Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Science Moves In Mysterious Ways Its Wonders To Perform

Science Wants To Move In Mysterious Ways It's Wonders To Perform
It was looking as if the global warming scare was dead, then that Nazi shit Barack Obama, seeing his dream of being President Of The World slipping away, gave his science whores enough money to enable them to kick some life back into it. Now the “science” lobby, unable to put together an convincing argument against their challengers are demanding the abolition of free speech.
If you do not agree with the farrago of fake statistics, bogus observations and photoshopped images that make up the case for global warming, if you challenge the god – like status of scientists about the need for genetically engineered food crops, if you argue that Big Bang is only a theory, and evolution as outlined in Charles Darwin’s, “On The Origin Of The Species By Natural Selection” does not offer an explanation for the origin of life on earth and was never intended to, apparently you are not a scientist and so are not allowed an opinion.
Are today’s crop of scientists then so intellectually bankrupt, so piss poor in communication skills they cannot, with all their research funding and the mathematics and statistics, competently answer challenges from lay people.
It would seem so:
So Who Is Anti - science? Those Who Question Climate Change Or Those Who Would Abolish Free Speech