Friday, July 15, 2016

Coup In Turkey? Helicopters, Military Jets Reported Flying Over Capital; Army, Tanks Deployed

by Ian R Thorpe

Fortunately I was out most of the day and so was catching up on posting the gang's submissions and suggestions. I'm not usually online this late on a Friday.

Reports are coming in on the news wires of an attempted coup in Turkey. It must be stressed none of this is confirmed but the sources, Reuters and Agence France Presse (AFP) are more reliable than most and they are reporting the sounds of shooting and explosions in the Turkish capital, Ankara, with military jets and helicopters having been sighted overflying the city. According to Reuters, gunfire could be heard in the streets while bridges heading into Istanbul have been currently shut down.

According to local media reports, citing a pro-government newspaper, this is an attempted coup.

This news story will obviously be unfolding overnight, we will report more tomorrow because it is the time when in civilised counties, bottles of wine are opened.

Just as a smug little sign off though, we reported the liklihood of a coup in Turkey back in March, when President Erdogan transferred legislative power from the democraticallyish elected government to himself.

Will There Be A Coup In Turkey?


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As France reels after the Nice attack, in Paris the true extent of the horror perpetrated last November is revealed.

As the French nation and the rest of the world tries to come to terms with yet another terrorist atrocity carried out in the French city and holiday resort of Nice, that has left many dead and an almost equal number seriously injured, we have learned from one of our Friends in France that a government committee looking into The Bataclan massacre, which happened late last year has heard testimony, suppressed by the French government and mainstream media, that the Islamic extremists who shot many people in the Bataclan concert venue tortured some of their victims at the club.

Police witnesses told the hearings they vomited when they saw the disfigured bodies.

The Wahhabist terrorists reportedly gouged out eyes, castrated male victims, and shoved their testicles in their mouths, while women were stabbed in their vaginas. Some captives were diembowelled while still alive. The hearing was told all the torture was videoed to be used as propaganda by Daesh or Islamic State. For that reason, medics did not release the bodies of torture victims to the families, investigators said.

But prosecutors, who appeared to be acting as apologists for Islamic terrorism tried to contend these reports of torture were merely "rumor", on the grounds, claiming that no sharp knives were found at the scene. They also claimed that maybe shrapnel had caused the injuries.

Here is a brief extract of an exchange between a prosecutor and a police officer (the whole exchange is reported in the French government transcript of the proceedings if you can read French):

Q. For the information of the Commission of Inquiry [...] can you tell us how you learned that there had been acts of barbarity within the Bataclan: beheadings, evisceration, eyes gouged out …?

Investigator: After the assault, we were with colleagues at the alleyway Saint-Pierre-Amelot when I saw one of our colleagues who came outside to vomit was weeping. He told us what he had seen.

Q. Acts of torture happened on the second floor?

Further on the investigator described how this was kept from relatives:

A. Bodies have not been presented to families because there were beheaded people there, the murdered people, people who have been disembowelled . There are women who had their genitals stabbed.

Q. All this would have been videotaped for Daesh !

A. I believe so. Survivors have said so.

At another point in the lengthy transcript, the investigator says women were sexually tortured, stabbed in the genitals, and their eyes were plucked out. People were decapitated.

The committee chief challenged the investigator on whether victims were decapitated or mutilated. He stated that the authorities reported victims were merely shot or blown up.

The President of the committee, M. President Georges Fenech said, "Indeed, the Committee is troubled by this information which has appeared nowhere [in the media]. Thus, the father of one of the victims sent me a copy of a letter he sent to the investigating judge, which I quote in summary: On the causes of the death of my son A., at the forensic institute in Paris, I was told, and what a shock it was for me at that moment, they had cut off his testicles, had put them in his mouth, and he was disemboweled. When I saw him behind glass, lying on a table, a white shroud covering it up to the neck, a psychologist was with me. He said: This is the only presentable part, your son’s left profile. I found that he had no right eye. I made the remark; I was informed that they had punctured his eye and sliced down the right side of his face, where there was a very large hematoma that we could all see."

A witness called to corroborate the statements heard from one of the BAC officials, that one of his investigators vomited immediately on leaving the Bataclan after finding a decapitation and evisceration confirmed he was aware of such facts?"

The prosecutor's pathetic reply that no sharp knife had been found at the scene that could have been used for torture. Perhaps shrapnel had caused the mutilation, he said. The head of the committee asked if an explosion would have placed testicles in a victim’s mouth.

The news follows reports that German police sat on the huge number of sexual assaults committed by Islamist migrants in Cologne, which a secret report estimated at thousands, not hundreds.

While we in New Media are reporting the truth of Islamic terrorists brutality and apparent pleasure in torturing and humiliating victims, we can only hope to shame mainstream media and even some politicians to stop aiding and abetting these barbaric terrorists. We are at war against an implacable enemy that hates western society, western values and anybody who does not accept their primitive, barbaric religion. It is time to stop making excuses for their brutality and cruelty. Multiculturalism has failed, time to admit it and reclaim our civilisation from the globalists who thought to complete the genocide of the white, European races.

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