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Ruling Elites In Panic: Trump Presidency Would End Their Golbal Government Dream

Eccentric billionaire, buffoon, loudmouth bully, racist, despite being called all these things and having his personal integrity and his business ethics called into question (and his haircut ridiculed by this blog amongst others) Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump continues to score primary victories and pile up delegates towards the Replican nomination for the Presidential election in November.

The party’s establishment is beginning to wonder whether this political outsider, this man who is not even truly a Republican, can be stopped. Alarmed, neocon commentator Anne Applebaum goes so far as to suggest that a Trump presidency would mark "the end of the West as we know it." That's a bit dramatic, there is more to the west than the USA.

On Saturday, Donald Trump won two more primary victories, in Louisiana and Kentucky, and thus securing a total of 373 delegates, with the more mainstream candidates Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich trailing with 291, 122 and 33 delegates respectively. Some political writers are now asking whether the Republican establishment dirty trick department can come up with anything capable of stopping Trump, others, including journalist Anne Applebaum, have resorted to scaremongering.

In a recent article for The Washington Post, Applebaum, a journalist famed for her hawkish, stridently anti-Russian stance, laid out a worst-case scenario for the global empire American conservatives dreamed of, warning that "right now, we are two or three bad elections away from the end of NATO, the end of the European Union and maybe the end of the liberal world order as we know it."

"In the United States, we are faced with the real possibility of Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump, which means we have to take seriously the possibility of a President Trump. Hillary Clinton’s campaign might implode for any number of reasons, too obvious to rehash here; elections are funny things, and electorates are fickle."

"That means,” Applebaum warns, “that next January we could have, in the White House, a man who is totally uninterested in what presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan – as well as Johnson, Nixon and Truman – would all have called ‘our shared values.'"

Pure unmitigated bollocks, it must be said. Trump could not be a worse disaster that Obama or Bush II have been, and on the upside he might just return to isolationism and pull back from all Obama's wars (few Americans have any idea how many foreign nations the USA is militarily involved in. (It's hard to find the real figure, the listing on Wikipedia is nonsense so I went under the radar and found that not counting friendly nations such as Japan, Germany and Britain, and not counting places where a small number of military personnel are attached to embassies, consulates or technical missions, in fact places when the USA has people engaged in combat, peacekeeping or tactical support for military operations is over eighty. These include places you will never find information on via the public access part of the net, such as Uganda, Eritrea, South Sudan and so on. Go looking if you like, but be sure your computer is bomb proof.

In fact you will find some surprises too. Some of the nations we think are our friends are really enemies. NATO member Turkey has been illegally trading oil and armaments with ISIS and Al Qaeda throughout the Syrian conflict. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have both played a double game, sponsorinf terroism and supporting Al Qaeda while pretending to be allies of the west.

And even the Obama White House cannot be trusted, after all back in 2008 he said in any conflict he would be on the side of the underdog (never mind that the underdog does not alway have right on their side, Al Qaeda for example took on the west but that did not mean they were anything but a bunch of murdering bastards.)

So Anne Apllebaum can cringe and quake at the prospect of a President Trump, for myself I find the status quo candidate Hillary Clinton more scary.


The Difference In Voting For Hillbillary or Trump Is Only One Promises War With Russia

Essential reading for our American readers who must soon decide who they want as their next president. Important too for non Americans who cannot influence the outcome of the election but are entitled to know why their arses might be blown from here to eternity sometime in the next few years.

The Birth Of Cultural Marxism
Ever wondered when and where the idiotic pseudo -philosophies of hippys and the idiotic and divisive politically correct dogmas of the modern left were born. The Social justice Warriors (aka 'liberals' or progressives' though they are really neither of these things but instead are moralistic authoritarians who hate free speech and personal liberty and support censorship, government control of media and criminalisation of dissent.

What Did Donald Trump Say To Earn a Liberal Lynch Mob On His Case

American ‘progressive liberals’ are getting their knickers in a right old twist about alleged ‘racist’ remarks made by the presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump who said something unforgivable about a Hispanic US federal judge. So what exactly was it he said about this bean – bandit judge that led intellectuals and academics to call for his murder?

Trump, Sanders: The Anti-Globalists
While most candidates for the US Presidency are political hacks guaranteed to follow the party line, the success of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump reflects how angry American voters are with the ruling elite, and how dangerous a situation the USA is in.

Yes, the Panama Papers Could Really End Hillary Clinton’s Campaign
We've been chronicling the downfall of Hillary Clinton, from her seemingly unassailable position as the anointed successor to Barack Obama, whose path to first the Democratic Party nomination and then the Presidency itself had been carefully planned and all obstacles removed. The fixers and deal makers had reckoned without two factors however, Bernie Sanders and Mrs. Clinton's poor image with voters, a result of her spoiled little rich girl arrogance and the incompetence she showed in office as Secretary of State.

Mac Slavo of Discovers Real Reason Why Trump Scares The Establishment

So if Trump is in fact as liberal as the corporate sock puppet Obama, what is it about him that has the ruling elite so scared the corporate owned mainstream media are resorting to desperate measures to discredit him while politicians plot increasing unfeasible ways to stop him becoming president.

Republican Party Hierachy Meltdown Over Trump?
Whatever it may or may not have achieved, the obviously management - approved intervention of 'Captain Underpants' Mitt Romney who urged Republicans to unite against Donald Trump did not go down well with some parts of the US Media. Here's an extract of somebody called Judge Jeanine, letting rip at the Party's ruling cabal for simply not getting it.
US Polling Expert Finds Young Americans Atre 'Terrifyingly Liberal'
Like 'science' the word 'liberal' has become totally misused, those who call themselves now are bigoted, authoritarian and and ill informed. And they do not tolerate those who express opinions differing from theirs. And it seems, the American ones are worse.

Death Of Democracy: Why We Can’t Get The Government We Deserve And Vote For.

In every election campaign, in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France etc. politicians spout about delivering 'change'. And yet every government we elect, no matter what label they wear or what coulour the use on campaign materials, seems just the same as the last, making the same promises and mistakes. Ever wondered why?

America is being destroyed
American Dystopia: Detroit
American debt disaster
Politiucalk and business leaders have failed America
What do we really know about Obama's background
Obama's bottom feeders
Obama running oppressive third world regime
Obama the real danger to world peace

New Hampshire Primary:Sanders and Trump Victory For Vox Populi

At Both Ends Of The Political Spectrum Americans Agree The Government Is FUBAR
Loud Trump Resonates Throughout America.
Soros Attacks Trump: The New World Order Are Afraid ...

New World Order

Living With The Conspiracy

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EU Sacrifices Kurds To Turkey's Imperial Ambition For Erdogan Help With Migrants

Claudia Roth, German Green Party

Europe ruling neo Nazi bureaucracy have done their dirtiest deal ever, agreeing to give tacit support to lunatic Turkish president Recep Erdogan, whose crackdown on opposition and the Kurdish minority could backfire on Europe, Green Party politician and Bundestag Vice-President Claudia Roth told German newspaper Die Welt. (Google translate)

The Eurocrats cannot be unaware that while blackmailing EU leaders for €billions in return for his help in controlling the flow of migrants into Greece and the EU (help which has so far not been forthcoming, in fact all we've seen is the standard blackmailers business model of broken promises and even more outrageous demands) Erdogan's Sunni Muslim regime has been illegally trading armaments for oil with the ISIS terrorists waging war on western interests in Syria and Iraq.

The EU made a "highly problematic" agreement with Turkey in November to try and ease the migrant crisis, while Greece is on the verge of collapse without greater support from Brussels, German former Green Party leader and Bundestag Vice-President Claudia Roth told Die Welt on Sunday.

"I have huge concern for Greece. The country has been left in the lurch by European partners for months. The motto is, 'Bad luck, if the Mediterranean is right outside the door.'"

That Greece is in need of humanitarian aid from the EU, a source of funding usually reserved for developing countries, is an "indictment" for the EU, Roth said.

"Greece's debt crisis problems are far from over, and now the humanitarian crisis is coming as well. As long as Greece is not markedly relieved conflicts there will foment," she said, warning of a rise in support for right-wing extremist politics.

"The politics of austerity and the harsh attitude of the federal government towards Athens have certainly led to anti-German resentment in some European countries. Now Merkel with her refugee policy is feeling the resistance to the perceived policy of German domination," Roth told the newspaper.

The politician noted that though the EU has been miserly in its support to Greece, it is willing to strike a deal with Turkey to stop the flow of migrants and refugees at any price.

Roth said that while Turkey has taken in many refugees from Iraq and Syria, the conditions in most Turkish refugee camps are unacceptable. She called the deal agreed with Turkey in November that gives Ankara political concessions and 3 billion euros ($3.3 billion) in financial aid to be spent on refugees in Turkey "highly problematic."

"The EU has got itself into a fatal dependency on President Erdogan and is now in the hand of this autocrat. If foreign politics is made out of internal political interests then human rights and the rule of law are left behind. Because the EU wants to contain the refugee influx from Turkey at any price, it is not at all concerned any more about the rule of law in Turkey. The EU has been blackmailed."

Erdogan's campaign against the Kurds has consequences for Germany, and for the Syrian crisis, where his policy is escalating the conflict, Roth said.


Irony Overload: Iran Warns Obama Not To Cross Red Lines

the United States concluded an agreement with Iran which lifted US and International sanctions in return for Islamic Shi'ite Republic agreeing to limit their nuclear ability. At a high level, the US would lead the way in lifting oil and financial sanctions imposed due to Iran’s nuclear programs; in return Iran would reduce their stockpile of enriched uranium,

US Provides Additional $20million in Response to Refugee Crisis in Europe
“The United States announces $20 million to support efforts by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent (IFRC) to provide increased protection, shelter, and lifesaving assistance throughout Europe, including in Greece, Western Turkey, and the Balkans,” the release said.

Treasure "Trove" Of ISIS Documents Detail Secret Oil Trade With Turkey
We detail the route by which ISIS transports illegal, undocumented crude to Turkey via Zakho-based smugglers and how that crude ends up at Ceyhan where tanker rates seem to mysteriously spike around ISIS-related oil events. All of this, we suggested, was done with the help of the Turkish government up to and including Erdogan's son Bilal who owns a shipping company

Turkey has ‘serious questions’ to answer: Reactions to RT report on post-ISIS town in Syria

The stream of accusations is growing against Ankara over illegal oil trade and support of Islamic State, with politicians and experts calling for Turkey to be held accountable for its actions after a new batch of evidence gathered by RT.

Why Should Obama Be Given A Platform From Which To Lecture Britian
Although it seems Sidi Barack Hussein Obama, the wannabe God - Emperor of the world and President Of The Entire Universe and everything Else Besides is still planning to visit Britain in late April to tell us all of HIS vision for Britain's future as a province of the US State of Greater Germany with Europe, British voters are distincylt underwhelmed by the prospect

Don’t Trust The Turks

As EU leaders meet the Turkish Sultan President Recep Tayyip Erdogan,prepared to offer him whatever he asks for, on top of the five billion Euros he has already trousered in return for Turkey’s empty promises of help in controlling the flow of criminals, rapists, people traffickers and jihadists refugees from all over the middle east, Asia,and Africa Syria ...

Russia's Surprise Withdrawal From Syria? "If We Don't Go Away, We Can't Come back Again.
There is no doubt that the withdrawal is not quite what it seems to be, but more likely a tactical move by the Russians. The Kremlin feels it has done enough to secure the regime of President Assad, the remnants of the Sunni Muslim Free Syrian Army are no longer capable of mounting a challenge and the Syrians, along with Shi'ite militias in Iraq and Kurdish irregulars, backed by Iranian Republic an Guard troops ought to be capable of dealing with ISIS

Anti Muslim Feeling Spreads Through All Levels Of German Society
We look first at the social problems Chancellor Merkel's 'Open Doors' immigration policy is causing in Germany, and further down the page as the political crisis Mrs. Merkel appears to be creating for her government.

EU Judges Could Throw Out Dave’s Deal, Say Independent Researchers
Now we learn that not only does Cameron’s give us no new terms and conditions at all, only clever wordplay, his agreement with the European Union (EU) could be thrown out by European judges, according to independent research by the House of Commons library.

German Feminist Says Authorities Covered Up Muslim Sex Crime For Twenty Years
... a leading German feminist, Alice Schwarzer, has said the politically correct “bubble has burst” and Germans should speak out against Islamic extremism and refusal to respect German and European traditions. She claimed German police have been covering up the rape culture of Muslim males for 20 years, and said that sexual violence was now being used as a weapon of war in Germany.

Women Fear To Go Out Alone In Danish Town Due to Migrant Assaults
Numerous instances of young girls being sexually harassed or intimidated by Muslim migrants have provoked the citizens of Thisted a town into realized the Islamophiliac elite will do nothing to help and the people must take the law into their own hands or accept Sharia Law.

Germany Threatens Sanctions Against Poland Over 'Lack of Western Values' (for Western read German)
Last year, Poland's conservative nationalist Law and Justice party (PiS), led by former Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, captured both the presidency and parliament at elections in May and November. Since taking office, the party's lawmakers have used their parliamentary majority to initiate a series of controversial legal reforms, causing concerns both at home and abroad, specifically in Brussels and in Berlin.

Doctors And Engineers? 65 Per Cent Of Syrian Refugees Can’t Even Read Or Write
Statistics released by a senior German academic confirm previous forecasts suggesting the majority of Syrian illegal immigrants refugees arriving in Europe claiming they are asylum seekers or refugees are functionally illiterate and have no hope of obtaining gainful employment.

German Ministers Preparing 'Putsch' Against Merkel - SpiegelSenior ministers in Germany are no longer trying to reach a compromise on Immigration with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Traditional political allies and supporterswhose loyalty could be taken for granted are gradually becoming her main opponents. The German Chancellor is not only losing power over the refugee crisis in Europe, but she is also unable to manage her own government, German magazine Der Spiegel wrote ...

Syrian Doctor Makes More Trafficking Migrants to Greece Than He Can Doctoring
A former doctor from Syria has described how he now makes £60,000 a month trafficking people from Turkey to Europe. He has warned European Union (EU) member states that the refugees will continue to come even if all the borders are shut, saying “They will dig tunnels if necessary.”

How Neo - Con and Neo - liberal Globalism Freaks Are Destabilizing Europe According To Plan
A study by our owner/ editor of how the USA led global markets project has destsbilised the middle easdt and why that outcome looks as if it was the long term plan all along. Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Europe ... all are strategically important and all were potential obstacles to Washington's world domination ambitions.

Muslim Only No Go Areas For Police And Emergency Services In Our Cities? - It Already Happened In Sweden.
Sweden continues to lead the way in surrendering its nation, culture and self respect to exremist Muslim dickheads, reasoning that the violent rapists and murderers of the relion of peace will thank them rather than kill them all. but the people all over Europe are waking to the betrayal of their elites.

Syrian Girl's Video exposes western Politicians and Media Lies About Refugees
This girl makes more sense than Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Merkel and all other western criminals and corporate hirelings put together, Maybe one day they will realize that their subservience to zionism only leads ruin of their individual characters!

EU-Turkey Refugee Plan Puts Women, Children in Concentration Camps
Scepticism about the EU / Turkey deal existed among conservative and libertarian thinkers from the outset, now as it becomes clear how much the EU surrendered to Turkey and how Turkey has not intention of honouring the paltry pledges it made, the left are becoming sceptical as well. It was always naive and foolish of EU leaders to trust the current regime in Turkey
We must vote for Brexit before Turkish accession.
Will Merkel’s Migrant Disaster Drive Germany’s AfD Into Power?
Immigration omnibus
Immigrant tide increases rapes in northern Europe
Immigration: The Mediterranean Boat People
Immigration and how it degrades hospitals and schools
Immigration and benefits
How Hungary made a stand against EU immigration policy disaster
Immigration is marginalising Europe's white working classes
Calais has its very own immigration crisis
Europe is not offering a promised land for immigrants
Europe's Immigration crisis omnibus

Europe index of posts
EU Immigration crisis

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Forced To Defend Her Insane Immigration Policy, Merkel Blames Anti Immigrant Party For Crisis

AfD leader Frauke Petry (better looking by far than Hausfrau Vollksfuhrer Merkel although this is not her best angle) has called for the Chancellors resignation over the immigration crisis.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has blamed opponents of her open doors immigration policy for the rise in crime, particularly rape and sex crimes committed by Muslim immigrants . Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel said in an interview on the immigration crisis that the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, stirs up prejudice and polarises society.

Her comments, made in an interview with the Bild am Sonntag newspaper, reflect rising panic among Germany’s mainstream parties at the surge in popular support for the right-wing AfD and its fierce opposition to Merkel’s refugee policy.

Merkel faces the electoral test that could trigger her downfall in three regional elections on March 13. The AfD is set to win almost 20 percent in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt and match the ruling Social Democrats in the southwestern state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, according to opinion polls.

“The AfD is a party that is not bringing together society and not offering the appropriate solutions for the problems, but it is stirring up prejudice and polarising,” Merkel said.

Merkel said government officials and mainstream parties had to challenge the AfD in public debate by clearly distinguishing themselves from its anti-immigrant stance. The centre-right chancellor defended her decision to keep Germany’s borders open despite the influx of migrants and reaffirmed her push for a joint European solution, including strengthening the continent’s external borders and cooperation with Turkey to stop refugees from travelling on to Europe. This is just bullshit of course because Merkel has been pushing to fast track the increasing Islamist state of Turkey into the EU, a move which under EU rules would open the gates of Europe to Turkey's 90 million Muslims and any others the Turkish government was prepared to allow through their territory.

As we have reported many times on Turkey's illegal trade in oil and arms with ISIS, you can bet the government of Recep Erdogan will not be doing the west any favours.

The EU emergency summit with Turkey scheduled on Monday will focus on how Ankara was planning to spend 3 billion euros pledged by EU member states to stem the flow of migrants to Europe, she said.

Leaders should also discuss how EU member states could help Greece to cope with “this difficult situation”, Merkel added.

Austria, one of the last stepping stones to Germany for hundreds of thousands of migrants, recently imposed border restrictions, setting off a domino effect in Europe and leaving tens of thousands stranded in poor conditions in Greece.

The move, which was publicly criticised by Berlin, reduced the number of new arrivals to Germany.


Starting Pistol Fired In Race To Succeed Merkel

While the odds of Merkel being deposed by a putsch in her own party may seem slim, they have been improved vastly by her party’s monumental failure in German state elections on Sunday, with her migration policy as the rationale for huge numbers of voters abandoning the CDU for the anti - integration, anti - immigration AfD party.

Merkel Should Braced For Disaster As Polls Conflict On Election Prospects
Regional elections in Germany are more unpredictable than ever before, and they could have a big impact on the fate of Chancellor Angela Merkel and her party, the Christian Democratic Union, Deutsche Welle reported, according to opinion polls ahead of Sunday's regional elections in the country.
Britain Unable to Deport Undocumented Migrants
If their asylum applications have failed it is because there is no reason to suspect they face death or imprisonment if they are sent back to their country of origin. So we give them a choice, we'll give you a free passage home or you can work dor your living shovelling shit on a pig farm. These people come to us as supplicants and beggars can't be choosers.
What Hausfrau Mekel Did Not Tell The German Voters Before They Handed Her A Third Term
As anti EU feeling grows and German citizens get angry about the immigration disaster, no wonder Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel is not happy. And German taxpayers will not be happy when they find out what crazy financial commitments are about to be dumped on them by the EU's poorer members.
Will Merkel’s Migrant Disaster Drive Germany’s AfD Into Power?
German Politician Predicts White Germans Will Be A Minority. Faces Calls to Quit.
Merkel Isolated As Europe Splits Over Refugee Crisis
Migrants Mass At Greek Border Waiting To Cross Into Europe
New German Government Smartphone Spyware Will Monitor Citizens’ Calls, Typing AND See Through Their Camera Lenses
Germans Cheer As Refugee Center Burns
EU Refuses to Block Eurozone Integration to Reach Agreement With UK
German Government To ‘Create’ 100,000 Subsidised Migrant Jobs That ‘Pay’ Just €1 An Hour
Spain Faces Constitutional Crisis: Podemos Spurns Coalition Deal With Pro - EU Parties

Europe index of posts
EU Immigration crisis

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