Wednesday, June 02, 2021

The Ugly Self Righteousness Of The Vaccinated

I was appalled to read in The Daily Telegraph, one of the UK's leading national newssheets today a self righteous rant by some stupid cow proclaiming that in future she would no0t be invintin her unvaccinated friends to dinner in future as their irresponsibility and selfishness was in tolerable. going on to whine about how to people who refuse the vaccine their "right" to refuse the vaccine are a danger ot other people. She began her rant thus (read the full article HERE):

At the weekend, I attended a lovely outdoor gathering. There we were, a gaggle of middle-aged women enjoying the heatwave, laughing about how to shift our “corona stone” weight gain and sipping cocktails in an enchanting pub garden.

Soon, as is now customary, we were swapping our vaccination stories – apart from one friend, that is, who kept very quiet. Because she has decided not to have the jab.

When it was her turn to reveal if she was “Astra or Pfizer”, she said: “Neither, actually…” When she caught our incredulous expressions, she explained she was against “putting stuff” in her body and would take her chances with herd immunity.

The rest of us fell awkwardly silent and then changed the subject – but, later, I found myself fuming. I feel increasingly angry at those who refused to be vaxxed. Amid a surge in cases of the Indian variant, which now makes up three-quarters of cases in the UK – and following the discovery of a new mutation in Vietnam (currently on our amber list) – one fact that can’t be disputed is that, so far, the vaccines are playing a major role in preventing serious disease, even in its mutated forms.

A recent round of figures from Public Health England (PHE) showed that just two people died with the Indian variant of Covid after receiving both jabs. Getting the shot is literally helping us stay alive.

Which is why I nearly punched the air in agreement when Countdown presenter Nick Hewer and Good Morning Britain host Adil Ray admitted on the ITV morning show this week that they would ditch friends who had decided not to have the Covid vaccine.

Well said. I, too, am no longer seeing those friends who refuse to get jabbed.

One great mate from university, who self-medicates her anxiety with copious amounts of chardonnay, made me laugh when she revealed she refused to put “nasties” in her body. She and I are on the same page with most other things, yet Covid has cleaved a wedge between us. I have not returned her calls since.

Another friend who calls herself “a healer” but won’t have the vaccine – “I’ve done the research,” she insists, by which she means she has read a few bogus pseudo-science articles online – was offended when a mutual friend edged away from her at a small dinner party last month.

And so it goes on with the usual complaints about people being anti - vaccine and "anti-science," and there being no proof that the vaccine is responsible for any of the 15,000 deaths and almost 500,000 serious adverse reactions that have occurred in the hours or days following people getting the vaccine.

A lot of people in alt_media and lately a few in mainstream media have likened CoVID vaccine fanaticism to a religious cult, like thouse medieval inquisitors who ran around screaming "heretic" at anyone who did not embrace the idiocies of the church enthusiastically enough. I am not anti vaccine, I am sceptical of all things, as a benificiary of the renaissance model of education (aka the liberal arts education,) my schooling trained me to question everything. Bizarrely when I question the case for vaccinating everybody against COVID I get no rational answers, only wild accusations about my ignorance, hatred of science (I like science, it's scientists I can't stand,) and my self destructive foolishness in choosing decline the vaccine. I have even been told I have signed my own death warrant by refusing the vaccine.

That was back in February when the official narrative held that the vaccines were 100% safe but whether we were vaccinated or not nobody in the world could be safe until everybody was vaccinated. Again we see a demonstration of the COVID vaccine cult throwing logic out of the window in favour of dogma, or maybe it is an indirect admission that vaccines do not work. How else can the case be made that the unvaccinated pose a threat to the vaccinated? I have asked that question hundres of times now, going back to the controvosy over the MMR jab in the 1990s. The logic of my argument is simple, if vaccines make those who receive them immune, how can the unvaccinated pass on the virus. And if, in the face of contrary evidence, we assume those who decline vaccination have made an informed choice then they accept the risk to themselves.

What cannot be explained but should be explained because it is completely unaccepatable otherwise is why there is such determination by government to bully or coerce us all into getting this vaccine, which has not been properly tested, has so far exceeded by 300 times the numbers of deaths and adverse reactions that would have caused any new drug or vaccine to be withdrawn because of safety concerns.Yet in spite of its experimental nature and the fact that the usual testing and approvals process for new drugs and medicines bypassed we are still being told the four vaccines now available are perfectly safe.

In spite of all these doubts and unanswered questions a massive proaganda campaign, Project Fear, has divided nations and communities as the vaccinated, like the mutants in "Invasion of The Body Snatchers" scream accusations at those of us who have resisted project fear and somehow in the face of all the lies, fake statistics, scaremongering and threats, managed to retain the ability to think for ourselves. But as it is now becoming common knowledge that, as was reported 14 months ago, the virus is gen,etically engingeered to work in conjunction with the vaccine and undermine the human immune system.

So let us all hope that when the immune system of the self righteous cow quoted above and her equally horrible friends are chronically ill and need someone to care for them (healthcare systems will have collapsed,) all the people she has denounced and defriended (IRL) now respond by saying, "Sorry, you told us you did not want any unvaccinated people near you, we were quite prepared to accept you as a mutant if you had respected our choice to remain fully human, it's too late to call on our frienship now, don't you know there's a global crisis going on because of the immune systems of millions of people failing, making them vulnerable to everything.



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