Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Russian Foreign Affairs Dept Accuses Turkey Of Hindering Syrian Peace Talks

Earlier today Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov accused of obstructing progress Turkey in the latest round of negotiations on a settlement of the Syrian civil war. Gatilov questioned Ankara’s role in the process. It is well known of cotse that since the onset of hostilities Turkey's government has funded the ISIS terrorist group by buying oil from wells in territory occupied by ISIS and selling it into western markets and has also nbee active in supplying ISIS and free Syrian Army fighting units with weapons and ammunition.

Gatilov told Russian Izvestia Daily, that Ankara persuaded the Saudi-backed High Negotiations Committee (HNC) to abandon multilateral negotiations which put at risk the ceasfire brokered by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry.

"It is a pity that foreign players, and important regional players such as Turkey, continue to play an unconstructive role in this process," Gatilov remarked.

The peace talks were halted after the HNC walked out of discussions in protest at what it called a violation of the ceasefire by the Syrian government. Damascus challenged this, claiming the truce was violated by foreign-backed militants.

Concurrently, the Free Syrian Army — often referred to as "moderate" rebels by Western media outlets (because when they behead people with pocket knives, or cut vital organs fro dead opponents and ear them, they are at least fair about it,) refused to comply with the strictures of the ceasefire fearing, they claimed that the Assad regime would use the lull in combat to stifle opposition.

The 'moderate rebels', according to top US military officials, include al-Nusra Front militants, an al Qaeda spinoff extremist network only slightly less repugnant than Daesh.

The Russian government, which conducted a bombing campaign against both ISIS and the FSA and its Iranian allies who put troops on the ground in support of Assad stand accused by Western media of striking out against those moderates supported by the US. In the midst of all this, Tukey has been pursuing its own territorial ambitions by attacking Kurdish territory in Syria and Iraq.

America is accused of arming Daesh and of not seriously opposing the rebels because their priority was to overthrow Assad. There is consistent confusion about the positions and alliegences of al-Nusra, al Qaeda, the Free Syrian Army and Daesh, along with conflicting policies of whether to combat Daesh first or priotitise the US led regime-change operation in Syria concurrently, as is favored by the West.

It is into this appalling vacuum that America’s so-called allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia have operated, sowing havoc in Syria to advance national geopolitical imperatives. While Saudi Arabia seeks to garner cultural expansion of the fundamentalist Wahhabi Sunni tradition, Turkey has masterminded an effort to exact concessions from Europe in addressing a refugee crisis caused, in part, by the mismanagement of the US State Department, Ankara and Brussels. all in all it's a bloody mess and is not going to be sorted out any time soon.


Iran's Ayatollahs save SyriaPutin and
Now That Russia's Putin and Iran's Ayatollahs Have Neutralised ISIS in Syria the focus of terror shifts to Turkey, the NATO members that, with the fuill knowledge of the USA ans European powers has been helping ISIS in its bid to overthrow the Assad regime.

The Final Curtain For Hillary's Presidential Dream

The Obama Administration helped ignite the civil war in Syria as “the best way to help Israel,” a newly-released Hillary Clinton email published by Wikileaks has confirmed. Silly Hilly, then Secretary Of State wrote: "The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad."

Crazy Obama Administration Claims It Brought Peace And Security To Syria In 2015
As fighting intensifies between ISIS, The Assad regime and its Russian, Iranian and Chinese allies and the FUKUS axis (France, UK, US) with support from Turkey as that rogue state wages a genocial campaign against the Kurds, the increasingly insane warmongers of the Obama administration is telling US voters they have brought peace and security to Syria Fortunately for Americans with enough nous to question the official narrative, new media is getting the truth out to ever increasing audiences.

Captured ISIS fighter says ‘trained in Turkey, ISIS thinks it’s safer than Syria’

Yet another report from the middle east offering more evidence that Turkey is supporting ISIS in every possible way and acting as the USA's proxy in the Obama administration's efforts to depose the regime of President Assad in Syria.

Putin Orders Military To "Boost Strategic Nuclear Forces" As Syria Situation Worsens

The website attracts a predominantly conservative audience so responses in the comment thread were full of Gung ho claims about American exceptionalism and the superiority of American trained soldiers [...] It is already known that Pentagon officials have been shocked by the capabilities of Russia's most advanced aircraft, the SU34 and by the advanced technology used in weaponry of Russian naval vessels now guarding the approaches to Syria's coast.

ISIS: Know Your Enemy - Who Of Those We Think Are On Our Side Is Helping ISIS

Who is funding ISIS, how has the terror group managed to assemble such a large, well equipped and (apparently) well fed fighting force and been able to wage a two year war against the Assad regime in Syria, the forces of the autonomous Kurds and the army of the Iraqi government, such as it is? Who is facilitating their illegal oil trade that is keeping Islamic State afloat.

ISIS Oil expopse "Raqqa's Rockefellers", Bilal Erdogan, KRG Crude, And The Israel Connection

More on how the USA and its allies Israel and Turkey have been central to the criminal business of stealing oilf from wells rightflly owned by Iraq and the autonomous Kurdish region and laundering it through Turkey into western markets and how the Turkish crook President Recep Edrogan is making hundreds of millions of dollars from the trade.

After Yugoslavia NATO changed from a mutual defence alliance to an organisation for military aggression.

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WHO are you? A Bunch Of F***ing Useless W***ers That's Who

Vetran rocker Roger Daltrey let's fly at EU bureaucratic dictatorship as he supports Brexit.

Daltrey, front man of sixties shock rockers the Who, famously sang "Won't Get Fooled Again" a few decades ago, has now thrown his weight behind the campaign to make sure that we don't. In an outburst possibly prompted by the scaremongering of world leaders like Barack Obama, his bum chum David Cameron and Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel, the singer labeled membership of the European Union (EU) a “disaster”, saying he supports Brexit from the “undemocratic, highly dysfunctional” politico-trading bloc.

Echoing comments made by Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, and most recently Ian Duncan Smith who perceptively observed the EU is a friend to big business and the rich rather than ordinary workers, he spoke about the “systematic campaign of subterfuge” pro-EU campaigners have employed the seventy - two year old criticised Brussels bureaucrats for the way they expanded the remit of the EU commission, saying "they kind of sneakily crept in on us."

The Who (for millennials, Roger Daltry is the one on the right of picture) Image Source

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, The Who frontman claimed the European superstate project was “set up by a bunch of crooks”, elaborating: “But that’s how they did this, we all thought we were voting for a common trade area. We voted for an apple and they gave us a bunch of bloody grapes!”

Mr. Daltrey said the EU is a “wonderful idea” but the only way to get a Europe people want is to “get rid of this bunch of fucking useless wankers that are running it.”

In other comments Roger expressed a belief in British sovereignty (“What it’s done to our Parliament is put them down to level of Parish Council.”) and in small government, lashing out at unnecessary bureaucratic interference in the private lives of British people that EU bureaucracy has manadated, “because there are so many politicians we get so much useless fucking law.”

Moving on to  immigration, which he described as “a big issue for our country because we are an island”, he rejected the politically correct dogma that mass immigration brings social and economic benefits and said he had asked people to consider the other aspect of the immigration issue: “But no one talks about that side immigration issue, which is the fact that southern European countries have been robbed of their youth, those countries have been raped.

“Their youth have had to leave to get work, so how are they going to rebuild their futures?”

Identifying a revolutionary spirit on the streets, the singer said that as increasing numbers of the rich and powerful and business people “with real big vested interests in Europe” come out in favour of remaining, the average man on the street becomes “even more angry”.

 He noted: “You’re hardly going to get the civil servants to talk against it are you? It’s going to put them out of work!”

Mr. Daltrey did concede that the path to independence from the EU would not be plain sailing, referring to the trade deals that some say would need to be done, he said: “It probably will put the cat among the pigeons for a while but it’s not the end of our country and it’s not the end of Europe. To say that they’ll stop trading with us is absolute bullshit.”

Another legendary rock frontman, Sir Mick Jagger, made a similar comments in more measured terms in April 2016. When asked about Brexit by a Sky News interviewer he said:
“I think to the country in the short term, it will be detrimental if we get out. In the longer term, in say a 20 year term, it might turn out to be beneficial.”

EU Commission Backs Turkey Visa-Free Travel Amid Terrorist Cautions
BoJo Was Correct – The EU Was A Nazi Idea
Armed Forces Minister: Obama ‘Woefully Ignorant’ of Threat EU Membership Poses
European Parliament President Says ‘Vast Majority Of Europeans Do Not Want Borders’
EU Commission Backs Turkey Visa-Free Travel Amid Terrorist Cautions

So Long, Schengen: Six EU States to Resurrect National Borders in Mid-May

Illegal Immigrants, Bogus Refugees and Jihadist Asylum Seekers - Europes Self Engineered Crisis
US Threat to Businesses Scares EU Members As Summit On Continued Sanctions Nears

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