Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Even The Fully Ordained Members Of The Branch Covidian Cult Are Starting To See The Light


Regular readers of this blog and anyone else who has more active brain cells than testicles or tits as the case may be will have known beyond reasonable doubt that the Covid-19 killer virus narrative and its sequel, the vaccine that saved the world but did not stop the spread of the killer virus (that didn't actually kill) was a fake since before the pandemic was declared. Those who clung to their belief in the narrative in spite of the evidence gained from personal experience and observation, the warning to steer clear of the hurriedly developed, improperly tested, gene editing therapy disguised as vaccines jabs governments first offered and then tried to force on us are due some respect however.

It certainly says a lot for the power of faith that after so much evidence to the contrary, a significant number of them are still able to extol the virtues of the unsafe and ineffective vaccines, the useless masks and the lockdowns that did do much harm socially and economically without offering any protection to anybody.

Fortunately there is  a growing stream of evidence that even in the the organisations which make up the global health tyranny there is a growing realisation that the majority of people in the developed nations have seen through the hoax behind their power grab.. The mouthpiece of the World Governance Through Health Fascism movement is Global Health Now, published by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Its daily newsletters have been pushing the long Covid story for all it was worth in order to explain the numerous long term and delayed symptoms experienced by so many people who reveived their two CO|VID shots and the recommended number of boosters. (These 'symptoms' are of course noting to do with the virus but are the effects of the highly toxic 'spike protein' the messenger RNA shots reprogram the body to produce.

Last week by the British Medical Association on the BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine website published an article which exposed the poor quality of research into the almost mythical disease Long Covid and the difficulties in defining, let alone diagnosing it. This study was linked, surprisingly, in Global Health Now.

GHN backtracked somewhat when it linked to a study reporting that 18million Americans say they have long Covid. There is a big gap between saying one has a particular health problem and being diagnosed with it. And it must be pointed out how, with the huge and often overlapping range of symptoms linked with Long Covid and the sheer vagueness in attempts to define both the condition and its causes (for example aching joints, chronic tiredness, runny nose persistent cough ‘pins and needles’ and ‘depression and anxiety’), if we put our minds to it, we could probably all claim to have it.

But in what must be a body blow to vaccine-obsessed people who still believe that we the unvaxxed pose a deadly threat to them because we will almost certainly infect then with the killer virus that so far has not killed us, even though they have had multiple shots of a vaccine that by any meaningful definition of the word vaccine should have immunised them and then increased their immunity exponentially with every shot, that a recent large study among non-menstruating women in Norway published in Science Advances has shown that 13 per cent had experienced unexpected vaginal bleeding. 

Reporting the study in its News section, Nature was quick to point out that ‘in general, the Covid-19 vaccines have been found to be safe and effective’. This should  prompt mainsteam media to question what government health agencies and medical professionals understand is meant by the words 'safe and effective'  when they are demonstrably killing people, and and are also ineffective having failed to bestow immunity and in fact undermined what natural immunity people had. This must be a serious issue as even the front-line Covid-19 narrative pushing organ Medscape has been forced to report it.

The number of ‘excess deaths’ (that's the number of people above the ten year average who have died above the average,) this year is huge, about 10% higher than the usual very stable average. Andrew Bridgen MP (now sitting as an Independent after being thrown out of the Conservative Party for questioning the globalist narrative, has been trying to persuade Parliament to debate on this matter.

For months business managers of  have blocked all his efforts. Now he has been allocated a slot in the pm of 20th October. That just happens to be a Friday! So, although a Minister has to be there to reply to the address, it is more than likely that the House will be devoid of any other “honourable”members as most leave on Thursday evening to return to their consituencies / weekend cottages.

So, do we assume that they are now fully aware of the vaccine damage but are unwilling to debate the issue because the truth would be too explosive? Whatever the answer to that question is, there can be no doubt that if they aren’t there, there is nothing very ‘honourable’ about any of them because only one has spoken publicly about this scandal and crime against humanity.

This reluctance to face up to their COVID scam having been exposed raises a moral issue, usually known as The Trolley Problem, which has been known for centuries. In the case of the Atom bombs dropped on Japan, the argument was over whether deliberately killing around  100,000 innocent non combatant people was justified in order to 'save the lives' of even more people. (Topically, the issue is touched on in the recent Oppenheimer film. Further back, the Pentagon introduced the concept of "collateral damage" during the Vietnam War, if I recall correctly.)

In these cases we distinguish between developers and utilisers, the latter being the military leaders and politicians who make the difficult decision to utilise such weapons of mass destruction. The convention is that we reward the scientists who develop the various weapons , and leave criticizing the politicians until after they are dead, the war is over and the truth gradually floats to the surface.

According to all the evidence we now have that was not reported by mainstream media when it first became available, the "war on Covid" was a complete hoax, conceived and implemented in an attempt, to effect global wealth transfer and political power shift from elected governments to unelected, unaccountable technocrats, by alarming the populace with a nest of imaginary demons. Doubtless there will be others in the endless series: Covid variants, climate change, pollution, Chinese industrialisation, Russian imperialism, food shortages etc. etc.

The reason that no one in a position of power in any developed nation is prepared to admit they were complicity in implementing a population reduction agenda (11,000 a month in UK and rising) is that the penalty for such admission is their not just loss of position but exclusion from the elite caste of the corporate / political technocracy. The reason governments cannot accept that The Science was simply wrong is that the amount of compensation that would have to be paid out (we were all damaged or disadvantaged in some way,) would destroy economies and anihilate the workforce (everyone would be so wealthy they would not need to work.) An admissin hasthat after effects of the 'cure' have been worse than the disease (excess deaths and deaths due to lockdowns now exceed deaths from COVID 19) so debate has to be suppressed at any cost. Big Pharma gets away with all its ill - gotten gains having been grated immunity from claims for injury resulting from vaccination. And the whole scandal will be quietly buried under a mound of beureaucratic obfuscation.


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