Thursday, September 15, 2022

Ukraine SitRep - Russian Airstrike On Dam Endangers Ukrainian Troops - Russians Defeat More Counterattacks


Western mainstream media continues to misrepresent US &NATO war propagands from Ukraine as if it is factual news when in fact every snipped of information to come out of Ukraine is distorted to echo the narrative that Ukraine is winning the war and Russia is on its knees militarily and economically. As we have tried to show by reporting whatever verifiable information we could gather, this is a long way from the truth. 

While broadcast and print news organisations continued today to echo the false narrative that Ukrainian troops were continuing their push to drive occupying Russian forces out of southern and eastern Ukraine the big story was only half told.

Ukraine war: Houses flooded after missiles hit major dam (BBC News)

         Russian missiles have hit a reservoir dam near the southern Ukrainian city of Kryvyi Rih,                     officials         say.

Residents in some areas were told to evacuate, city head Oleksandr Vilkul said, but he added the situation was under control.

Ukraine said the strike was revenge by Russia for its recent counter-attack.

President Volodymyr Zelensky - who was born in the city - described Russia as a "terrorist state" after the attack on the Karachunivske reservoir.

"You are weaklings who fight civilians," Mr Zelensky said in his late night address on Wednesday. "Scoundrels who, having escaped from the battlefield, are trying to do harm from somewhere far away."

This was an apparent reference to Ukraine's recent military successes in a swift counter-offensive in the country's north-eastern Kharkiv region. It has seen Ukraine's army reclaim swathes of occupied territory, forcing Russian troops to retreat.

In his speech, Mr Zelensky said the reservoir had "no military value at all".

Zelenski is a clown by profession we should remind ourselves.

The BBC story failed to mention that the Ingulet river, on which the dam is situated, flows mainly north to south through Kryvyi Rih (Russian spelling: Krivoi Rog, Кривой Рог) to then turn southwest before it  joins the Dnieper.

Here is a larger overview of the area. The Ukrainian position beyond the Ingulet is on the bottom left.

(Pictures: LiveUAmap)

LiveUAmap placed the bombed dam (yellow circled red bomb at the top) at a dam on a different reservoir northeast of Kryvyi Rih. After comparing pictures in the BBC report with aerial pictures it appears that dam hit is on a larger reservoir west of Kryvyi Rih. This is also consistent with reports of damage to water supplies in the city. It is a matter of public record that the city's water water comes from the larger dam.

The Russian attack had a clear strategic value. It is not a 'terrorist' act as Zelensky says, his country has been waging war on Russian speaking areas of Ukraine since 2014 and Kievs failure to honour the Minsk agreement of 2014 and constants provocation of Russia are responsible for triggering the war. Destruction of water, electricity and transport infrastructure for military purposes are a standard tactic in modern military operations and we did not see western media complaining when these tactics were used in a more heavy handed way in US / NATO led actions in Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. Back in Aprilwhen the war was only two months old the Ukrainian side flooded large areas north of Kiev to stop Russian troops from moving towards the city. As the New York Times reported at that time:

All around Demydiv, a village north of Kyiv, residents have been grappling with the aftermath of a severe flood, which under ordinary circumstances would have been yet another misfortune for a people under attack by Russia.

This time, though, it was a tactical victory. The Ukrainians flooded the village intentionally, along with a vast expanse of fields and bogs around it, creating a quagmire that thwarted a Russian tank assault on Kyiv and bought the army precious time to prepare defenses.

The residents of Demydiv paid the price in the rivers of dank green floodwater that engulfed many of their homes. And they couldn’t be more pleased.

After their counterstrike into the Kharkov region, from which Russian forces had withdrawn with only minor losses, the Ukrainian military have fallen into the teap of believing their own propaganda. North of Kharkov the Ukrainian army attacked Russian villages and positions across the border.

Ukrainian troops also attempted to attack Lyman which is protecting the southern side of the remaining Russian positions in the Kharkov oblast. Professional Russian troops have now been moved there to replace Luhansk Peoples Republic's militia which had held the city. They will remove the Ukrainian troops hiding in the forests north of the Siverski Donets river.

The Ukrainians also attempted several smaller counterattacks on Russian positions in the Donbas region. All of those failed.

An expected large Ukrainian attack in the south of the Donbas region towards Mariupol has not yet happened but the Ukrainian side has increased its reconnaissance activities in the area east of Zaporizhzhia.

Does that read as if Russia is 'on its knees' and that total victory is in sight for the Ukrainians (and if you want to believe that is true, just remind yourself that mainstream media have been reporting that a Ukrainian victory was within reach since the first week of the war.



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