Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why are climate-change models so detatched from reality?

Readers familiar with this blog should be aware that our purpose is to question authority, the establishment, scientists academic experts who live in a world of theory and lack practical experience (they're CHIMPS - Completely Hopeless In Most Practical Situations) and also that we have consistently questioned the certainties of those who 'identify' as liberals (although their illiberalism, intolerance of differing opinions and constant claims of authority when challenged show they are the opposite of liberal.

Take for example the question of climate change. "The science is settled," liberals claim no matter how many peer reviewed scientific research papers challenge that and offer far more rigorous evidence in support of their conclusions that the Warmageddonists have.

For years however, mainstream media has dutifully followed the government propaganda and supported the CAGWARTS (Carbon-driven Anthropogenic Global Warming Alternative Reality Trolls) claims that CO2 emissions from human activities was the sole cause of climate change. Now at last we are starting to see mainstream media publications, alarmed by the way audiences and readers are abandoning them, tired of being fed a constant diet of fake news, and revenue has dwindled are starting to take a more balanced approach to reporting climate related issues.

Here's a good and intelligent article from The Boston Globe (not a newspaper noted for right wing sympathies)


Research Team Slams Global Warming Data In New Report

.. the only thing they show any scepticism about is any suggestion that Warmageddon is not happening / will not happen. In mathematical models of the world this holds true, however in the real world evidence continues to pile up ...

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