Friday, March 22, 2024

World War 3? Don't Blame Us, We Did Try To Warn You.


Russia. Is. At. War.

In an avalanche of words, western support for Ukraine has escalated (rhetorically at least,) this week, with some European leaders, notably the increasingly ridiculous wannabe Napoleon, French President Emmanuel Macron who has twice called for NATO ground forces to be deployed against the Russian military in Ukraine. With the idiot Biden also talking about sending long range weapons to the trigger - happy Ukie cowboys so that they can strike cities and strategic targets deep inside Russia, the gloves are off and President Putin has told Russians they are in a full fledged war. This is not going to be a good result for Ukraine, as today's reports of missile strikes on Kiev and a targeted attack on Ukraine's electricity infrastructure confirm

Last week's 'election' in Russia saw a record turnout. As predicted by everybody Putin won by a very large margin. However the fact that there were no major protests against the lack of credible opposition candidates does expose the lie of western propagandists that Russians are sickened by the war and the nation ids on the brink of revolution. Putinism is a geopolitical reality, as was confirmed when The Kremlin admitted for the first time that Russia is at war.

NATO expansion into the Baltic States and eastern Europe was always about the perpetuation of US hegemony but for a decade now, the de-dollarisation campaign led by China, Russia and Iran has been about the burial of the western financial system based on the status of the US$ as the leading reserve currency that underpins that US geopolitical hegemony. Putin is playing a pivotal role in that historical process and if he remains in power till 2030 and fulfills even one half of the ambitious blueprint of social and economic programme for Russia that he outlined in his landmark speech at the Federal Assembly of the parliament, the global strategic balance will have shifted irrevocably and cemented a multipolar world order as the foundation of 21st century politics.

 The West knows it, the Russian people know it, the vast majority of nations realise it. That said, it must be understood as well that this is not only Putin’s victory personally but also a consolidation of Russian society around him. The consequences of such moves are inevitable of course, but we have been trying for ten years to sound the alarm about the direction globalists were leading us in.


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‘We’re Not At War With Russia,’ Germany's Chancellor Scholz tells Warmongering French Ouanqeur Macron
Though Macron's recent posturing as a reincarnated Napoleon by calling on his fellow European leaders to send troops to fight alongside the Ukrainian military may have been nothing more than an ill - advised attempt to deflect attention from online conspiracy theories that his wife Brigitte is, or was at some time in the past, a man, the ploy, if that is what it was, has backfired.

Moscow Claims U S Defense Secretary's ‘Freudian slip’ Exposes Washington's intention To Go To War With Russia
Testifying to the US Congress House Armed Services Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is alleged to have revealed evidence that Washington has plans for direct military involvement with Russia. [ ... ] Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made this allegation on Friday having seen a transcript of Austin's address to the Committee hearing on Thursday. Austin reportedly said that “if Ukraine falls, I genuinely believe NATO will be fighting Russia.

And The War In Ukraine Grinds On
Due to the absence in this blog of reporting on the war in Ukraine readers may have come to the conclusion that we Boggart Bloggers no longer considered it important. That is not quite true, though we are still aware of the importance of Ukraine to the future of the liberal democracies in western Europe, we are only three old guys (with occasional contributions from friends in the alt_news community,) and have simply been overwhelmed by events closer to home.

Total Defeat Of Ukraine By Russia Is Only A Matter Of Time
Financial Times columnist and founder member of the Vobblyvoddymyr Zelensky piano playing penis fan club, Gideon Rachman has a talent for stating the obvious which he displays in a recent article on the state of play in the Ukrainian conflict 'Ukraine and its backers need a credible path to victory - archived. As the Financial Times is behind a paywall with no monthly allocation of free articles, below is a sommary of the most importyant section:

Is The West About To Abandon Ukraine?
n a fresh interview with Germany's national television service ARD on Saturday (2 December,) NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned viewers to prepare for for more "bad news" from Ukraine. Asked for his opinion on whether the situation will worsen for Ukrainian as winter sets in, after the much hyped summer counteroffensive turned into a catastrophic failure he responded, "Wars develop in phases.

The War In Ukraine Is Entering A Significant Phase - SitRep
With all the other troubles in the world its easy to overlook the news from Ukraine which suggests that conflict is entering a a crucial phase as the western allies find it inceasingly difficult to keep up with Kiev's demands for cash, weapons and ammo. Big Serge has a rather long situation report on Substack and it will not make happy reading for the Zelensky fan club in the west:

Game Over For Zelensky - NATO andEU Officials Urge Ukraine To Seek Peace
As this blog predicted early last month, following the catastrophic failure of Ukraine's 'counter offensive' to push Russian troops out of their country, American and European leaders who have previously been solidly behind the doomed Ukrainian war with its powerful neighbour, are rapidly going cool on their pledges of unlimited support for puppet - president Zelensky and his far - right masters.

Ukraine's Military Commander Admits Counter - offensive Has Failed And The Battlefield Position Is Stalemate
Since Russian troops crossed the border into Ukraine, back in February 2022, those of us who questioed the Russia bad, Ukraine goood narrative have been targeted by torrents of abuse hurled by pseudo - patriots and armchair soldiers, and called a 'Kremlin stooges', Russian agents', 'Putin supporters', and enemies of freedom. When anybody suggested that Russia's aim was not to conquer the whole of Ukraine and from there wage war on the rest on continental Europe ...

Ukraine Too Corrupt To Join The EU Says Former EU Leader Juncker
Former EU Commission President and world class oenophile Jean-Claude Juncker, stated this week in unusually blunt terms that are perhaps a sign of the times, that Ukraine is not ready to join the EU due to its being "corrupt at all levels of society," the former European Commission president, said in unusually blunt language during an interview with Germany’s Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper this week.

If You're Afraid Of Nuclear War You're Not Supporting Ukraine Enough Is Zelensky's Latest Message
The follow up to Elon Musk's refusal to open his Starlink satellite network for the benefit of Ukrainian military leaders as they fantasise about attacking Crimea and driving out the Russian occupying force this past week showcases how completely unhinged and dangerous the Ukrainian government's desire to escalate the war has become.

There Is Only One Way Ukraine Can End The War
As Ukraine's much hyped counterattack has failed to achieved the and momentum that hoped for by American and NATO leaders including President Volodymyr Zelensky who admitted it was "slower than desired", and a range of soldiers interviewed by BBC and Sky News television reporters t on different parts of the long (probably too long given the depletion of Ukrainian military manpower,) frontline have blamed minefields laid by Russian troops for that delay. Well as is often said, in any wartruth is the first casualty.

Who Blew Up The Nordstream Pipeline
So whodunnit? Sabotage of undersea gas pipe will escalate tension and move the world closer to nuclear war, but who is behind it, Russia in a bid to put more presure on Europe, Ukraine in an attempt to drag NATO into direct action, or the USA using a CIA false flag event to advance its own agenda.

Has Putin Has Pushed Europe Into Economic Depression, Hyperrinflation and Currency Collapse?
Though it was entirely predictable and indeed had been expected for some time, the news over the weekend that the Nord Stream 1 pipeline which feeds gas from Russia to northern Europe via The Baltic route had been shut down completely by The Kremlin in retaliation for the continued financial and military support given by NATO and EU member states to Ukraine in the conflict with Russia. The European Commission, governing body of the EU, immediately put the community on something close to a war footing, ...
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Do We Have A Winter Of Civil Disobedience Ahead?
As many people in Britain slap on the apres sun gloop in the wake of what passes for a heatwave in these cool cloudy climes, our inept politicians caught with their pants down by unusual weather as usual have heard that that winter is coming and are making plans for a coldwave. We are in the grip of an energy crisis at the height of summer. Last week, it was reported that the UK government is laying down plans for a “reasonable worst-case scenario” including blackouts for industry and even households. And this is as energy prices spiral out of control to new records every day.

Is Russia Selling Its Oil To The World Through An Obscure Egyptian Port?
As this blog predicted when NATO and EU member states shot themselves in the foot by reacting to Russia's invasion of Ukraine with sanctions that prevented Russia from selling oil, gas and vital raw materials to the countries that needed them most, the NATO and EU member states, the Russians have had no problems finding alternative customers for their gas and oil and no problem getting oil into the world's commodity markets through the back door.

Are US Supplied Long Range Missiles Really Winning The War For Ukraine?
Since very soon after the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine western powers, USA, UK, EU and NATO have been doing everything possible to prolong and escalate the war. The latest move is to provide the Ukrainian military with long range HIMARS missile. Mainstream media are claiming this has tilted the balance in Ukraine's favour. But for what? To prolong the slaughter? ...

Jingoistic Western Triumphalism Will Not End The War In Ukraine Or Cripple Putin, But It Is Crippling Western Nations

As the war in Ukraine grinds on and Russia steps up its economic war against the west and in particular The European Union, claims made recently by the idiotically 'woke' leaders of Europe's main economic and military powers that the West has a once-in-a–generation chance to severely weaken Russia’s capabilities, both militarily and geopolitically, look increasingly hollow. Putin's critics have cited 'Western unity' as one of the main reasons why Russia will be economically destroyed and politically humiliated when the Ukraine's military finally claim victory.

European Union Is Again Close To A Meltdown As Eurozone Economy Collapses
Once more we return to the political instability and economic fragility of the European Union as the conflict in Ukraine combined with loonytoons Climate Change mitigation policies, the failure of 'sustainables' to meet ever increasing demand for electricity, fod shortages and rampant price inflation put economic and social pressure on governments of member states ...

Russian Long Range Missile Test Fuels Nuclear War Fears As NATO Pushed Ukraine To Escalate Conflict
Russia tested its latest intercontinental ballistic missile yeserday, the Satan II has a range of 10,000 miles and can devastate an area of 250,000 square kilometers according to military experts. Bizarrely commentators in mainsteam and online news services portrayed this as a sign of weakness by Russia, though the same people cheered when Joe (Dementiaman) Biden threratened a nuclear response if Russia crossed his 'red lines' in Ukraine ...

We The Good Guys Versus They The Bad Guys Reporting Does Not Make Sense For The Ukraine Crisis
Mainstream media reporting of the conflict in Ukraine has disappointed. Perhaps I was naive to suppose that lessons might have been learned from the hits their print sales and online traffic rates took as a result of their handling the COVID pandemic But instead of focusing on the most obviously newsworthy aspect of the build up to and escalation of the war, Russia’s view of NATO expansion into Ukraine and even further to Georgia and Kazakhstan, news reports have simply demonised Russia and portrayed Ukraine as the good guys.

Boris and Biden Can't Blame Ukraine War For Energy Crisis
With typical arrogance and condescension towards the people who elected them Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and their respectiive presstitutes are trying to spin the energy crisis Europe and North America are currently facing as somehow being linked to the conflict in Ukraine and therfore blame is being attactched to Russia and Vladimir Putin. Do they really think we are stupid enough to believe such unmitigated bollocks? ...

Even If The War In Ukraine Ends, Sanctions Will Stay - So How Bad Will The Food Crisis Get?
Western leaders, desperate to show their own countries they were taking a firm stance on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, were quick to impose economic sanctions ... so quick in fact that they acted before they had though things through. While freezing Russia out of the global finance system they have exacerbated the wests energy crisis, while Russia's retaliatory ban on raw materials (fertiliser) exports will create extra problems on top of those we already had ...

Europe's Depleted Gas Storage Might Not Get Refilled Ahead Of Next Winter
While mainstream news reporting of the conflict in Ukraine continues to pump out a torrent of anri - Russia, pro - war propaganda the catastropic effects of this war that could so easily have been avoided are not mentioned. Well why would warmongering governments admit they have inflicted an energy crisis, food shortages and soaring living costs on their people for no good reason ...

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