural gas isn't limited to what happens in smokestacks. Extracting the stuff releases methane, which traps 34 times more heat than carbon dioxide over a century.

Obama seems blind to this conundrum.

"The natural gas boom has led to cleaner power and greater energy independence," he averred in his 2013 State of the Union address. "We need to encourage that."

For several years the government has supported the export of natural gas in order to mainatin the illusion of economic recovery. Exporting gas increases demand (and has proved scientists vastly overestimated the likely yield from fracking wells) but lifts domestic consumer prices. And while 'Obama the climate activist' was posing as saviour of mother Earth by ditching the Keystone pipeline projects, political and economic analysts were finally allowed to read the official text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership 'free trade' treaty. If enacted this deal would bind US authorities to approve all gas exports, and of course, it has the full support of Barack Hussein Obama, the man with more faces than the Koh - I - Noor Diamond.


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