Saturday, December 24, 2016

Why You Shouldn't Trust Mainsteam Media - An Explainer

Not a lot of point blogging today, everyone else is as busy as I've been with real life things. but with FAKE NEWS continuing to make headlines and the Obama Administration, in the dying days of their failed attempt to change America from a republic to a fascist tyranny passing new anti - free - speech laws while in Germany, politicians defend their refusal several months ago to deport the guy who drove a truck into a Christmas market because 'deporting terrorists is racist' (they didn't actually put it quite so bluntly)here's an example of how mainstream media and particularly those broadcasters with 'left - wing' sympathies (i.e. about a billion light years to the right of Hitler) manufacture Fake News in order to try to manipulate public opinion. This Fake New item from The Guardian follows a report that actor Michael Sheen was quitting Hollywood to return to the UK and work to overturn the Brexit vote, keeping us in the European Union. Sheen himself has denounced the story as a complete fabrication.

Great work by Paul Staines of Guido Fawkes blog again:

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Sheen Comes off Guardian’s Brexit Luvvie Scoop

The Guardian breathlessly reported the conversion of Michael Sheen from luvvie-land board-treading to hardcore political activism this weekend:
“Michael Sheen plans to abandon his acting career to fight what he calls the rise of the “hard populist right” in Britain and beyond.”
The piece boasted:
“Although he has been based in Los Angeles for the past 14 years, home remains the South Wales steel town of Port Talbot, which voted overwhelmingly for Brexit in the June referendum – a result that initially left the actor “sad and frustrated” but then determined to fight back.”
Unfortunately, by Sheen’s own admission, none of this is true. The actor – whose agent must have had a fit – posted a blog on his personal Tumblr feed later the same day completely denying the story:
“I did one interview with The Times of London a few weeks ago, parts of which (including a headline that is not a quote) have been picked up by a lot of other outlets. I DID NOT declare that I’m ‘quitting acting and leaving Hollywood’ to go into politics.”
He continued:
“I certainly did NOT equate people who voted for Brexit or Trump with a fascistic ‘hard right’ that must be stopped. The majority of people in the U.K., including my hometown of Port Talbot, voted for Brexit. That is the will of the people and is to be respected. That is democracy.”


The Globalist Pravda Network

Fake News is a phrase that is never far from the lips or fingertips of journalists and television pundits who are supposed to keep us informed about what is happening in the world. But how reliable are those who have appointed themselves the guardians of journalistic integrity. Not very reliable it seems, if The Guardian, a highbrow UK newspaper is anything to go by.

The Left In Meltdown
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