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Novak Djokovic is no victim but Australian government 's political opportunism is disgusting

While the world divides more deeply into two camps, the genetically modified sub - humans and those who have been wise enough to refuse the COVID mRNA vaccines, one of the most shamefully fascistic incidents of the whole pandemic has been playing out in Australia where the world No 1 tennis player has been subjected to a medieval with hunt over his refusal to accept vaccination. The persecution of Novak Djokovic has been engineered purely for political gain because the nation's leaders want to put it at the forefront of the push towards global vaccine tyranny.

Novak Djokovic does not deserve much sympathy but the ridicule has been merciless
Multimillionaire Novak Djokovic does not deserve much sympathy but his persecution at the hands of vaccine propagandists has been merciless and the abuse from people who having volunteered for the slow suicide of mRNA injection demand we all do the same, has exposed the truth of this massive psy - op Photo Credit: REUTERS

Immediately following revocation of his visa, on a technicality Greg Hunt, the Australia’s health minister, was on morning television to confirm that the world No 1 would be on the next flight home. Prime Paskuniak Minister Scott Morrison simultaneously popped up to screech a triumphalist message: “Rules are rules – especially when it comes to our borders.”

Ironic that the government headed by authoritarian Morrison has broken just about every internationally recognised rule, human rights law and civil liberties convention in using the hoax pandemic to herd Australia's docile, brainwashed population into the ruthless embrace of a prison state system of government.

Over the past two years, throughout the pandemic Australia has closed national borders and even imposed bans on people moving from state to state within the island continent. Surprisingly Australians who once revelled in their reputation for being awkward, plain speaking and bloody - mindedly independent buggers have embraced this regime of vaccine fascism that has cruelly separated families and friends, prevented people from visiting sick and dying relatives or grandparents welcoming their new - born grandchildren into the world.

As such, the overwhelming reaction to shutting Djokovic out was one of the purest schadenfreude. On breakfast bulletins, anchors could not hide their glee as they united around the “our country, our rules” school of thought, earnestly discussing the risk that the Serb could have posed to the Australian Open’s ball boys and girls as an unvaccinated player. The howling mob of pro - vaccine dingos have been rendered so stupid by the brainwashing process they cannot grasp the pure idiocy of the myth that unvaccinated individuals must pose an existential threat to vaccinated people. Were this true it could only mean the vaccines do not work.

(Actually the injections do work but they are not vaccines and were never intended to make anyone immune to anything. In fact independent research shows that healthy people are more susceptible to COVID after vaccination than those who have remained unvaccinated - the linked article is only one such report, there are far too many showing similar results to list individually, but of course none has been reported in mainstream media.) Other studies, like this one from Israel the world's most vaccinated country according to their health department, show that for people with a functioning immune system (i.e. about 95% of us,) getting COVID, which in such people is a mild illness at worst, and recovering  provides stronger and longer lasting immunity than any number of vaccines and booster shots.)

The received wisdom in Australia and anywhere else globalists hold power is that Djokovic’s ejection from Australia and exclusion from the grand slam tennis tournament is exclusively a public health matter, he has failed to provide the requisite proof of his grounds for a medical exemption and under unconstitutional new laws justfied by the pandemic hoax the tennis star must be deported from the country. That is the official narrative, but as we all know, throughout this manufactured crisis the official narratives have always differed widely from the observed reality.

The full picture is more complex: Djokovic has been excluded not because of an error in his visa application but by a politically orchestrated wave of public anger created by hostile reporting of the leaked information that he was being allowed to compete in Melbourne without being double-jabbed because he had medical exemption.

Aaustralian media, unswervingly loyal to the government and is opinion manipulating narratives, then launched a hate campaign guaranteed to  whip up a tsunami of self - righteous anger among the people of Australia who have for two years been fed a stream of misinformation, endured the longest and tightest lockdowns of any nation and been subjected to the most heavy handed coercion anywhere in the world.  

The frustrating thing, here is that while world media is focused on the personality of  Novak Djokovic, he is not the problem and has done nothing to deserve the vitriol directed towards him. In years to come, people who are berating him now will look back and realise that they were on the wrong side of history.

The real problem is the way in which the Australian Government  has overreached its powers and their authoritarian approach which has now spread far beyond COVID related issues. While we need not have sympathy for Novak Djokovitch simply because he does not need it, we can feel sympathy for the people of Australia who have been subjected to such excessively heavy handed, neo - fascist measures intended to destroy the national culture. But instead of seeing opinion and analysis identifying the government's use of the pandemic to demolish democracy, individual sovereignty and civil liberties, the narrative has been skewed to give the impression that is Novak Djokovitch and not the authoritarians in government, that is responsible for stripping them of their freedoms.

The rules are rules argument is not sustainable just as, "I was following orders" was not an acceptable defence during the Nuremberg Trials. We all need to engage our critical thinking  faculties and accept responsibility for our own actions, if by continuing to comply with  the authoritarian diktat of governments because we are told things that ought to be unacceptable in any free society are "For The Greater Good," we do not deserve freedom.

Public anger should be directed at Government, the scientists who advise them, the crooked corporations of the Big Pharma cartel who spoonfeed those scientists research grant so long as the research delivers the result the sponsors want, and the medical professions who must have known from the start that vaccines, lockdowns and mask mandates are useless. For those who value freedom, being angry at sportsman exercising his his inalienable human right to bodily sovereignty (Geneva Convention on /Human Rights, 1948,) is self defeating. He is not causing risk or harm to anyone because were ill with COVID he would not be competing in high level sporting contests. The scientific studies, no matter how heavily politicised, do not back up the requirement to be double or triple-jabbed.In fact the argument that the unvaccinated are somehow a threat to the vaccinated is completely illogical.

We need dissenting voices, open debate and honest reporting by mainstream media in a free and democratic society to end this pandemic of authoritarianism. Unfortunately Australia is probavly a lost cause, we must write it off and let the facist government in Sydney turn the nation into the North Korea of the free world.


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